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  1. I can't eather so I'm gonna be thier super early to get my badges and vip tickets
  2. Who is all going to be at aquashella tomorrow
  3. I have a 20 gallon set up with cherry shrimp and some amono shrimp with my puffers as long as thier are snails for the puffers to hunt they don't bother my shrimp, but I'm pretty sure they get a shrimplet from time to time
  4. First Gen from wild caught parents
  5. My new F-1s long road ahead but I'm excited again about the hobby any info would be appreciated
  6. Oh he is definitely a male but you may be right they was purchased about two months ago about dime sized I've been feeding black worms mosquito larvae bloodworms as well as live bbs. The female was definitely ready to lay swollen belly extended breeding tube but today she is back to normal so im assuming they ate the eggs
  7. Yeah all my anubias grows like weeds supposed to be slow growing but I get an inch a month lol
  8. Hello I currently have 3 gbrs in a 30 gallon flex heavily planted with a mixture of florite sand and flourish. These 3 are very active and the male can't seem to make up his mind who he wants to breed with the females have thier breeding tube extended and have cleaned every rock and dug pits all over the tank. But when it comes down to the buesness the two females start going at it for what I'm assuming is breeding rights. I do have line of sight blocks for them but they never really breed after the bickering starts with the femals. Would it be better if I take one female out so they could complete the task or just let them be?
  9. Hello I've recently got some great specimens of German blue rams 1 male and 3 females. The tank is perfect for them in every way planted really well good substrate, good filtration, botanicals, driftwood,and almond leaves. Well my thing is they started making pits to start laying eggs after feeding the tank with live baby brineshrimp for two days ( thanks Dean and Cory) but now I'm paranoid because I have a unnumberable amount of Malaysian trumpet snails living in the substrate and they come out in droves when food is in the tank. So will they eat my GBRS eggs before they can hatch? The rams eat at them all the time but I'm thinking thier is just too many for them to not be overwhelmed. So is this a genuine concern or not? Thanks for all the help
  10. It was planted it the stratum sand was a small bit for ascetic reasons but just a smallayer in the front that the amono shrimp had a ball covering up im going with a dwarf type of sword it has roots no rysome. I'm going to replant it and see
  11. The white powdery stuff was a small cap of sand that got covered and as far as root tabs its a 5 gallon aquarium so I put 1 every two inches under 2 inches of stratum I use the flourish root tabs
  12. Yes I feed easy green and I also have root tabs as well a fluval stratum but as soon as I planted the roots it started melting away and as soon as I placed it on the lava rock it came back
  13. I've had this plant for a year and at first had it planted in substrate but almost died kind of glued it to a piece of lava rock and it started to grow back rather well never got the name as it was a gift so im trying to figure how big it will get currently in a 5 gallon nano thanks all
  14. Found this in one of my planted tanks eating my Hygrophila Angustifolia only one I see I live in the USA and can't find anything on Google
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