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Found 8 results

  1. I want a vinegar eel starter culture. I have seen a few reasonably priced on amazon/ebay Anyone have a good recommendation reasonably priced im on a retirement budget. When i order stuff like this its a 50/50 hit or miss. Was hoping someone knows a hit. 😁and possibly any huge misses that i can avoid. thanks
  2. My snow white corydoras recently spawned and some eggs started hatching. I have a couple foods for baby fish but will vinegar eels work for the small baby corys or should I try something even smaller?
  3. Finally I was able to get some wigglers and in a week or so will be getting ready to feed. Does anyone have Vinegar Eels so I can get a culture going? I live in Bothell/Mill Creek but willing to drive and meet up.
  4. I am starting to try out some live foods and I heard that vinegar eels are easy to care for so I got a small culture to start off and I set it up it a glass bottle. I rinsed the bottle thoroughly and put in half apple cider vinegar and half RO water. I put in 3 small apple slices. I started to notice that most of the worms were all at the top. The apple slices are at the top so maybe they are feeding on it? Does anybody know why the vinegar eels are all near the surface? If it is something wrong, what should I do? Thank you
  5. Greetings! I saw Cory’s trick to put some floss in the neck of a bottle and pour water. But I am paranoid that I may push it too far, that the vinegar solution will affect my fry. Plus it worked for some times, and now no more worms are coming up. I am kinda panicking because I hace clown killifish fry currently hatching. I bought a new worn culture but until then, what can I do? The fish don’t seem to want to eat the Hikari first bite.
  6. On @Fish Folk’s recommendation, I got myself a vinegar eel culture to help feed my tiny tiny honey gourami fry. I thought this was a great plan! They’re super easy to keep and definitely tiny. The problem is I’ve never seen one of the fry eat them. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m 95% sure the fry are big enough that they could eat them, but they seem to be put off. They don’t even try to go after them, though they will turn and watch it for a bit when one goes by. I’m not sure if the worms are too wiggly for them? Is that even possible? The other possibility is that the fry perceive the eels as too long to fit in their mouths. “Too long” isn’t a category that seem to exist for my tetras, who I’ve seen down mosquito larvae and VibraBites half the length of their bodies. But I know (and continue to learn) that honey fry are super picky. Is there any way I can test at least the first of these theories by slowing down the eels? If I put them in the fridge, I’m afraid they’ll just perk up as soon as they hit the warm water. What if I let them sit in tap water overnight? Would they half-die and slow down? Just spitballing here. Any ideas are appreciated!
  7. Quick, hopefully easy question . . . . This is my first foray into vinegar eels (up till now, I've been a microworm guy!) so I need some advice. When you harvest them by putting water in the neck of the bottle and then siphoning the eels out, how long do you let that water sit and collect eels? Few minutes? Few hours? Overnight?
  8. Is there a way to start vinegar eels without a starter culture?
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