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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I currently have an unprecedented amount of problems with fish dying slowly over time (things started maybe 6-8 weeks ago, it does not seem to stop), which really takes away the joy of my aquarium hobby. I hope some of you might be able to help me. Up front, all usual water parameters are fine (gH 13, kH 11, ph 7 to 7.5, normal nitrate, no nitrite / ammonia). Water temp is 26-28C / 78-82F in my 350L/75G and 21C / 70 F in my 50L/13G aquarium, but was 25C at the point where the honey gouramis were still alive). My other aquariums (2 endler guppy tanks at room temp with the same water parameters (also unheated at 21C)) show no problems at all. Water change schedule is 40% every 2 weeks. The 350L is already running for 1,5+ years, the 50L is only a few weeks/months old. Stocking: The 350L tank has 3 adult angelfish, 2 german blue rams, 3 L181, 30 amano shrimp, 4 nerite snails, rummynose tetra, Hyphessobrycon melanostichos tetra, 12 otos (1 left, others died), around 18 panda corys (maybe 5 left, others died), 10 gold laser cory (9 left, 1 died a few days ago). The 50L tank had 2 honey gourami (dead), 8 neon green rasbora (dead), 3 endler guppies (dead), neocaridina shrimp (all alive) and 8 dwarf kuhli loaches (Pangio cuneovirgata, 6 left). I am not 100% sure that both tanks have the exact same problem, but the problems are similar. Every few days, a fish dies. For the most part, the same kind of fish died in order: First nearly all my otos, then starting to also affect my panda cories, now starting to affect my gold laser corys. All other fish are fine for now. In the 50L tank, it was basically all mid water swimming fish together (still only one dead every few days), only after all mid water fish were dead, did it start affecting the dwarf kuhli loaches. The fish are fine until they are not, in which case they start showing signs of bad health (washed out, maybe red spots) for a few days. Some of the otocinclus and panda cories were eaten alive by my amano shrimp, showing no power to defend themselves. I was able to finally film a dwarf kuhli loach before dying, which you can see below. The odd one out was my male honey gourami, which already had some brown spots for a while and was doing fine, so I’m not even sure they were the problem (he was pretty old). I have no idea what could be the problem, I did have bacterial problems in the past but why does it happen to healthy fish and slowly over time? The only thing connecting the two tanks is that both got fish in it that were at some point in my quarantine setup together (the rams were there a 6-8 weeks before going into my 350L, but they are very healthy). The neon green rasbora and some endler guppies were in that quarantine tank as well, but some of the endlers went back to their original endler tank where there are no problems. One think I suspected were internal parasites, but I have so many shrimp in both tanks and all parasite medicine is deadly for the shrimp, I guess my next move would be to try to get out as many shrimp as possible, then medicate? I have no idea how I will get them out, probably would need some form of trap. In the attached images, you can see: Healthy angelfish, one gold laser cory dying slowly (2 days between pictures, dead 2 days after last picture), oto 1 day before death, panda cory 2 days before death. The 50L aquarium, endler guppy still healthy (probaby 2-3 weeks before dead), honey gourami pair still healthy, group of dwarf khuli loaches healthy, the first dead kuhli loach, the second dead kuhli loach (I am not sure if the black thing on the rist is my black sand, probably but it was attached to the kuhli loach, maybe swallowed?). Then my male honey gourami a few weeks apart, the last photo being a few days before his death. Also a neon green rasbora with weird red part in its tail, probably 2-3 days before its death. Finally, here is a video of my second kuhli loach before dying: https://streamable.com/zq0d7j I can also upload further video of the oto and panda from the images, basically they are just heavy breathing (on that note, both aquariums have air stones/air bubbles via the filter output). I really tried to keep it short, I don't think I succeeded and I am sorry for the wall of text, I can answer further questions if needed.
  2. Ph- 7.4 Nitrates- 10 ppm currently (usually lower but cannot do maintenance due to recent surgery) dKH- 10.0 dGH- 8.4 Nitrite- 0 ppm Ammonia- 0 ppm Water Temperature- 79F Due to significant issues with health, and problems with the aquarium and the livestock within it I’ve been having for months now, I have debated multiple times taking this aquarium down. But I have missed having an aquarium for many years, and I want to give this another go with possible solutions when I am able to. HERE IS A TIMELINE OF WHAT’S BEEN OCCURRING: (I’ve gone back and tracked everything up to when I got they shipped to me) DISCLAIMER: Not all of this could be connected to the same issue, treatments are severely limited based on what I can get, and this is just a log of everything I have noticed and have done since having them. JAN 21- Livestock arrived via shipping, 7 ricefish and 1 male betta splendens - Death of 1 ricefish minutes after acclimation - Decided to QT with salt for 2 weeks to start and dewormed with Fenbendazole FEB 1- Noticed a ricefish flash on gills, started API General Cure for 2 weeks -never observed more flashing after this moment FEB 11- Had Hydra (completely not an issue) and dosed Fenbendazole at a very low dose FEB 12- Second very low dose of Fenbendazole to eradicate Hydra FEB 13- Water changed out all medications FEB 