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  1. I'm curious if anyone has artificially created a dry season for bulb plants before? specifically Crinum thainums. Long story short, my tank went to mayhem during my honeymoon and with a ton of life changes it will be four or five months before I can do it right again. Most of my plants I am just selling off because they are easily attainable (ludwigia, pearlweed, etc.) but for my crinums that I still want to flower one day, I want to try and give them a dry season. The method I've tried before with smaller crinums (unkown type) is to put the whole plant in submersed soil with emersed leaves, let the plant reclaim the leaves, then put the crinum in a bag of pool filter sand (because I have a ton) then let it sit for a couple months; while I know the actual dry season is 6 months (according to a book)...human time. Of my five test samples, two survived, so the success is iffy. But with my tank in distress, I want to move on to my two big boys. Any tips on how to do it different, or just cross my fingers and do the "known" method?
  2. Thanks man, I was struggling to find any good detailed info on this guy. Mines grown about 5’, but now it’s just balling up and blocking light. I moved my second one outside to see if it flowers and it threw all its leaves off, so it doesn’t like being messed with
  3. What’s the proper way to trim crinum thainum? Between it and my lillies my tank is growing dark and whenever you just cut it back like grass, that leaf stops growing completely. included are pictures are no longer growing leaves that I cut and old leaves that span the whole 55
  4. It's fine, I have to ask for more info at least 20 times a day at work lol. I'll give that a shot, but educational question. Could upping ferts do a similar thing? Then the plants would (theoretically) grow faster and out-compete the algae?
  5. First, I have not tested this. Second, can you massage it gently into the gravel?
  6. Also, stag horn algae looks just like it. Thanks y’all. I got so focused on hair algae that I had google tunnel vision
  7. Oh man that’s a lot lol. 55 gallon 0ppm ammonia 0ppm nitrite 10-20ppm nítrate (2ml of Thrive All-in-one being auto-dosed daily. I verified that the doser is still running properly) 150-300ppm GH (crushed coral but this is stable) 80ppm KH (this is the main reason I use crushed coral, as it’s almost 0 from tap) PH somewhere between 7.4-7.6 light: marineland something (sorry I got it in high school and the name and original charger are long gone) Blue leds: 9am-10pm Blue &white leds: 10am-9pm ferts: Thrive and easy root tabs (what I use at a given month depends on which website I’m on) (also I have 4 swords and 3 lillies so I THINK I need to go monthly) Thrive all-in-one: 1ml at 9:50am and 1ml at 13:00 daily (this is the minimum to keep 10ppm of nitrates and has been working for a few months, this algae “appears” new, but I may just now be noticing it) “Flouramax” substrate that I’m certain is a dud because it can’t grow plants for poo (3” in planted areas), sand/gravel mixture in originally unplanted area stocking: 21 white clouds, 5 black mollies, 1 paradise fish feed once a day water temps: heater set to 70° but rises to 73.8° when the lights cut on
  8. Anyone know what kind of algae this is? It has the structure of hair algae but is black like BBA. Thanks in advance
  9. Is there any special ways to community breed egg scattering fish (specifically white cloud minnows)? As I research the topic, it seems the popular way is to put them in a tank filled with marbles or bigger rocks so that they can not turn around and eat their eggs. I understand that, but I want to try and setup planted indoor tubs (mini pond style) but also want to try and start breeding my minnows. It would be a species only tank, but anything I could do to protect the eggs without inhibiting plant growth?
  10. Gotcha, thanks for the input. These guys are my new breeding project, but I need to grow them out and learn them first
  11. I’m curious how you see male? I thought they had longer fins. Granted he’s still small and lacking color because of the cold
  12. Does anyone know how old/big paradise fish have to get before they are sexable? My LFS has some 2” juvies and I don’t know if they are too small to start developing the long fins or if they are all truly females. here’s one in a 20L just so that you can see the sale size
  13. What’s a good light for a standard 55? I see aquarium co-op’s website recommends a fluval 3.0 for “high” light, but wanted some second opinions. Currently I’m running a marine land from an old reef tank, but my cabomba is stretching for light, getting leggy and lost it purple color. I also want to venture into other red plants and carpeting plants, so it’s time for an upgrade
  14. I like looking at this as a research point. It’s nice to search a topic and get well thought out posts. Facebook moves too quickly and gets assumey(?) which doesn’t help some times. Forums in general (not just this one) taught me to worry less and learn more
  15. Most likely it’s harmless but I’m one of those people that like to know every little thing lol
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