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Found 9 results

  1. I currently have two threads for both of my aquariums, but I've been thinking that its time to merge the two threads together My current tanks are my Community tank (40 Gallons): Home to: Angelfish, Cardinal Tetras x5, Bristlenose Pleco, Upside down Catfish x2, Zebra Danios x6. Its Planted with: Anubias Nanna, Crypt Wendetii Red, Red Twist Sword, Hygrophiliia Siamensis 53B, My second tank is my Betta Tank (5 Gallons): Its home to: Hugo the Betta, 5 Neon Tetras, and a new addition (more on that below!) Its planted with: Hygrophillia Compact, Hygrophillia Siamensis, Two Species of Anubias, Buce, Red Melon Sword, Little Side Note: Hugo had gone through some Finrot Treatments, his fins are still growing back. I'm also working on a new tank to go below the community tank, hoping to get some supplies for it and to get it up and running! Today I went driving and drove past a petstore, so naturally I had to stop. I picked up a Nirite Snail for the Betta Tank. I want names for this little guy so comment some suggestions! Also just a quick questions. Does this look like a baby nirite? It seems unlikely due to the fact that they only breed in brackish, but what elese could it be? It moves and has the antennas like a snail too. I picked up the snail to add it in so I'm not sure how it could have come into the tank. Unless it came in in one of my plants, but the last time I added a plant was maybe three weeks, and I'm only noticing it now. So maybe we'll need two names, thats exciting! The baby will probably end up in a different tank soon, 5 gallons is probably too small for two snails.
  2. Getting close to being done painting my breeding tanks (8 20 gallons, plus I have a 10 gallon for grow out, and a 29 gallon to replace a display tank). It's a lot of work. I used rustoleum satin black gloss enamel paint instead of plasti-dip. I have wrist issues, and the spray cans get hard for me to shake. I think this was probably easier in the end, In case anyone wonders, bottoms are painted as most of these (besides 29g) will be bare bottom and this makes it easier to see fish and keep it cozy for the fish. I painted the 29g bottom just because I was at it anyway, and if I want to use it for something else it will be set. The 20s will sit with the small side facing out. There will be two stacks of 20's, 4 on each stack/row. The row ends will have two sides painted on both sides, but the middle will just have one side painted since they will be next to each other.
  3. I Would like to breed my apistos in a separate breeding tank but all I have is a 5.5 gallon can I keep them in there for 1-2 months at most. Their eggs are getting eaten by the other fish. If I can't do that could I put the rams that are bullying them in the 5 gallon and have them breed?
  4. Within the next month or so I want to start my first breeding tank! With me being a total NEWB to breeding fish I want to start off with something easy like Platys. Soon I want start doing egg laying fish like Apistogramma, Corycats, Killifish. But with me planning this tank I want to see everyone elses tank to get some inspiration. I will be using a 10 gallon aquarium.
  5. Hi, I'm new to the hobby and am thinking of starting my first breeding project! I have a 160l (about 42 gal) community tank and lately one of my honey gourami have been building a bubble nest and I have seen the male "embracing" one of the females. I therefore went out and bought a 30l (about 8 gal) tank to set up as a breeding tank. I don’t want to leave it empty after, and was wondering if I set this up as a shrimp tank, could I use it as a breeding tank later on with the shrimp still in it? Could not find any good information on this online and am therefore hoping someone here have any experience with this. Any advice is much appreciated!
  6. hi any idea how to breed serpae tetras, or silverip tetras? thanks!
  7. Greetings! I have Clown killifish (1 male, 3 females) and the male and one female seems to be laying eggs so I was thinking maybe I could try breeding them. They are currently in a 15 gallons but I would move them for a few days in a plastic tub (about 2-3 gallons) because of the population of the 15 (shrimps, snails, etc.) Must I cycle the breeding tub? I plan to add a pre filter sponge that has been in my 15 gallons for a while and some of the substrate + cuts of plants when I am cleaning the tank so I am hoping that could count towards the cycling as well as populating the tub with micro organisms to feed on. A heater and a air stone will complete the setup. I have never bred any fish so is that ok? Any tips or suggestions? Must you absolutely hatch live baby brine or daphnia or can I be ok with fry food like hikari first bite and the north fin one( do not have access to aquarium co op products)? Thanks!
  8. Rainbow Darter is starting to color up. Read a NANFA spawning report that one aquarist had success breeding them using spawning mops (!) So, made a mop that blends in pretty well. We’ll see... Rainbow Shiners coloring up. Did light timer narrowing for a bit, now expanding to simulate seasonal change. Males have begun chasing females. Added a spawning tray. We shall see...
  9. I've got to pull a breeding pair of Discus out of the 120 Discus tank. I'm thinking 20 or 29 gallon.
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