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  1. Hello all. I was a little too trusting when setting up my outdoor tubs and ordered “24K gold” guppies from eBay. They were gold as juveniles, but I noticed one had a red spot on its tail fin upon arrival. I read that a red spot could be caused by ammonia poisoning and hoped that was the cause and simple good water quality would heal it. What I did not expect was that the fish would turn black/grey as they aged. They do NOT look stunning gold to me! ☹️ I’m not sure if they’ve produced fry - my tub is heavily planted and they share the space with rice fish. I see rice fish fry, but no confirmed guppie fry yet. My goal was to breed the guppies and sell them. Do 24k guppies require heavy culling or did I just get ripped off? I don’t want to sell the good looking offspring if the line is trash and they will end up looking like this as adults. I contacted the seller on eBay and he suggested aquarium salt. 🙄 Ideas?
  2. I’m going to make a day trip to this store in Portland. I need a few more Panda Corydoras and Rummy Nose Tetras but I’d like to get a few interesting fish to fill out my current tanks. I currently have lightly stocked 75 gallon and 11 gallon tanks, a 7 gal betta and frog tank, a 3 gal snail tank and an Empty 3gal. What should I consider buying?
  3. Jcdli


    Hi does anyone know if Dean sells online and which website
  4. Hello All - I am new on here, but old to the hobby, although returning now after a 25 year hiatus - things have changed in 25 years! I am just starting up a new 65 gallon freshwater aquarium - now filled with water, filter is running, heater is in, etc. Now, I'm looking around for fish - local store has good quality fish, but a very limited selection. So I've been scouting out online sellers. Are there any out there that the good folks on this forum might recommend? I have encountered Quinn's Fins on Amazon and visited their own website - made a good impression on me. PetZoneSD has a very big selection. What do you say? Recommendations? Tnx MNG
  5. I'm in the market for a L200 Pleco Green Phantom anyone have any leads on one hoping to find one 5"-6"
  6. Well I’m pretty excited- placed a couple orders for fish. I picked up 2 pairs of @Bentley Pascoeblue Hawaiian Moscow guppies. I have a female and fry from my last foray. I have a very stable setup to put them in this time. Finger crossed 🤞! Well my boys have been pushing me to continue to stock their 20 g long tanks. My youngest loves his shell dwellers - tells stories about when he scares or spooks them “he had to go get his wallet.” It’s adorable. For his tank I picked out some platinum wrestling halfbeaks - grabbed 7 of them. They stay to the top which has tons of floating water lettuce and also guppy grass to help things stay copacetic. I got the “those are cool!” From both the boys and eventually if we get fry I see my sons dwarf rainbow tank as a good place to put them. I’ll have to watch them carefully and hopefully we can get a pecking order that’s not too violent. Shooting for 1-2 males and 4-5 females. My other son has a trio of Pseudomeugil luminatus- blue eyed dwarf red neon rainbows so I got 7 more. Shoaling blue eyes are one of my favorite things to watch - males courting females flaring out it’s awesome. I’m getting some Hawaiian variatus platys, I have a hifin male and female so I’m going to get them some friends and see this as a long term project to breed out hifins. They’re destined for a pond.
  7. I've seen fish with ich in nearly every pet/aquarium store I've been to, even a highly recommended one in the Portland area. Should I avoid buying livestock from those places or is that a normal part of the hobby? Shouldn't those fish be pulled from the sales floor and treated? Is that generally too expensive for most stores? I usually don't see signs on infected tanks that would indicate they aren't for sale or that they are being treated. The Co-op doesn't have some of the fish I want or I would just buy from them every time.
  8. Hello! Seen a lot of conflicting information on acclimation processes lately, and as I'm getting a shipment on Wednesday of some fish, I was curious as to what the nerms are doing to acclimate their fish. My process so far has been to pour the shipment bag out into a container, and slowly replace the water with my tank water by filling it up, emptying half, etc. since I don't have a good actual drip acclimation method. For this upcoming shipment, I was thinking to add all the fish (3 different species) into one larger bucket with an airstone, add Stress Guard/Prime, and repeat the same process. My concern would be: 1) Is there harm in adding water from different bags of fish together, even if they came from the same facility? 2) Is the slow acclimation process worth it, or is it more dangerous to leave them with their bag water? 3) What is your current favored method for more delicate fish? There are Blue Neon Rasboras and Reticulated Hillstream Loaches in this shipment. Thanks y'all!
