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  1. Yeah. Good luck with finding females. I can't tell you if mine are eating my shrimp, or not. I have more shrimp than I bought, though.
  2. Maybe turn off the blue. See how that looks. Blue seems to grow algae more.
  3. I regularly feed with baby brine shrimp. I don't mind. It's just a part of the natural order of things. But, I then have to wash out the hatcher. I know that I'm flushing some live shrimplets down the drain. It makes me feel guilty.
  4. We set another all-time record high temp., yesterday. Around 8:00pm it started cooling down. It was finally cool enough that I slept through the night. When I went to bed, it was still hot in the house, so I left the cooler and fan running. This morning, I found that the heater couldn't keep up. It was 74° in the tank. But, everybody made it through the ordeal and we're back to normal. 😎 💪
  5. It's below 90° in here, and cooling rapidly outside! I think that we're going to make it.
  6. I've been doing OK, until the past few hours. My freezer fell behind on making ice. I've been melting it faster than I can make it and the stores are out. I, just now, resorted to evaporative cooling - I hosed down the outside of the house. 93° in here. Fish are still at 79°.
  7. I took a fan out of a window and it's now blowing across the back of the refrigerator. It seems to be helping.
  8. I finally decided to go get some ice. Everybody's out. I'm just trying to limp it home, now.
  9. My biggest problem is that my freezer isn't keeping up. It can't make ice fast enough. Today is supposed to be the last day of this. I hope it works out that way.
  10. I have a pair, in a fifteen gallon tank. They keep having children, but I haven't been able to raise any to adolescence.
  11. It all depends on your power requirement. I can run my Aquarium's life support from the inverter in my pickup truck.
  12. It's not even trying hard, but it's working. I think it has room to cope with the higher temperatures predicted for tomorrow and Monday. It's 91° outside. 86° inside. 79° in the aquarium.
  13. Ember Tetras, Green Neon Rasboras, some kind of Otocinclus, Scarlet Badis, Neocardina shrimp, Japanese trapdoor snails, and Bladder snails. They're telling us that it will approach 100°F.
  14. I'm just circulating water. I have ice ready; for if the heat ever shows up.
  15. It's not hot yet. I'm starting to think that, for today, it was a false alarm. Tomorrow is supposed to get the hottest, though.
  16. The weather service has issued an excessive heat alert. I don't have air conditioning, so...
  17. Dynaflo HOB filters. You could direct the outflow in whichever direction you wanted.
  18. When I started my fifteen gallon tank, I decided to do a fish-in cycle. I couldn't source enough lava rock, so I only planted on one side. With the half-planted tank, I let it run for a month before adding my first five ember tetras. Of course, they were watched, like a hawk, and water was tested daily. After a week, four more were added. I floated the bag of new fish and did something else, for a while. When I went back, to add tank water to the bag, I found both groups of fish with their noses pressed against the plastic barrier. A week later, four more were added; with the same behavior shown. Next, came the three otocinclus. I acclimated them and released them into the tank. The little embers swam with the otos, from the very beginning. They were welcomed without any fuss; even though they were much larger. Then, I added five shrimp. When they were released, the embers all ran and hid. It took them two or three days to get over their fear of the strange, scary monsters. Lots of fun!
  19. The 22watt light would fit on a 10g. https://www.aquariumcoop.com/products/fluval-plant-3-0-led-light
  20. Well, I've had a planted tank for five months, so I'm not much of an expert. I don't have any experiencs with Pogostemon because I don't want my little tank to get overwhelmed. I think that you'll come up from 25%, but that it's a good place to start. Plants, just like fish, seem to benefit from lower lighting while they are getting accustomed to their new surroundings.
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