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  1. I hope somebody else that can help me....So I just bought a brand new fluval flex 15 and I really want to do plants with it but I just don't know what works good with that type of tank and what you guys recommend and what do you think the best plants I should go with cuz I really do not know much about doing planted tanks and eventually I want to do fish but that can wait I really want to get the plants right
  2. Please take this as a friendly idea as I truly enjoy your site. I just put in a plant order and was applying some gift cards I was given. Due to the number of plants and varieties the list was so long that I could not see the link to add my gift cards with out zooming out to 35% view. I am not sure what the workaround would be other then adapting the code to be sure you can scroll down all the way on the page.
  3. A reef store in the area just set up a beautiful new freshwater section and I stopped by to take a look. I got lucky! They’re having a buy two get one sale. I’m so weak! I bought Crypt Hudori, Crypt Balansae, Amazon Sword, Micron Sword and Salvinia. I was “forced” to order another light for the micro sword, who knew it was a med-high light plant? 😉
  4. Just want to give a shout out to the people who designed and put together the new Aquarium Co-op website. It is WAY for user friendly and I love the search engine and the overall layout and organization. Great job!
  5. Yesterday I picked up some of the new test strips and also bought this 12” Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus. What a deal for $9! It looks big in my 75g, but would really fill in a 10-30g.
  6. Is this Standard delivery fee a new thing? I'm fine with it but I just don't ever remember having to pay for shipping of any kind when I past the minimum purchase amount with the coop.
  7. Wow! I placed an order late last evening, not expecting it to be packaged/shipped until Tuesday due to the holiday weekend and it’s already ready to go today. Of course... USPS likely won’t do anything with it at this point, but WOW! Looking forward to my new plants & supplies 😊
  8. I was researching an issue on the blog and it said something to the effect of "if this happens to your plant, contact us with pics and we'll be happy to replace it!" That's an awesome policy, but how long is too long before a customer could be considered to be taking advantage?
  9. I’m in NW Iowa and and setting up my first planted aquarium. If I order live plants today, when can I “expect” them to arrive? I work 30 miles from home, so they’d potentially sit outside for 4-6 hours if delivered during the week. I’m afraid if I ship to my office, they will arrive on a Saturday when no one is here. Will they be OK outside in these temps or should I make alternate arrangements?
  10. Shipping fail! Not on the part of Aquarium Co-Op that came a day early but now my substrate and hardscape won't arrive until Friday at the earliest. Will the plants I ordered be alright in a bucket of water for a few days? Recommendations to help them live? I've got root tabs and easy green. Thanks!
  11. If this is a violation of the community guidelines, please remove this post. Typically, I buy most my plants from Aquarium Co Op online because of the quality and customer support. However, with the recent edition of my 90 gallon aquarium, I thought I would check out other places. So all together I bought wendtii crypts from 6 stores from youtube, 5 stores from TikTok, and 6 stores from ebay. Man, y'all, I got to tell you something. Aquarium Co-Op has it going on. The quality and size you get from the Co Op for their wendtii crypts dominates hard everybody that I compared them too. The only ones that came close were those who had TikTok channels selling the crypts out of their own tanks. Most wendtii crypts I have bought from the Co Op also tend to be more than just one, and usually have one to two babies coming off the main The baby plants were on average the size of most of the wendtii crypts that I received from everyone. Also I think it is worth mentioning that nearly all of the youtube stores and all of the ebay stores sent fully uncoverted wendtii crypts. Where as the hobbist from TikTok sold converted wendtii crypts. Something else that made me a bit puzzled with this whole thing is that a lot of these stores from youtube and ebay sent wendtii crypts that looked near identicial in every which way, including the little bags they were packed in. I almost wonder if they didn't buy it from one place and immediately repackage it for sell. Something else that I have been a bit surprised about is how little melt I get from the wendtii crypts from the Co Op in comparison to everyone else that I bought from. I can't really explain this one as I have fairly hard water. Anyhow, I just wanted to write this post to brag on Aquarium Co Op for a bit. So yes, I did spend a bit of money to satisify my curiosity in wanting to know how is the Co Op in comparison to others. And I am happy to say the Co Op is amazing and I regret that I didn't buy all my crypts from them. I would have been much better served if I did. Plus I could have added to my sticker collection 🙂 Anyhow this little mini experiment has for sure helped to solidify my trust in the Co Op. So y'all if you are thinking of getting crypts, get them from the Co Op. Based on my experience they dominate the competition.
  12. Well guys I think I actually may have pond snails. I had noticed some of my plant leaves were looking lacey like they had been munched. Now that Crunchy (my largest non purchased snail) is bigger I see that their antenna are more conical which I understand may mean that they are a pond snail. Its my understanding pond snails eat plants? Other than pruning/refreshing my plants for looks anything I should do about the pond snails if I want to keep them around? I've become oddly attached to the 2 biggest. Right now they seem ok with my nerite snails, generally are they happy companions? Ok help. I made the bad choice of ordering plants not from Aquarium Co—Op and now I have pest snails. I was highly confused by these new creatures since I know nerites don’t breed in fresh water. what are they? Will they harm my other snails? Tank only has plants and nerite snails now (the betta died earlier this week).
