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  1. They have the orange gold color, but don't swim around. Do they need to "cook" a bit longer? These are from Aquarium Co-op and the shells previously looked alot darker brown
  2. Hello everyone, I just wanted to know if the salt in the brine shrimp water is harmful to corys. I ask because I don’t have a sieve to rinse the shrimp.
  3. Okay so I’m hatching baby brine shrimp for my fish. After they hatch how long do they stay alive? As in can I hatch a bunch and keep the in the hatchery for a few days? Feeding the fish for a few days essentially.
  4. Ok i have to hear you guys/gals thought on this. Same parents, 2pair , 2 different set. First set have an huge under bite, and second set is 100% fine. They are about 1 month apart in age. They are raise the same, in a 10 gallon bare bottom, with 1 sponge filter, almost same control, other than feed. Can it be genetic? Environment? Feed? I'm guessing is due to feeding too much bbs? First batch was born around the same time I was feeding bbs to my rainbow shiner fry, so they got bbs twice a day from 2week to 8week of age with their normal .1mm pellets. Second batch didn't get that luxury, they would have gotten at most 2 weeks of bbs before I stopped. So the question is.. is too much bbs bad? Will this genetic carry on to their fry? I would like to hear from you @Dean’s Fishroom since you bred in high number and @Cory with your experience. Plus everyone else since i can't tag you all lol In nature GNA can change and adjust/adapt to new obstacles pretty quick. I highly doubt ill use the first batch in any of my breeding programs to be on the safe side.
  5. I can't be messing with hatching brine shrimp, but I'm wondering if a few breeding cherry shrimp would supply my fish with an ongoing source of live food. I realize they'd be too big for fry, but could adult endlers eat baby cherry shrimp?
  6. I'm trying out my diy BBS hatcher with the upside down 2ltr bottle and an airstone at the bottom. My question is, how will I know when the shrimp have hatched? Will I visibly be able to tell even with the airstone running and water circulation? Do I need to turn off the air and wait for things to settle? It's kind of hard for me to guess a time frame as well since I've been having to play with the light height to keep the water heated to where I want.
  7. Hi. I'm not sure if this topic should go here or in the Fish Breeding section so if this is not the right place admins please feel free to move it. Here are my BBS questions: The directions on the Co-Op site say to use 1 tablespoon of salt per liter of water. I have always used 1 2/3 tablespoons per liter. Do the Co-Op eggs have different salinity requirements than other eggs? I'm a bit confused about the packaging. Do I dump the eggs from the zip lock pouch into the canister? Do I toss the canister and keep the eggs in the pouch? Do I toss the metal lid of the canister and use only the plastic lid? Thanks!
  8. I was browsing my local pet store and came across a brine shrimp hatchery that was half price. I have never hatched brine shrimp before so I figured I'd give it a shot, but the low price was due to the eggs expiring in 2018. Does anyone think that they will produce anything?
  9. Anyone recommend a heater for the ziss brine shrimp hatchery? My fish room gets in the 60s in the winter and I'm already starting to see hatch decrease as the temp starts to fade.
  10. Hello! I’ve had my eye on the Ziss Hatcher ever since it came back in stock. I have 10 celestial pearl danios that I’d like to breed. This would be my first time breeding egg layers and my first time hatching baby brine. It’s a very small operation and the Ziss hatchery seams cool but way too big for what I need. (1) Can I hatch a full batch of brine in the Ziss and keep them fresh for a week? (2) Can I hatch a 1/4 batch in the Ziss or does it have to be filled to work? (3) What mini hatchery (not the Ziss) have people used with success? @Cory Have you done a video on making small batches of baby brine and/or storing live baby brine?
  11. Besides the obvious: more BBS, is there an advantage to having 90% hatch rate eggs vs 80% or 75%? Going from 75% to 90% you'd get 20% more hatches but is there a reason to pay more than 20% more for that? Are they more nutritious? Hatch faster? last longer? Secret option D that I can't think of?
  12. Hope everyone is doing well. My Apistogramma Baenschi have fry that are now free swimmers and feasting on baby brine shrimp and micro-organisms. They are currently housed with the parents in a 3ft but I have a 2ft ready to grow them out. My question is when should I? They are just under 1cm in size and are starting to swim up from the bottom of the tank and exploring away from the female parent.
  13. How long will freshly hatched baby brine shrimp last (safe to feed)? will refrigeration extend that time? Should it be store in a sealed container or in a container that is open to the air?
  14. Hi all. Using ACO bbs, aquarium salt and baking soda. 3x in a row my hatch has largely failed. I had incredible success previously, and suddenly am getting less than 10% hatch...over a 24h window. I actually looked really closely at the floating "shells" It is about 50% dead hatched brine. I am flummoxed. So they hatch and...die? Why? Baking soda and salt have not changed. I changed out my nano air pump for a new one...can the air flow be too high? Or temp? It is about 80-81...provided by a incandescent bulb, that is only on in the day. I suspect it gets cooler at night.
