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  1. I just got the ziss bbs hatchery. I saw on the coops video that Cory doesn’t strain his bbs, he just puts the salt ammonia shrimp water straight in the tank. I think Dean strains his. What do you all do?
  2. Hey Nerms, I recently picked up a baby brine shrimp hatchery (San Fran brand) since baby brine is *incredible*. However, I don’t have a ton of tanks (7) due to apartment life at the moment. I have seen Cory’s videos on hatching but my question is, once hatched how long can I keep the hatched bb alive before they will die? Can I put the live baby brine that I don’t use in the fridge and keep them for a few days? Or is the more logical option just to use less eggs per hatching? I am thinking I won’t need an entire egg pack worth of baby brine to feed my tanks for a single day but I’m new to hatching live so any advice is appreciated. My goal is to make it as cost effective as I can and reduce waste as much as possible. Any other helpful tips are much appreciated! Thanks!
  3. I recently acquired some CPDs or Celestial Pearl Danios, and I thought I’d start a thread for breeding them. I have 4 males and 2 females (before today I thought it was the opposite ratio) that I got 3 days ago, today was my first day able to watch them the whole day and in the light, and my first day offering live baby brine shrimp. For several hours today I’ve noticed the dominant male chasing around one of the females, and occasionally another male will also try and chase for a few moments and then go off and do something else. I have some videos of this but I’m not sure how to add it (I’ll play around, advice would be helpful) and I’m wondering if this is breeding behavior or if it’s aggression. What are your experiences with the keeping and breeding of this beautiful species? (I posted a few videos on tiktok, I can’t get the video into the right format to post directly from my phone, would it be ok to post a link to the tiktok?)
  4. I just received my hatchery and some eggs in the mail. I tried to Google this but all the topics talk about specific gravity. I have no way of measuring specific gravity and was hoping you all could help me. How much salt to water so I need to make and can I use api aquarium salt? TIA
  5. Hi, I've had a can of the co-op brine shrimp eggs for about 6 months, kept at room temperature and sealed. I watched the video and got good hatches in the beginning, was super fun and educational for me and the kids alike. Got busy and didn't hatch any bbs for a couple months, now regardless of temperature or salinity I'm getting garbage hatch rates and a ton of eggs are sinking to the bottom of the Ziss hatchery, making harvesting and feeding out the bbs very messy. Are the sinking eggs the unhatched ones? What can explain my bad hatch rates -- is 6 months at room temp enough for the eggs to spoil/expire? Any help or thoughts will be much appreciated...this is very annoying. Lol. See pic
  6. Can I feed newly free swimming Gbr fry live baby brine? I have always feed paramecium first, micro worms and the baby brine shrimp because they are so small at the beginning. But I have seen some people recently who feed brine right away but I don’t know if they are successful by feeding brine right away.
  7. Anyone recommend a heater for the ziss brine shrimp hatchery? My fish room gets in the 60s in the winter and I'm already starting to see hatch decrease as the temp starts to fade.
  8. I regularly feed with baby brine shrimp. I don't mind. It's just a part of the natural order of things. But, I then have to wash out the hatcher. I know that I'm flushing some live shrimplets down the drain. It makes me feel guilty.
  9. Hello! As the title says, I'm raising up fish fry so I have baby brine hatching every day. It feels like a waste to hatch out just a tiny amount to sustain the few fry I have right now, so I always make some for my other tanks. They're happy as all can be eating it every day (and so is the hydra...), but am I keeping them on a permanent "cheat" day? I still feed veggies to my tetras to balance that out, but it's been about 3 days of straight baby brine and I'm wondering if I should cool the jets... thanks!
  10. Got Co-Op baby brine back in the fishroom ready this eve. Here's Electric Blue Acaras all gorging on it. Also a bunch of Bristlenose Pleco fry are out of their cave. Here’s the obligatory “count at least 10x” BNP fry for BAP (breeder’s award program).
  11. I am somewhat new to hatching baby brine shrimps. I bought the Ziss hatchery, and aquarium coop eggs, of course! I listened to Cory’s video about 1000 times and I am somewhat satisfied with my results. But I wonder if I have too many unhatched eggs/shells? I put a light at the bottom, wait 5-10 minutles, double seive : first with a baby brine shrimp net, then with the ziss .10mm seiver. Here is my results. My concern is that Cory mentions that Dean once said unhatched eggs/shells can cause problems with small fry. My fry are clown killifish - sooooo tiny! So is this ok? Or are there things I should be doing to reduce the amount?
  12. Hello all! I've recently started hatching baby brine for my fish, using the Ziss hatchery. Fish love it, and I love making it - but I tend to have a lot of baby brine that hatch, but die. Is this normal? They quickly sink so it actually works well for my loaches and shrimp, but just wondering if I'm doing anything wrong. My method: - Fill a little below line, so there isn't splash - Use Aquarium Co-Op Measuring Spoon™ to measure out two tablespoons of salt - Room temp water and no heater, so around 74 degrees - USB air pump, with the rigid tubing and diffuser included with the hatchery, reaches to the bottom - collect after 24 hours Thanks in advance!