  9. Does anyone know where there are some good stores that sell good quality goldfish, specifically orandas? I'm located in Virginia. Thanks!
  10. So am I right being disappointed ordering some Apisto borelli opals online and receiving the steel blue hybrids instead? The seller explained he is at the mercy of his exporter as they are wild caught juveniles. This seems wrong to me on several levels. Don't get me wrong the steel blue are beautiful but just not what I ordered as I already have them
  11. Drive almost 2 hours to y’all and you guys didn’t disappoint! Staff was knowledgeable, store was as advertised! Finally seeing Murphy after all these years was a treat also! Can’t wait until my next big purchase! Also seeing that 3 gallon tank has set me up for another project 😀 Added 8 more Chili Rasboras, couple Pygmy Cory dorado to the 75!
  12. I recently bought fish online twice, and the two experiences were drastically different. For the sake of you and your potential fish, I want to give you a heads-up. I do know we don't talk about companies by name on this forum. That's fair. I'll call the companies A and B. On March 4, I received 3 male/female pairs of endlers from Company A. It's a company I'd rarely heard of, and had a website full of typos. But with each pair of fish, they added an extra fry, and all the fish were healthy. I paid for 6 and got 9. Came with a heat pack. Great experience. On May 5, I received 10 male endlers from Company B. It's a company that's very frequently talked about, spoken highly of, and often recommended. But they neglected to add a necessary heat pack. Of the 10 endlers I received, 7 were rotting, 1 died soon after, and 2 were weak but have recovered. Awful experience. I assumed that like ACO, Company B would try to make it right. Instead, they wouldn't acknowledge my telling them that the fish had needed a heat pack, and just claimed that they expect fish to "arrive stressed." Stressed and rotting are different. I was eager to be a repeat customer, but certainly won't be. Lesson: Do your own research, and try to find reviews from customers who had a variety of experiences with the company you're looking at. And when you do decide on a company to try, let your first order be small. Only risk the lives of a few animals until you've seen with your own eyes that the company will treat them (and you) ethically.
  13. I ordered fish online about 2 weeks ago. Was supposed to be a m/f redneck apisto pair. I think they sent me 2 males. Anyone have experience with this happening, mabey what I can expect from the seller? I sent them a email today but have not heard back. I am just trying to get an idea what I should expect.
  14. I generally love shopping for fish online. I like being able to take my time, do my research, and get the exact kind of fish I want. But one thing I don't understand is why so many sellers will have shots of a fish in their hand or a bunch of fish in a net out of the water. I feel so bad for the distressed fish, and still doesn't show colors or size very well, at least in my opinion. Why do so many fish sellers use them?
  15. I know Cory said he found some on Aquabid but I've been looking every other day for blue swords and never see them. Anyone know someone who is breeding them? Imperial Tropicals sells them and I've got some from them but searching for other avenues. TIA.
  16. Today was a busy and happy day!! Announcing...two baby koi angels (not yet named) and 3 firecracker guppies I just brought home. I bought them from a member of my LFC. The angels are in with my harlequin rasboras and tried to school with them at first - the rasboras are nervous.
  17. Hi, I want to set up a 20 gallon community tank in the future that will have neon tetras or green neon tetras. I like green neon tetras more but I'm not sure if they are harder to take care of than neon tetras (also they are more expensive). I was wondering if it is better to get them online or at my local pet store. I'm not sure about getting them from petco because it seems like people who got neon tetras there had them die pretty quickly. I'm also wondering if I should use a mix or RO water and tap water for the tank, because my tap water is really hard and has a ph of 8.2.
  18. Hi I have a question I'm going to be getting a breeding pair soon which ones are rarer the blue mosaic leporad which are my faves or are the brilliant blue turcoise rarer.
  19. Hello, I placed my first online fish shipment from AquaHuna a few weeks ago. They delayed shipping because of the weather/post office issues, but they did ship out my order on Sunday night 2/28, per post office recommendations. The package has been sitting un-scanned in the Seattle warehouse since then. It was finally scanned at midnight last night, is still in Seattle, and is not expected to arrive until Monday the 8th. What should I expect? What can I do as I open the packages to cover myself for DOAs? It's not AquaHuna's fault that the post office delayed everything...what's the ethical thing to do in this case? I don't really want to eat $130 I paid for fish, but I hate to pass that on to them when probably a bunch of their shipments were delayed in the same way. I'd love insight from people who have dealt with similar situations before!
