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Found 25 results

  1. I had 2 nano sponge filters going in my planted shrimp tank. They got covered in black beard algae. I also had a big problem with planaria, which were feeding off the filters (and everything else). I removed the sponge filters, but would like to use them again in another shrimp set up. How can I prevent black beard algae on other sponge filters?
  2. My 20g long has a Finnex Stingray on for 6 hours per day. The tank sits on a bar between two rooms and there are three incandescent pendant lights hanging over the bar. These pendants are on all day for reasons unrelated to my tank. When plant shopping, should I consider this a medium or high light setup? (I'm assuming it's not low light because that's what I considered the incandescents alone when they were growing my betta's plants.)
  3. Hi all! I wasn't sure where to post these questions, sorry about that. I want to start aquascaping my fish tanks, I feel like I'd enjoy them more. I don't want to spend a fortune on more substrate, rocks, or plants so does anybody know a place cheap for those? I am only scared about the fact that if a fish dies I won't see it and it will pollute the tank. Does anyone know how to aquascape? What kind of plants do you grow and what looks the best.
  4. Just got home and noticed a whole bunch of bubbles.
  5. I just got my delivery of several plants from Aquariumcoop. I have an established tank with fish but nothing planted yet. My hardscape rocks haven’t been delivered yet so I’m not ready to plant as not sure of placement. A few questions. 1. Can I leave the plants in the bags for a few days until I’m ready to plant? Can I leave them in the pots and put in my tank until ready? Will being in the pot affect the water? How long before they establish roots and are difficult to move? 2. How do I prep before adding to tank? Do they need a bleach bath? Do I just rinse them? Thanks for helping the newbie.
  6. Hi all I live in the seattle area, its really starting to heat up here I dont have AC and cant find any. I have a 29 gallon that is my main concern. All of my fish in there are tropical but the temperature is around that 79-82 mark throughout the day. I have covered the aquarium turned off the led light and removed the heater it seems to be helping some. But my main concern is that for the last several days the temp outside has been below 92 but today its supposed to get up to 104. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone! I have been keeping fish for a while, but I am still quite a newbie when it comes to aquarium plants. I ordered two plants from the Aquarium Co-Op website, Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green and Jungle Vallisneria. (I picked these two because it said on the site they are easy to care for) They both came in pots, which I expected, but now that I have them I am not sure if they are supposed to stay in the pot or if they should be removed and planted directly in the substrate? And if they should be removed, is there a specific process to go though to get them planted? Also, are you supposed to use both liquid fertilizer (like Easy Green) AND root tabs, or only one or the other? For reference, my aquarium has plain gravel and low-medium light. Any advice is much appreciated!
  8. I have breeding for profit tank with tons of cherry shrimp and tons of plants and it is hard to catch them any suggestions to make it easier.
  9. So I know it has been said Bettas are "1 single male" tanks or "1 single female maybe a sorority in a larger, planted set up". I have seen community tanks with a single male Betta or a single female Betta with other compatible tank mates. I am wondering if I should try. My tank is well planted, 16 gallons, is going to have snails, a few neo shrimp, panda corydoras, and a couple otos. Do you think it is a good idea to try and put a Koi Plakat female/male in with this selection? I know it is an individual by individual basis and depends a lot on the temperament of the Betta but was interested to see if it is a good idea.
  10. So I have a buddy and I have started breeding a few live bearers and we have a few people who are intrested in purchasing them but we have never shipped fish before. We are having a small issue when trying to locate info. Where can we get sheets of styrofoam to line the boxes we tried amazon but still feel like we could get it cheaper and higher pack counts then 10pc of 2x2 for $48 Also what kind of shipping should we try to do if shipping through ups. Not sure if there is a special live animal shipping or would the standard over night shipping be good enough? We want to make sure fish stay as safe as possible.
  11. Hi guys! I'm British, live in Greece and reside in Newbiesville! I'm here because I'm in dire need of guidance. Long story short. I have basically killed 4 fancy goldfish: Emo, Elmo, Mr.Poopy and Manuel (not all at once) in the same tank. When I got my fish, the pet shop guy didn't tell me about cycling my tank or anything when I asked him what I needed to do. When my first 2 fish died (one after the other) I searched and found out about New tank syndrome and the cycle, started doing an in fish cycle, but could never get rid of the nitrites, it kind of stalled. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrates, sky high nitrites. Water changes, Prime, stability etc etc. So here I am with this 25 litre, empty tank. (yes, I know it's too small for 2 fish now!) My plan is to buy a bigger tank between 70 and 100 litres (depending on my husbands mood!) and have some small fish like neons,, rasporas etc I was wondering if I could keep this tank going and try to manage to cycle it, so when I get my new tank I can use the filter-sponge from the old one in the new tank? I don't have any bio material. Should I get some? But what should I do to get my cycle in shape? Thank you, I really don't want to give up!