  13. I ordered the Ziss hatchery and Co-op eggs. How many baby brine shrimp can be added per tank / per gallon? I am not sure how to estimate feeding in my context. I don’t want to overfeed when I try my first hatches. For my tanks, I’ve presently got three 20 gallon community tanks, a 10 gallon community, three 5.5s, and two 2.5s with juvenile female betta (moving to 5.5s soon). I want to be sure I don’t overfeed any tank but also try to minimize leftovers from a hatch. Just not sure how the standard 2 liter and the hatched shrimp portion out.
  14. I'm going to set up a brine shrimp hatchery, to treat 2 bettas every once in a while. How much brine shrimp should I use for 2 bettas and what ratios are recommended between water, salt and eggs? Also, do I need a specific salt, or will table salt do? Thanks!
  15. Ziss hatchery, aquarium co op eggs, I follow Cory’s video. I harvest between 24 and 36 hours. When I put them in a small container after rincing them, some swims but most sinks to the bottom... why? Are they dead? I would also like to know what are the black specs with the BBS Thank you! I will get it eventually. It sucks to be the worst aquarist on earth!
  16. Can you overfeed BBS? I mean in terms of harming the fish directly not by spiking ammonia/nitrate. I'd think so but I heard an offhand remark on an ACO YT video that you can't and I'm not sure how serious that remark was. I'm trying to grow up some whitecloud's to mosquito eating size as fast as possible so they've been getting BBS 2-3x/day. There's only 6 of them and they're smaller than my neo-shrimp right now so I'm feeding what I think is a half day's worth of food at a time but i could be way off because I don't really know. They're getting pretty fat bellies now, almost like they have a little yolk sack, so now I'm starting to worry I'm over feeding.
  17. They have the orange gold color, but don't swim around. Do they need to "cook" a bit longer? These are from Aquarium Co-op and the shells previously looked alot darker brown
  18. Hello everyone, I just wanted to know if the salt in the brine shrimp water is harmful to corys. I ask because I don’t have a sieve to rinse the shrimp.
  19. Okay so I’m hatching baby brine shrimp for my fish. After they hatch how long do they stay alive? As in can I hatch a bunch and keep the in the hatchery for a few days? Feeding the fish for a few days essentially.
  20. Ok i have to hear you guys/gals thought on this. Same parents, 2pair , 2 different set. First set have an huge under bite, and second set is 100% fine. They are about 1 month apart in age. They are raise the same, in a 10 gallon bare bottom, with 1 sponge filter, almost same control, other than feed. Can it be genetic? Environment? Feed? I'm guessing is due to feeding too much bbs? First batch was born around the same time I was feeding bbs to my rainbow shiner fry, so they got bbs twice a day from 2week to 8week of age with their normal .1mm pellets. Second batch didn't get that luxury, they would have gotten at most 2 weeks of bbs before I stopped. So the question is.. is too much bbs bad? Will this genetic carry on to their fry? I would like to hear from you @Dean’s Fishroom since you bred in high number and @Cory with your experience. Plus everyone else since i can't tag you all lol In nature GNA can change and adjust/adapt to new obstacles pretty quick. I highly doubt ill use the first batch in any of my breeding programs to be on the safe side.
  21. I can't be messing with hatching brine shrimp, but I'm wondering if a few breeding cherry shrimp would supply my fish with an ongoing source of live food. I realize they'd be too big for fry, but could adult endlers eat baby cherry shrimp?
  22. I'm trying out my diy BBS hatcher with the upside down 2ltr bottle and an airstone at the bottom. My question is, how will I know when the shrimp have hatched? Will I visibly be able to tell even with the airstone running and water circulation? Do I need to turn off the air and wait for things to settle? It's kind of hard for me to guess a time frame as well since I've been having to play with the light height to keep the water heated to where I want.
  23. Hi. I'm not sure if this topic should go here or in the Fish Breeding section so if this is not the right place admins please feel free to move it. Here are my BBS questions: The directions on the Co-Op site say to use 1 tablespoon of salt per liter of water. I have always used 1 2/3 tablespoons per liter. Do the Co-Op eggs have different salinity requirements than other eggs? I'm a bit confused about the packaging. Do I dump the eggs from the zip lock pouch into the canister? Do I toss the canister and keep the eggs in the pouch? Do I toss the metal lid of the canister and use only the plastic lid? Thanks!
  24. I was browsing my local pet store and came across a brine shrimp hatchery that was half price. I have never hatched brine shrimp before so I figured I'd give it a shot, but the low price was due to the eggs expiring in 2018. Does anyone think that they will produce anything?
  25. Hello! I’ve had my eye on the Ziss Hatcher ever since it came back in stock. I have 10 celestial pearl danios that I’d like to breed. This would be my first time breeding egg layers and my first time hatching baby brine. It’s a very small operation and the Ziss hatchery seams cool but way too big for what I need. (1) Can I hatch a full batch of brine in the Ziss and keep them fresh for a week? (2) Can I hatch a 1/4 batch in the Ziss or does it have to be filled to work? (3) What mini hatchery (not the Ziss) have people used with success? @Cory Have you done a video on making small batches of baby brine and/or storing live baby brine?
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