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  1. They are pretty small but I did notice them eating BBS, dime is under the plastic container I have them in lol
  2. Well they have been eating BBS just fine
  3. Just got some killi eggs off aquabid. They hatched a hour later. Anybody has advice or any experience with them? Wish me luck 🤞
  4. Oh no the die off of the hydra shrimp are all fine and but was surprised none of the pond snails died. Lol sorry I didn't really explain.
  5. Treat my 5 gal on the second day notice slot of die off I don't think I dosed it right and it was because I was wait for the response so I said screw it. Anyway I do have a lot of baby pond snail in that tank and haven't seen them die off
  6. So dilute it in 100 mg of water or 100ml ?
  7. Thanks for the info, I've had hydra in my main tank but I had introduced sparkling gouramis to it they took care of it but they killed the few shrimp I had in there and I don't want to move all my shrimp out and move the gourami's.
  8. I herd that it's both shrimp and fish safe
  9. How much fenbendazole do you use to treat a 5 gallon tank?
  10. Plants keep get mulm build up any ideas how to control it?
  11. Okay what my buddy replied with was that it was a stray in a abandoned nursing tank. It was mal nourished before it was found in there and is gonna be 2 years old but hardly grew. Eats normaly with omega one chiclid flakes
  12. Not my fish it's a buddies and he asked me why his convict look like this? But I don't know anything about chiclids, I've never kept them. Can some on help educate us lol
  13. Josh333

    Pea puffer

    I'm just curious if there is any pea puffers that look like this? He seems fine, eats and acts like normal. I do have 4 other puffers and they eat fine and I did quarantine and medicate them when I first got them
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