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  1. Bc Cory loves pineapple on pizza!
  2. Yes! I’ve tried a couple times to keep cardinals, but they always die!! My LFS refunded me once, but not the second time (Bc it was 3+ days) which was frustrating. They are so pretty! I think I’ll be trying the white clouds or danios!
  3. Thanks! I wonder if those condo tetras would be too much for my apisto. My apisto is likely to mess with them a little bit, he’s very territorial.
  4. Hello All, I’m swapping some fish around my tanks and I’m looking for some mid/top level fish for my 29 gal. They will need to live with my Kuhli loaches and Apisto (he’s been in there about 4 years- they need to get along with him). I have very very hard water. temp 79/80 usually. PH- 6.8-7.2 Not looking for guppies or endlers (I have another display tank filled with them). I wanted cardinal tetras originally, I’ve purchased groups twice now and had them all die in quarantine on the 1st or 2nd day. So I’ve basically given up on them. Does anyone have tips on keeping cardinals in hard warmer water? thanks in advance! Just looking for inspiration/information.
  5. I do have sand, but like a very very small layer. Maybe an inch at the most. I guess it’s because I’ve had the tank set up for about a year but never lifted that rock? did I mess anything up removing it?
  6. I was cleaning my tank today, picked up one of my dragon stones and noticed it was black on the bottom.it’s not slimy. I had to scrub to get it off anyone know what that is? Harmful? Photo is attached. thank you in advance!
  7. Awesome! I didn’t know the thing about the 1st hour, but I was wondering that! I have a group of 15 rainbows- different ages but all less than a year old for sure, do you know how old they need to be before they start spawning. most don’t have much color yet, just kinda light light light orange and yellow.
  8. Well, I purchased the Ziss breeder box, I figured I would put the eggs in there when I get them from my spawning mop. Then let them hatch out in there. Then move maybe move them to this 2.5 gallon tank I have with a tiny sponge filter for easy water changes. For food- I was planning to use the Hikari first bites, baby brine, frozen cyclops, repashy (not “cooked”) and maybe some super crushed flake food. this is what I do for my endler fry. But I’ve never dealt with eggs. do you think that’s an okay idea?
  9. Hello- I am looking for tips on breeding the red neon blue eyed rainbowfish (pseudomoguil Luminatus). I was lucky and was able to catch Cory on a stream and got some guidance on breeding these fish, but I still have a couple questions. I’m a breeding newbie! I have a spawning mop to catch eggs and have a plan for where to keep the fry once they hatch, but does anyone know what’s best to do with the eggs until they hatch? Do they need to be tumbled, in for example the egg tumbler Aquarium coop sells? Or are they fine to just sit in a tray with no water movement? or should they be in a small aquarium with an airstone? Do I need to add methylene blue? Any ideas on how much of so? do I need to do water changes for whatever I’m keeping the eggs in?? thank you everyone!
  10. Are you referring to Seachem’s Alkaline Buffer? My local fish store suggested that. Anyone have experience using Alkaline Buffer.
  11. Can you explain the breeder box/airline idea to me?
  12. hello! im having KH/PH issues—- I’m not a newbie, but new house with new tap water is blowing my mind!!! I have very low KH from my tap but very hard water (hardest readable on test strips)and PH at about 7.0 depending on the day. I’ve been getting PH swings throughout the day that I’ve been tracking for 3 weeks. My ph is swinging from 6.5 to 7.6 throughout the day most days (starting 3 days after water change) Yikes! I’m thinking I must need more KH- but how can I get it? water changes are only lasting me about 1-2 days, then I’m readying nearly 0 KH in my tank. So I guess a water change won’t be my best bet. Crushed Coral? Seachem’s Equilibrium? I have 1 lb of crushed coral currently mixed into my gravel, but should I use more? No room in my filter to add it, unless I toss one of my 2 sponges out (AC50) this is happening in my 29 gallon. any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Is “too many plants” a thing? I overheard a worker at my LFS tell another customer that having too many plants, but not running C02, can be detrimental to the fish because the plants will use up all of the oxygen when the lights are off. Any truth to that? Would they use enough oxygen to really affect the fish?
  14. Anyone have experience buying fish online from Company X? they currently have a fish I’ve been looking for in stock, but google is giving me lots of mixed reviews. Opinions?
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