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  1. I think I just won't breed them. I don't know if it is even a male female pair I just got 2.
  2. One of my angelfish has bent pectoral and dorsal fins. I have a couple questions about this. Is this bad for the fish or just cosmetic. Can it go away. Should I try to not breed this fish if it is genetic. It is a koi angel if that means anything and is about the size of a 50 cent coin.
  3. Thats a good idea, thanks. Is there a certain kind of plastic you need for it to not leach into the water or are they all safe.
  4. It is a cacatuodides orange flash the 5.5 has been cycled. They are currently in a 40 breeder.
  5. I Would like to breed my apistos in a separate breeding tank but all I have is a 5.5 gallon can I keep them in there for 1-2 months at most. Their eggs are getting eaten by the other fish. If I can't do that could I put the rams that are bullying them in the 5 gallon and have them breed?
  6. Add cuttlebone I have one in all of my shrimp tanks and they last over a year and have never had a molting problem I also have a water softener so I have to add calcium.
  7. The fry should be fine if you're tank is mature I have left fry for 2 weeks without food and they survived off algae and cyclops. I don't know why you can't feed them while dosing I feed my fish anyways.
  8. I have these suction cups that smell like plastic and I am worried that they might leach something into the water that wouldn't be safe for my shrimp.
  9. do you think some babies will survive to grow the population and I was going to get neocaridina shrimp so the eggs getting eaten will not be a problem do you have any experience with them eating shrimpletts.
  10. I have heard lots of mixed things about celestial pearl danios aka galaxy rasboras with shrimp. I have mostly heard they will kill every shrimp they see one person said it decimated their colony of 40 shrimp to 3. I have also heard of lots of people keeping platys with shrimp and I don't see how that could possibly be better when platys get 3 inches and CPDs get 1. Could it be a aggression thing maybe? . Do you think it would be ok in a densely planted tank? If not what are other substitutes I was thinking maybe kubotai or chili rasboras.
  11. The general stocking rule for pea puffers is 5 gallons for your first puffer and 3 additional gallons for each puffer. I have 2 in a 10 gallon and 1 in a 5 gallon.
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