  13. Quick question I have live plants arriving Thursday and Friday and I just noticed I have ich on one of my rasboras. I just recently treated for it and hadn’t noticed anything until today. I just started bringing my temperature back down and was on track to have it at 74-75 . But now I’m having to increase it again. My question is are these plants going to handle 83 degrees or should I float them in another tank for a while? I have some swords and crypts and 1 bucephalandra coming. Thank you for any input on this
  14. I am filling my 29 gallon with plants from the coop. My 1st order is: Amazon sword Water sprite Crypt wendtii Octopus plant Easy planter Hopefully it will be a jungle in a few months. I will post a starting point and follow-up photos in few months.
  15. Pulling the trigger on a large plant order as soon as the floor reinforcements are ready for a new 120! Help me scape, keeping in mind that I am a veteran house-plant lady, but this is my first real planted tank. I have some rock, and manzanita that I will be moving over from the 55, and I may add a few terracotta pots... but I'd like to spend enough to get a nice looking tank put together that will be able to grow in and be relatively easy to maintain... I am ok with routine maintenance, and would like a bit of color variation... Currently have the following in a shopping cart on aquarium coop, but what should I add, or swap? I have about $200 to spend, and am currently at $110. Red Dwarf lily bulbs (2) Anubius nana (2) Anubius gold coin (1) Scarlet Temple (2) Amazon Sword (2) Java Fern (3)
  16. Two days ago I ordered plants from the co-op. Why? Why did I do it? I live on the east coast. I’m sending those poor plants and those poor mail people through the entire polar vortex. Last time I ordered plants it was also during a cold snap. The mail was slow and only 2/3 plants ended up surviving. And the one time I tried to buy fish on eBay it was *also* during a cold snap. That didn’t turn out well either. Anyway. I’m confusing myself. But at least I know my decal sticker will survive.
  17. I received my 3x water sprite, 3x pogostemon stellatus octopus, 1x moneywort, and 1x Brazilian pennywort plants today. As per usual, the plants are amazing quality, surpassed by none. Thank you a ton for the perfect plants. I love you guys. Definitely worth the extra money. Aquarium Co-op is #1.
  18. So i ordered some plants, food, and easy green the 24th and was mailed out from the coop the same day my question is its the 1st and i still havent recieved them and tracking says running late. Should my plants be ok? Its only been like 40 here and tracking isnt telling me where its at. It has nothing to do with Aquarium Co op im super impressed with them my order was sent out 4 hours after i ordered it its just USPS
  19. hi i was not sure where to ask this question when will you be getting new plants in for online store specially the rare ones? i am holding off on a plant order for two plants and waiting on no snow & no cold days .. and want to buy from Co-Op first because they have the best plants and i trust them .. and Cory .... these two plants have been even out since my first plant order in November i was hoping they would be back up after the major lock down but those two plants still not up can you give me more info on these two plants i am looking at are Crinum Calamistrarum & Brucephalandra Green Wavy the Crinum Calamistratum is is hard to find anywhere (i just googled the plant )
  20. Hello everybody so I have plants that might of got dropped off today after I left for work come to find out the seller doesn’t use heat packs and will not refund.. my question to y’all is how long is too long before there dead or damaged will be in between my doors for next 6 hours are my plants gonna be dead is there any secretes to help boost a firing plant?
  21. Clockwise from top: Abubias barteri, Cryptocoryne wendtii, Anubias golden. All soaking in alum solution now. The anubias should make it okay but I'm a tad concerned about the crypt - we shall see! The C. barteri's leaves are really hefty - I love it!!
  22. Why, oh why, are plants categorized into foreground, midground, background, and/or carpeting? In my tank, dwarf chain sword is a midground plant. I've seen plants promoted as midground that would be hanging halfway down the outside of my aquarium. What is the standard height tank, that is used, for these standard categorizations?
  23. I got my stimulus check today so I have extra money to spend and have been needing more plants and fertilizer. I'm split between buying now or waiting because I know the mail is running behind. Is it safe to buy plants and can anyone give me a rough estimate of how long it will take for them to be delivered? I live in Illinois.
  24. I am about to start cycling a new tank and will be ordering some plants. I'm worried about the timing. How long can I keep the plants out of water after they arrive?
  25. First off I'm new here(first post) sorry if this a common question. Basically I don't have/use any social media. Craigslist is meh. Don't have any friends in the hobby. I know there are clubs but don't know much about them. I live in Tacoma Wa if that helps. Thanks in advance I guess.
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