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  1. Looks great! I never built anything in my life until I watched a loT of YouTube and built a diy stand with my brothers help. Started getting yard sale tools and my brothers hand me down tools as he upgraded. That was 2019. Gave me confidence to try and learn some skills on YouTube. Built a deck last year. Built more stands. Laid hardwood in a few rooms. Replaced all the baseboards and crown molding. Built a rabbit hutch. Girlfriend has lined up numerous Pinterest projects for me and I find it enjoying to listen to the aquarium coop podcast and build things now. YouTube is awesome! Lol. And I watched all kinds of videos from coop, steenfott, And Bentley pascal when I got back into The hobby a few years ago and really wanted to get into plants. They helped me navigate that. I’m no aquascaper but I have managed to keep a lot of low maintenance plants alive.
  2. If it were me by the dimensions of your tank I would do like 6-8 angels a school of 30-40 bigger body tetras like black phantom 20-30 Cory cats Apistos- stocking dependent on your choice. If something like cacatuoides you could do like 1-2 males and 4-6 females.
  3. Looks good!!! Same here. Thanks to forums and YouTube I pulled the sword leaf my angels spawned on and got the eggs to hatch. Didn’t have any methelyne blue so most fungused but I was able to get 14 little guys to free swimming and been feeding bbs. They are 3 weeks old and I can start to see them almost taking angel shape but I only count 10 now. It’s all good for me bc I have 2 very lightly stocked 55’s that I’m going to split them to.
  4. The glass might not break but I would be worried about the seals
  5. I personally don’t have any acrylic but I looked into one (too expensive for me) when I was thinking of a big tank (not going to carry heavy glass into my basement). I ended up with a 75 glass bc it was $200 instead of $750 and I can manage. Want a 6ft 125 but not going glass and acrylic is like $1000. anyways....I was pricing different diy stands and watching videos and the acrylic in all videos had a plywood bottom
  6. I think you are supposed to support the whole bottom. Maybe a metal stand and a piece of 1/2 in plywood cut to size and some sort of leveling pad on that???
  7. Thanks everyone. I also maybe forgot to mention I do have a 100w heater I can put in there in winter to keep it mid 60s if needed. I just didn’t know if there was a Cory that could go all the way down to 60 for a few months that would not make me even have to mess with Checking temps. also might keep it upstairs if the mrs will let me. We usually keep heat at 66-67 in winter and ac at 75-76 in summer. Keep telling her I can build a nice stand for the living room and have a planted jungle to look at with shrimps and fish
  8. Might do a 29 unheated tank would be in the basement, in winter the water gets down to about 60 in summer it’s more like 68-70 (I age water in buckets which is why I know temps). I was thinking maybe some cory cats and red cherry shrimp. Suggestions on cories that would be fine 4-5 months being at 60? would there be a smaller schooling fish that would be upper level of aquarium without eating all the shrimp? Something like White Cloud Mountain minnows?
  9. Back in the day I put two smaller ones on my 55 gallon to have the same filtration as a bigger one without a bunch of flow
  10. I have had angels and really never thought they were that great until I started getting into live plants. Having a pair in my 75 planted with a school of 15 red eye tetras going In and out of the Val and the large centerpiece angels just slowly swimming around, it’s very peaceful to watch. Also in that community are some apistos that appear and disappear in the crypts and swords
  11. I have some fry from orange flash and fry from platinum double red. What will happen if I mix males and females to grow up and spawn, could I get the orange fins with platinum body? Attached is what the orange flash looks like (didn’t have a pic on my camera roll) and the parent platinums I have.
  12. For me it is apisto cacatuoides. Only ever did livebearers and always liked dwarf cichlids and had Bolivians but never had any breeding. Decided to give apisto a shot and ordered a pair. A few weeks later they spawned and I tried first bites but they didn’t live. I waited a few weeks, fed mosquito larvae out of my outdoor pond and did a few 15% water changes with slightly cooler water and boom, they spawned again. This time I was prepared with bbs and they have now grown to be placed in other community tanks. I have a pair of orange flash and a pair of platinum reds who both spawned within a week. I have a 10 gallon with a male orange flash and female platinum and a 55 gallon with 2 male platinum and 6 female orange flash to see what the next generation will bring
  13. My ph is about 7.6-7.8 and I have two breeding pair of cacatuoides. Orange flash and platinum double red. Both spawned within a few weeks of ordering them. I got them from aquatic arts
  14. I have some rainbows but they destroy plants which makes me sad. I like a good planted tank and their tank looks bad since I can’t keep anything but floating plants. They do however eat duckweed so I like to scoop it out of other tanks and they eat it all up. For breeding, I got them to intend on breeding but after them not being plant friendly I put a bristlenose with them and he takes care of the eggs. I do like them but don’t want them in other tanks bc all my other tanks are planted. Tried to get a medium cichlid that was chill and they were it but hindsight I wish I would have went with another type of apisto
  15. Seems like that would be really cool. Perhaps maybe a larger tube? I am sure angels body folding the fins would be able to swim through (if that’s what you’re going for) but it would be bad for one to get stuck once it gets full grown
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