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  1. I have a 60 gallon tank with three thriving plants ….(Java fern , jungle Val , pogostemon stellatus octopus ) all in easy planters . One delhezi bicher . Use aquarium coop liquid fertilizer and root tabs . Do 40% water changes once a week . Nitrates are consistently high 200 ppm . Please help .
  2. Hello fish keepers ! I have two bichers in a 75 gallon tank and I would like to add about 14 exodons to tank . I have put cichlids with exodons I they were fine together . I just thought it would be with bichers . Opinions ?
  3. Water conditions have been consistent since the first time aquariums were set up . Thank you !
  4. I was told not to chase numbers . But every time I test water in all my tanks with test strips , PH and GH are high . Is this ok ok? I have been keeping fish for almost two years . No visible signs of stress on fish but I just want to make sure they are leaving the best life in my aquariums .
  5. Please advise . I feel my plants are not looking well . I dose co op fertilizer every water change . Should I trim off brining leaves ?
  6. Please advise . My plants are not looking healthy . I use co op fertilizer every water change .
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