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  1. Dynaflo HOB filters. You could direct the outflow in whichever direction you wanted.
  2. When I started my fifteen gallon tank, I decided to do a fish-in cycle. I couldn't source enough lava rock, so I only planted on one side. With the half-planted tank, I let it run for a month before adding my first five ember tetras. Of course, they were watched, like a hawk, and water was tested daily. After a week, four more were added. I floated the bag of new fish and did something else, for a while. When I went back, to add tank water to the bag, I found both groups of fish with their noses pressed against the plastic barrier. A week later, four more were added; with the same behavior shown. Next, came the three otocinclus. I acclimated them and released them into the tank. The little embers swam with the otos, from the very beginning. They were welcomed without any fuss; even though they were much larger. Then, I added five shrimp. When they were released, the embers all ran and hid. It took them two or three days to get over their fear of the strange, scary monsters. Lots of fun!
  3. The 22watt light would fit on a 10g. https://www.aquariumcoop.com/products/fluval-plant-3-0-led-light
  4. Well, I've had a planted tank for five months, so I'm not much of an expert. I don't have any experiencs with Pogostemon because I don't want my little tank to get overwhelmed. I think that you'll come up from 25%, but that it's a good place to start. Plants, just like fish, seem to benefit from lower lighting while they are getting accustomed to their new surroundings.
  5. I think that you're on the right track with the 25% starting point. My guess is that you'll end up at around 50%; maybe higher if you add floating plants. Duration is important, as well. I think that most people are running their lights for eight hours. Mine is in a 12" tall, fifteen gallon tank. I'm running it for about 6hrs 20 min., at my highest settings, with very extended ramp up and down times. If you wouldn't choke at the expense, I think that you'd benefit from having two lights.
  6. I succeeded in making some arrangements, should my unfortunate demise occur. My fish, shrimp, and snails will be taken care of. It wouldn't be right for them to starve to death, simply because I wasn't available to feed them. Most people might not understand this concern, but I'm out here by myself. My family and friends are two thousand miles away from me.
  7. That sounds like an interesting idea! I hope that you'll keep us posted. I don't have any ideas, but tank size and your actual planned temperature would help others.
  8. The internet says that I can stop feeding overnight. I bet that I'd better be ready in the morning, though. I'm glad that I'm retired. Thanks for helping! I waited for a little while, before picking it up, but it's pretty chilly here.
  9. I'm using an official, Aquarium Co-Op pipette. He knows how to eat, already. I just hold it and he shoves his throat up around it. I'm probably squeezing it more slowly than he'd like, but I don't want to go too fast. The internet says that I have to feed him every twenty minutes!!!
  10. The little guy was flopping around in one of my shrubbery beds. I haven't found a nest, yet. He's in the bathroom at about 80°F. He's eating ground up, freeze-dried bloodworms mixed with water to a stew-like consistency. Does anyone have better ideas?
  11. From what I've read, the lifespan of ember tetras can be as short as two years. Maybe they are getting old and the water change is enough to push them over edge? How much water do you change each time? How frequently? What is the temperature differential between tank water and change water? What are the other parameter differences between tank water and change water? How much Easy Green are you adding? Are you adding other products?
  12. When I first got back into keeping fish, I was afraid of that. Even though it had never happened to me, nor do I remember seeing a tank leak. I have s fifteen gallon tank and, at first, I wanted to put its stand inside of a twenty gallon tub.
  13. Sorry, but we've reached the extent of my knowledge. That was just something that I learned when I was busy killing houseplants. Other than that, I've learned that the lighting intensity and duration, that most on the forum recommend work for me. And, that the fertilizer dosing recommendations, on bottle labels, are just a starting point for me. I'm up to fertilizing at twice the suggested amount. Good luck! There's lots of good advice on this forum.
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