  20. Not sure why this fish passed on day 2. All others look good. From online breeder. Shipped overnight. Am 0 Nitri 0 Nitra .5 Ph 7.2 Temp 78
  21. After months of thinking about it and weeks of planning, testing water, learning, this gal finally got some fish!! B the time we got to the store, I was still unsure which gourami I would bring home. My husband and I watched the varieties of gourami they had and decided on the least shy kind of the group. I brought home two sunrise gourami (but they are sort of bronze in color, not really red like others at the store), five red phantom tetras, and three otocinclus. The gourami were very interested in us and it appears our decision has paid off. I was going to also get kuhli loaches but the store was out of stock (and I am a little peeved about it because the reason we decided to go to this specific store was because they had all four species I wanted). The lady at the store warned me that the fish would probably be in hiding for like a week. I understand why. The red phantoms and gourami stayed in a corner of the tank until I put a prefilter sponge over the filter output (to slow the flow), and immediately after that, they all came out of hiding and have not slowed down since! There are definitely plenty of places to hide if they wanted to but it appears they have chosen curiosity instead. My nerite snails do not seem to mind the new tank mates. The only "troubles" I have had with anything fishkeeping related since I brought them home has been my fat cat discovering the fish food containers (some of which have the same material packaging as cat treats) and has been trying to break into them all night. I will be buying a container with a top so she can't eat my fish food haha. I already have a baaad case of MTS. The petsmarts in my area are having a sale on a 60g tank and stand set. So now I am planning for that new tank 😉 Enjoy the pictures I have taken so far! These guys do not stop for a second, exploring every inch of the tank, so I haven't been able to get great pictures. Overall I am excited to start this journey. I'd like to thank everyone on this forum that has helped me along the way!
  22. HI All, When I started my fish hobby, WAY BACK IN JANUARY, we got guppies. 2 survived my ineptitude, and I received 7 more from a neighbor that are "fancy guppies." They are all doing really well. The ones I got from my neighbor were young and they are turning wonderful colors. I am hoping to get pictures at some point, they are all blurry right now. I got several almost all black ones with a little larger tails, and they are just so cool. I was watching a video presentation that Cory did on Guppies and talking about how cool guppies are and the color combos and it's just so great. But I was wondering, how do I know who has what guppies? The Aquarium Coop doesn't have their inventory online so I can't see what they have unless I go there. How do I go about getting unusual colored guppies? Or planning? (Not looking to get any right now, I have 22 fry growing but looking for the future.)
  23. I ordered some fish, won’t say where from but they got stuck in shipping. It will be now 8 days minimum in the shipping process in the box. 12 catfish, 6 panda, 6 Pygmy. My question is what would be the best course of action with the survivors if there is any. I don’t have a established hospital tank unfortunately. I do have a extra sponge filter in my established tank though. seller has already been in contact with me with refund for DOA fish so I’m fine on the seller front. Just needed advice on what todo to with the survivors. thanks edit : they are suppose to be delivered Monday the 8th. Also I’m pretty new to hospitalizing fish, so which meds should I treat.
  24. I had the opportunity to purchase some gorgeous fish from Trent (aka Wel-Don Tanks) and Peter (aka Guppy Guru) at The Waterfront where they are co-owners of a LFS along with another hobbyist, Louis. The shop is located in Murray, Utah. On a whim, I decided to drive the 8 hours from Colorado to Utah in order to pick up my fish in person. It was the first time I've been anywhere in a year! It was great to geek out on fish with other hobbyists and to see a shop started and run by true fish nerds. I drove 6 buckets of fish home with me and of course I utilized Co-Op Nano air pumps on each bucket. I service tanks professionally so most of the fish I brought home are tagged for client aquariums, but I ended up with a hate machine trio comprised of a flowehorn (aka Gucci Mane), a fahaka puffer (named Plum after the street the Waterfront is on) and a domestic bred (F1) schoutedeni puffer, now known as Murray. It's always exciting to get a fish you haven't kept before and in my case they are all 3 different than everything I currently have. I have a lot to learn about these fish. It was, for sure, worth the 16 hour round-trip in one day! The nano air pumps with zizz airstones (and of course the Co-Op airline) kept my fish haul alive and after a few days of pouting; Plum, Murray and Gucci Mane are doing great and they quickly figured out who the food lady is!
  25. Anyone have experience buying fish online from Company X? they currently have a fish I’ve been looking for in stock, but google is giving me lots of mixed reviews. Opinions?
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