  12. I Would like to breed my apistos in a separate breeding tank but all I have is a 5.5 gallon can I keep them in there for 1-2 months at most. Their eggs are getting eaten by the other fish. If I can't do that could I put the rams that are bullying them in the 5 gallon and have them breed?
  13. Hi everybody! I have had the rare opportunity from somebody to get 4 aldofi or 4 snow white corydoras. I don't know which ones I should choose. They both are really cool and rare cories but I am trying to sell them in the future if I can potentially breed them. Which cory should I pick? Also, does anyone have any advice on how to breed corydoras in a community tank or just how to breed them in general?
  14. how many fish can I add to my 20G high tank after its been cycled, and wish kind its best for beginner tank.
  15. Are Hillstream’s active at night? Trying to make sure these guys eat enough. Also Will they feed on vegetables?
  16. I started keeping fish 6 months ago and have never quarantined I buy fish from petco petsmart and my local fish store. However I take precautions. Like only buying healthy looking active fish in tanks with no sick fish. I also always add aquarium salt whenever i do a water change and I have started running the uv filter for a few days whenever i add new fish. So my question is is this a viable alternative to quarantining? I know it wont help with any internal parasites. Have I just been lucky? Any thoughts or advice associated.
  17. I am having multiple issues I need help with. I have somehow knocked my tank out of the nitrogen cycle trying to fix my plants. 55gallon tank water parameters: temp:75 PH: 7 ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 2ppm Nitrate: 5ppm GH: 4 degrees KH: 4 degrees I have a FluvalSmart 3.0 (using Bentley’s basic settings) which I decreased the by 50% on Monday - water is a green/brown. Using Easy green liquid and root tabs. My fish and snails seem to be doing ok. I have also done a 20%water change twice this week. (3 days apart). I know I have several issues, I’m just not sure where to start. what I think are my issues: nitrites too high staghorn algae algae growing on leaves of the plants low Manganese for Tiger Lilly low magnesium for Java fern light is too much or not enough This is my first planted tank and I am failing miserably.
  18. Hi all, I am an absolute novice at this hobby. I have had my tank running for 5 days now. I added Fritzyme 7 to the tank and added some fish food in hopes to get things moving. I received my test kit today (thanks aquarium co-op!) and tested my water and there is absolutely nothing going on here. Is fish food not going to be enough to get things moving? Should I be adding a couple fish and just test frequently and change water often? And then add more fish when it has been fully cycled? Thank you everyone for the advice.
  19. I recently purchased plants from aquarium co-op and wanted to know the best method for dipping plants before I put them in my aquarium. Details would be appreciated
  20. Ok, so I have never shipped fish, and until this year I have never even considered shipping a live anything in the mail. I find I enjoy breeding them though, sooo...Not trying to make a million, just need to make space and break even on food and shipping costs. For those of you who have or do ship, a few questions... Is it worth it? Cost and failure rate to ROI? What are the most stress free methods? The most cost effective? Are those the same? Packing tips?
  21. so it occurred to me I haven't thought about what I need to do to setup for a 20g quarantine tank, heater? filter? sponge or Hob? etc. and what meds I should have on hand? if there's something I haven't asked please advise
  22. Supposedly a "balanced tank" minimizes algae growth, but what is balance and how does it work? I get the impression that balanced conditions is defined by "optimal growth conditions for your plants, but not algae." But that doesn't really help me understand how to get there. Plants grow optimally, I assume, when all nutrients are present in sufficient amounts to be utilized by the plant. If all nutrients are present can't algae grow too? Do algae need unusually high levels of some specific nutrients? I've seen several of cory's videos and live chats mentioning this topic but I don't feel any actually address my question. Or at least I don't understand if they are explaining it.
  23. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having snails (the ones that come in with live plants? I know they multiply like crazy. How do I get rid of them? I want to keep it at just the Nerite Snails that don't breed in freshwater.
  24. So I am starting a new tank and my plants should arrive from aquarium coop in a few hours. I am wondering if there is a possibility that there will be snails on the plants? I do not want them and will take precautions if necessary. Thanks for a heads up!
  25. I’m new to the planted tanks, I’m question is : when a plant has the rockwool , do you simply get that clump of roots and rockwool and plant it into the gravel? Or do you remove the roots and plants without the rockwool, and plant wherever you want ? Thanks everyone,, Terry
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