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  1. Hello I just got my first puffer. And it seems he was WC. But he won’t eat and stays I. The corner by the sponge filter. Any advice
  2. it can be hit or miss on the eggs being fertile, I will say keeping the cave away from high flow points seems to increase the good egg count . I normally turn the caves into the best dead spot in the tank.
  3. yeah, I've had the opposite effect with using dithers. I feel like the parents can't really get the dithers away like the could in the wild. this just ends up adding more stress. now this depends on the size of the aquarium you are using. But experiment and find out what works the best for you.
  4. I just use a wine bottle like in aquarium coops fish room tour of Greg sage. You don’t need much and I don’t worry about it effecting my ph, as I’m only putting in a few table spoons.
  5. Yes you could leave them, it all depends on what your after. You should be fine. As far as green bean skins. They typically will eat the insides first but if left. They will eat the skins. Mine are like piranha
  6. @Fish Folk I’ve got a strain of red largo’s and some eggs.
  7. I’m goin to get some white clouds very soon. But currently my target breeding species is Lamprologus Meleagris – the Pearly Ocellatus. No dice yet. But I’ll get them eventually.
  8. Depending on temp you may have wrigglers in the next 24-48 hours. But they’ll eat the egg sack for the next 3-4 days after that. Id pull them and put them in a separate tank with some wood if you plan on trying to raise them all. And you can feed them anything really. Flake, pleco tablets, I often feed canned green beans. Best of luck
  9. It can be common for them to eat them. Stress, maturity, and other factors can take effect. They may eat them many times over before they get better. Once you get wrigglers I would typically pull the spawn so I have some future stock to work with and allow the pair to try and raise future spawns for following attempts. Some times I may only talk half a spawn and allow them to raise the other half. But some times they will eat them soon after messing/returning the cave. I also do not think dithers do anything helpful with apisto’s/rams at least not in my experience , at least from a breeding stand point. Other may have different opinions. But I’ve got angels that won’t spawn if they have other fish in the tank. I Remove the dithers and typically within 48 hours they’ll spawn. Useful tactic to get large spawns less often instead of getting smaller spawns every 10-14 days
  10. @Colu Still working on it, they often show activity of spawning but I haven’t found any eggs yet. I really need to set up a good egg collection style tank like you would use for barbs. They currently are housed with some orange laser corydoras and they may be eating them. I’ve been overrun by angelfish and plecos currently. And don’t have any spare tanks to set up a spawning tank for them.
  11. I use a turkey baster to get pleco fry out of caves. You don’t need to squeeze it as hard as you can. But you can blast them pretty good to get them off walls.
  12. I’d just take one out and see what happens .
  13. You should find success with your method. I’ve never spawned any of the blue eyes /pseudo’s. But other rainbows I know grow super slow, almost at a unbelievably slow rate. So don’t get worried when you experience that. The ziss breeder box will work. And most rainbows spawn with in the first hour you turn the light on. So you can watch for the behavior.
  14. I’m not sure if we’re suppose to post other websites but anyway here are some links. Disclaimer I have no experience with either retailer. Simply passing the info along to help you out. Best of luck. https://getgills.com/product.detail/2528 http://www.aquaculturestore.com/okefenokeepygmysunfish.html
  15. I often keep rams/apisto in 5.5 for pairs in qt for months. They end up in 20 longs with a divider in the middle for two pairs.
  16. Rainbows are typically easy to spawn. The hard part is feeding them. Keep the water and clean and low current. What are you going to hatch the eggs in? They do not need to be tumbled. You’ll need some sort of tiny fry food, I use golden pearls. But other fry foods may work.
  17. Yes, many good videos on YouTube about this process. But yes leave them in the meth blue till they hatch and slowly water change the meth blue out. And you’ll need to start thinking about first foods. But you can do some research on this forum and or YouTube and find all the answers you’ll need.
  18. Yes @Hobbit but i have enough fish breeding projects to last me A long time and honestly some pretty over zealous ones at that. I don’t need to add a platy line breeding attempt to that right now 😂
  19. Interesting , I remember seeing some at a store about an hour away but the blue was in much smaller patches, and the store was so busy and I didn’t wanna wait for help. But I’m kinda regretting it, if they could look like this.
  20. I found this photo off Instagram and I’m curious if anyone has seen this color in person or what trade name it goes by.
  21. It looks like it could be a male but it looks kinda washed out. I’d let it settle and take another photo when it’s color returns.
  22. @Jeremy_fishguy yes that is a L494 I’m lucky to have a source for them locally at swaps/auctions. More info if your interested https://www.planetcatfish.com/common/species.php?species_id=5791
  23. Yeah, fingers crossed I’ll get some eggs. It would really do me some good. They’re one of the more difficult species to spawn according to the guy I got them from.
  24. I’ve also got a much younger pair then yours mine don’t have hardly any color yet. But from what I e seen about these fish is spawning behavior is trigged by low ph. In some reports at or around 5.
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