  15. FYI- I needed a sieve for some live baby brine. Turns out a reusable Keurig K-Cup works perfectly. The screen mesh is tight enough none of the LBB went through. Although, I won't be using the K-Cup for coffee anymore...
  16. I hear bbs are are really healthy but I just discovered wingless fruit flys are a thing and they seem easy to keep/culture but I don't hear about them. Are they not as good for fish? For me, I'd rather keep them vs make bbs unless there are downsides
  17. The attachment spot for the airline broke off on mine after only one use. I was able to super glue it back on. Just thought it was unusual considering I have heard that it is such a great product.
  18. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with instant baby brine from Ocean Nutrition? It seems like a cool concept buy I'm skeptical, I mostly have betta, croaking/licorice/chocolate gourami fry, and occasionally dwarf cichlids. It's a little pricey, but I'm wondering if it would be worth having a bottle or two on hand incase something ever went wrong with my microworms of brine shrimp hatchery. Thanks for any help!
  19. So I got the Ziss bbs hatcher and its producing bumper crops of bbs!! More than i can feed in a day. What’s the best strategy to have an adequate amount on hand daily? Should I refrigerate the extra? Put the excess in a little holding tank and feed them spirolina? Or just hatch fewer eggs, more often? 🤔
  20. I recently acquired some CPDs or Celestial Pearl Danios, and I thought I’d start a thread for breeding them. I have 4 males and 2 females (before today I thought it was the opposite ratio) that I got 3 days ago, today was my first day able to watch them the whole day and in the light, and my first day offering live baby brine shrimp. For several hours today I’ve noticed the dominant male chasing around one of the females, and occasionally another male will also try and chase for a few moments and then go off and do something else. I have some videos of this but I’m not sure how to add it (I’ll play around, advice would be helpful) and I’m wondering if this is breeding behavior or if it’s aggression. What are your experiences with the keeping and breeding of this beautiful species? (I posted a few videos on tiktok, I can’t get the video into the right format to post directly from my phone, would it be ok to post a link to the tiktok?)
  21. Hello everyone, I am about to get a baby brine shrimp (bbs) hatchery going and I have a question about rinsing them once they hatch. I live in an area with tap water containing 1 to 2 parts per million chlorine. Would my fish suffer adverse affects from eating bbs rinsed in tap water containing said amounts of chlorine? Should I rinse the bbs in water pulled from one of my tanks to avoid any chlorine issues?
  22. Hey Everyone, This may sound like a bit of a commercial, and it probably is. However, Aquarium Co-op now has their new Brine Shrimp Eggs in stock. So over the years I've used tons of brine shrimp eggs going back over 50 years. I'm fairly picky about how I select the products that I use and I had warned Cory and Randy that it would take a really good brine shrimp egg to get me to use them. A disclosure, I did do some early testing of these eggs over a month of daily use before the Co-op team had even figured out how to get them packaged and in stock. So they are available on the Co-op site now : https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/breeding-supplies/products/aquarium-co-op-brine-shrimp-eggs I just wanted to let everybody here some positives that I've found with these eggs. They have a really really good hatch rate, right up with the best I've used in the past. They are packaged in a 3.5 oz/100 gram can and are quadruple sealed for maximum freshness. This size package makes really good sense for the majority of hobbyist, not a tiny amount like the little .2 oz vial, and you don't have to purchase a large one pound can to get quality eggs. The separation once hatched is the best I've ever seen. This is for me probably the number one reason to use these eggs, it's a huge time saver and just makes everything with daily hatching of brine shrimp easier. So there you go, it's my commercial, but it is for a really good reason..... Did I mention the new Aquarium Co-op Brine Shrimp Eggs have a really good hatch rate and the separation once hatched is the best I've ever seen?
  23. I have light air but heating is an issue I only have 6 tanks and they are all in my room so I don't heat the room. My point is I can't leave the brine shrimp light on all night which will act as the heater so is it ok if it's at around 76 but then drops down to around 70-69 at night.
  24. Having issues hatching brine shrimp. I have a ziss blender. Ph 7.4 o 7.6. Temp is 28c. Shrimp hatch within 30 hours. But hard to harvest shrimp due to shrimp eggs falling to bottom of container with the hatched brine shrimp. Im from ireland so i cannot buy your eggs Any help appreciated.
  25. Accidentally cross threaded the bottom valve on my Ziss hatchery while putting back together after a clean, damaged the thread a little: Now it wants to use the cross thread when I screw it on the blender, I have to line it up almost perfect to screw it in correctly and if I unscrew it too far when straining brine shrimp it leaks out the bottom of the valve slightly. It still works but I’d like to buy a new one, I tried looking online but I did not have any luck. Does any one know where I can buy a replacement one?
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