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Fry day Friday - Show Us Photos of your Baby Fish


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Did a tank upgrade last weekend. Found these lil ones 2 days later when I went to finish cleaning out old tanks and dumping the used water buckets in the yard. They survived the hose of doom. Now I am tasked with waiting till they grow to figure out what these are - flagfish or rainbows? Picture is in the 20 gallon. Can't get a good picture of the dirty water buckets I found fry in. Water came from the 10 gallon. So are those cherry barbs or white clouds? I did find 1 flagfish fry in the 20 gallon big enough to tell it's a flagfish. A female too. Put her in the new 75 gallon and she's doing swimmingly.





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12 minutes ago, Ruud said:

Somehow I used all my likes for today (after 1 like at 9 this morning local time???) but anyway, really like this thread! Some lovely babies and moms out there!

The likes run on their own clock cycle. Give it a few hours and more likes will become available. I sometimes run out likes in the morning and then suddenly in the afternoon they come back.

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