16- Death of 1 ricefish after noticing isolation from other fish and some lethargy in the morning -started to swim more in the afternoon and died within minutes after -examined outside of body, possible minor bloating, but nothing else FEB 24- Eye issue on 1 ricefish, significant inflammation -also noticed flashing shortly after from 1 other ricefish -did large volume water change and then dosed API General Cure (decided to treat for parasites first, also got sick and couldn’t do anything to the aquarium at this time) MARCH 13- all issues from FEB 24 went away, and large volume water change was preformed to remove medications (went back to weekly water changes while I was recovering) MARCH 26- 1 ricefish excreting white waste (no more were observed) -did not medicate because no other symptoms were observed, digestive issue was speculated APRIL 1- surgery and rest of period of time is during recovery (cannot do much of anything during the rest of this time) APRIL 7- 1 ricefish euthanized after extreme lethargy, swimming pointed upwards, and escalating struggling was observed - eye issue in 1 other ricefish, suspected inflammation around the eye, more so the top, eye itself is completely clear -decided to give salt bath for 45 minutes to ricefish with eye issue (monitored every 15 minutes carefully, and released back into aquarium) APRIL 8- all issues from APRIL 7 continue, and 1 other ricefish shows significant reduction in appetite I cannot set up a quarantine tank for fish currently having issues due to my recent surgery. I am not sure what the issue is, but if more issues continue to persist after possible future treatments (based on the advice I get), I likely will speculate that it could Fish Tuberculosis, if the same symptoms persist. Due to my health issues, future needed invasive surgeries, and current recovery from my recent surgery, I am very limited in what I can do. I am very limited on what I can get, and what I can afford, due to recent medical bills. Any ideas on what could be going on is highly appreciated.
  3. Hi all, I am new here, and also fairly new to the hobby as well and I am having serious issues I'd like to ask questions about. I have had a 55g set up with no issues since Feb of this year. I'll give you a brief rundown of my setup, water parameters and then get into the issue. 55g with an Eheim 350 classic canister filter. Initially stocked with 12 white cloud minnows, 1 male Halfmoon Betta, 5 male endler guppies, 2 assassin snails, 1 clown pleco, and 12 pygmy cories. Water has been tested by 3 LFS and all of them said it was fine, and it's been the same even after 4 different 30% water changes in the last 2 weeks. pH is 8.0 (always is this high, never been a problem) 0ppm Ammonia 0ppm Nitrite I think Nitrate is 5.0 -10ppm but I am not sure, so attaching a photo. Water temp is 80 Now, here are my issues. Two weeks ago I stupidly brought home 10 female guppies for the male endlers from PetCo, and didn't quarantine them because until this happened, I didn't know you had to. VERY hard lesson learned because I am sure you know what's coming next. Within 5 days all of the guppies died off, with no visible signs of illness. I took the receipt along with water sample to PetCo, and the girl was like "It's not your water, all our females die", they gave me the refund and I was pretty sad about it but figured since it was just them that we were in the clear. Once I got home that same afternoon I noticed that one of my pygmy cories had a white puffball thing on one of his fins, looked like a cotton ball, so I took a water sample to the first LFS and he suggested Pimafix/Melafix. Not knowing any better, I put it in and it didn't do much. Over the course of the next few days, fish would start losing their color, and then be dead in the morning. I have lost at least 10 more of my established fish in the last week. I went to two more LFS, all of them told me my water was fine, suggested water changes which I did, and also suggested Pimafix/Melafix. So I stumbled across the wonderful Co-Op YouTube channel and found the info for the medicating trio (Maracyn, Paracleanse, Ich-X). I was able to hunt down two of the items and had to order Ich-X on Amazon. Today I lost 4 more fish before putting the meds in, and 2 more since adding the meds, but to be fair they were on their way out before the trio went in. Here is my main concern as of right now: I have my male Halfmoon Betta who is my pride and joy in this tank, and I was in the process of setting up a 10 gallon for him (it's been cycling for a week) because the flow from the filter in my 55g is just too strong and I know he's not happy. I really do not want him to die, and I don't know what to do. The trio of meds is in the tank and he looks really stressed out. Should I leave him in there to medicate and hope for the best, or should I pull him out into a bowl with daily water changes until his 10g is cycled? I am so stressed out losing this many fish in such a short amount of time, but if my betta dies I will be devastated. Since that 1 cory with the cotton ball on his fin died, I have not seen any other fish with any visible signs on their skin of infections or disease, so I have no idea what is going on. I am attaching a photo of one of my white clouds that passed away this morning, as I am not sure if these black marks on him are just the markings, or something else. I am really new to all of this, so any in depth, clear explanations or help will be fantastic. My immediate goal is helping the remainder of the fish, but at this point, what do I do to ensure my betta can survive this? If you need anymore information please just let me know, and thank you in advance for ANY help.
  4. Jonsie

