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  1. Hi! Is it okay to treat with salt and API erythromycin at the same time? Or try one for the full treatment and then the other? For salt, what kind? Epsom? Aquarium Salt or Marine Salt? How much? 1 tablespoon per 10 gals? And do you water change out the salt?
  2. Hi, im planning to drill my freshwater 40 breeder and plumb in a 20 high sump. I’ve only ever used HOB filters so I’m a sump newbie and a plumbing newbie really. does anyone know of a good video, website, blog, diagram or something that would show me what exact Plumbing equipment I’ll need? There is so much online but mainly focuses on saltwater set ups with overflow boxes, not drilling the actual back pane of glass. thank you in advance,
  3. I've not heard of faux barn wood. Local lumber or hardwood stores carry it?
  4. Wow! thanks for all of the information!!!! I wanted to stick with wood because all of my other stands are wood, but they are just thrown together hot messes honestly. Not pretty, are definitely sturdy. Thanks so much for the input!
  5. Hello, I have a 40 gallon breeder and I want to add a sump underneath. I'm trying to decide the best/ easiest/ and pros and cons of different methods. I don't really have the skill to drill the back panel but I can probably beg someone to do it for me or do it very carefully. I've also watched numerous videos of drilling tanks and plumbing and overflows you can buy and DIY instead of drilling. Any suggestions? tips? I've watched numerous videos on youtube and just cant decide what is best for me. I know that marine depot sells some, but those seem to all be geared towards reef tanks. This is a freshwater tank by the way.
  6. Mostly, I just want a wooden stand that looks more sleek and cleaner than the average 2X4 from home depot. Any other wood suggestion?
  7. Hello All! Has anyone built a fish tank stand using Douglas Fir S4S Mixed Grain Board instead of 2x4's. Is it strong enough to hold a 40 gallon breeder (450 lbs w/ water) and 20 gallon (225 lbs w/ water) sump on the bottom? I've built stands with standard 2x4's but not the Douglas Fir Mixed grain boards.
  8. Not aquarium themed, but because Cory always references his tiny chihuahua gang! 🙂
  9. Hi! Does anyone know if a school (6-8) of red neon blue eyed rainbow fish would be okay in a 20 gal with 8 male endlers and 6 Cory cats? Lightly planted. My endlers are very active. I’m not finding much consistency online. thank you in advance!!
  10. Cory, I picked up some regular Maracyn. Should I follow directions on the back of the box? Or do you have different, more effective instruction? Box instructions say to add 1 packet per 10 gallons 5 days in a row, but doesn’t say anything about water changes? I know I’ve done water changes in the past using antibiotics maybe I’ve been using them wrong? Hence the fin rot issues returning. Didn’t the website used to have your instructions for use? If they differed. back of the box directions: Add the contents of one package per 10 gallons of water and repeat every 24 hours for 5 days. Repeat this 5 day treatment only once if needed.
  11. fin rot help please friends! I have some Fritz Mardel Maracyn II on hand (not the type that’s part of the med trio suggested by the coop- I think that’s regular Maracyn). Anyone have experience with this product curing fin rot? Is it ok to use this instead? If so, should I dose the same as suggested by aquarium coop or follow instructions on the box? My betta is in a 20 gallon community tank. He used to be “fine” (no fin issues) for 3 years but the last 6 months he’s having fin rot issues. I keep the tank clean (regular water changes, always 20ppm nitrate, 0 ammonia or nitrite, temp is 79, lots of plants (stem, floating, and bulb). I have endlers and Cory cats with him. Running a sponge filter. Something is stressing him out I guess? I would suspect the Endlers, but I never see him chasing them or the corys. I have a quarantine tank but have no space for a permanent tank for just him to be moved to. thank you for any advice!!
  12. Hi Stephen, I also live in southeast Louisiana and have personally experienced returning home from a week long evacuation and realizing I had made gumbo in my fish tank. So terrible! I don’t have the $$ for a giant generator, but I was able to snag a smaller one from Home Depot last year. It can only run a few things at once- but definitely enough for my tanks. When my power went out back in July, I was able to just run a chord out of a tiny gap in my window to the generator and my fish all survived. I also have a tiny window a/c that I was able to also connect to the generator to keep the tanks (and myself) under 85 degrees during the day. That’s not really a fix if you were to evacuate, but if you’re staying home during the power outage, this has worked for me.
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