    Goldfish dying

    ph:7.5 Nitrates: good Hardness: low for a goldfish Nitrite:0 Ammonia: 0,009 KH/Buffer: low Water Temperature: 66 Hi, I have my fish sick. Symptoms are lack of appetite, very stopped at the bottom of the aquarium, always opening and closing the mouth, swollen, black coloring on the abdomen, shrunken fins ... I have already treated with esha 2000 and esha hexamite but it didn't work. Do you have any idea what the problem is? THX ( sry for my english) video: https://streamable.com/schuq4
  5. Neil

    Fisk keep dying

    I set up a planted aquarium in early November 2020 . Added 5 guppies in early January 2021 which died one by one. Bought 3 more guppies from a different pet store and they also died one by one. I just tested my water no ammonia at all (test tube was clear as could be). Very high PH like almost 8.0. Any thoughts? Thank You
  6. The aquarium was doing great then all of a sudden the fish started gasping and some died. The water also got a bit cloudy. All the water parameters are the same as they have always been. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Hey there, I’m new to aquariums. I got into it by watching cory’s YouTube videos, and decided to give guppies a go. I purchased a 20g L and planted it moderately. I was able to get a filter from another aquarium to start my cycle. I let it cycle until my plants showed new growth, then added 2 guppies and a mystery snail. They did fine. The next week I added 5 more guppies. The week after, I added 6 more guppies and some cherry shrimp. My water parameters stayed stable the whole time ( I was testing twice a week). Out of nowhere, my guppies started dying and I’m losing at least one a day. I went from 13 to 5 in five days. My water parameters are: pH 7.8 Nitrates 0ppm Hardness tds=110ppm Nitrite 0ppm Ammonia 0ppm KH/Buffer not sure Water Temperature was at 76, increased to 86 for possible ich I did not quarantine the fish as it was a new tank and figured I’d follow Corys method of treating with his three quarantine meds once I bought everything I wanted to put in the tank. The problem is that they started dying before I got to that point. I’m pretty sure they have ich now, which I am treating with a temperature of 86 f and APIs super ick cure. I’ve ordered ichx and paracleanse from Cory, which I’m waiting to receive. I’m just wondering where to go from here I’m superbummed to lose so many fish so quickly and feeling down on myself. I’m scared to buy more to restock the tank. I don’t know if the ich killed them or if it’s a secondary issue. Any suggestions would be super helpful! Thank you!
  8. JaredL

    Betta Dying

    My betta seems not long for this world. Has localized swelling near dorsal fin w pineconing. He's not bloated. Have treated w med trio to no avail. Only thing I can think to try now is treating for gram negative bacteria. What do you guys recommend to treat it?Maracyn 2? Kanaplex?
  9. I need someone to teach me more about fish keeping. I’m learning as I go but would enjoy constructive criticism, that is aimed at giving my fish the best lives. I have 8 tanks and would like to go through them one by one. I want to start with my 80g bowfront as I’m losing platys in it. Right now they have anti biotics in the water. However I truly don’t know what’s wrong. Please be kind.
  10. Guys, I really need some help. All my fish are dying and I really don’t have any idea why. They’re dying in tanks that have been “established” since about February. I’ve lost some fish before in them but my Mollies have been in there doing great since the beginning - and they just started dying two or three days ago. Then today, I only had about 4-5 of my 15-20 fish come up to see me when I went over to feed them - that’s a HUGE change. That’s in my 45 gal tank with a ph of around 8, 0.25 ammonia (that’s what it’s been since the day I started, it’s never changed), 0 Nitrites but 10-20 ppm of Nitrates. I don’t know what to do. I’ve got plants growing in there, a sponge filter with bubbles, and a HOB filter. ALSO, in my 20 gal tank (with the same water parameters), all my guppies and tetras died except for one of each - I took them out and put them in my 10 gal tank and they’ve been doing fine. Oh - my Betta in that tank has been perfectly fine (so far, anyway). SOOOOO, I’ve taken all my fish from my 45 gal tank and put them ALL in my 10 gallon. I don’t know what to do other than change out that tank every day and maybe empty and recycle the other two? I seriously need help - If my fish die, I’m quitting the fish business - it’s breaking my heart.
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