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  1. This is an amazing job. I am super impressed and wish I had done more reading on the current state of the aquarium hobby before input together my new aquarium build. Oh we'll just means at some point I'll be able to redo it 🙂
  2. I know loaches are known to eat snails. Does this include mystery snails?
  3. That's a pretty hard question to answer for every situation. If your local water has all the trace minerals the plants need and your fish are making enough nitrates I'd say no. That being said that's kinda like a bit of a hard mark to hit. I feel without ferts u will always be a building block short. This will give algae an advantage cause it can use a wide variety of things as food. It only needs one nutrient where a full on plant will be waiting on 3-5 to be present at once.
  4. I currently run several planted tanks and constantly seem to have above the desired Nitrate. I run around 80-120 PPM. I can obviously water change it off and do but I feel I am kinda wasting my ferts by reducing the Nitrates only to redose. I am under the opinion that just because the nitrates is high the other building blocks the plants need can be low. What id love to do is get nitrates consumed so that when I go to add more I dont need to change out 40% of my tank to be able to put a squirt or 2 in. I run mostly Anachris, Swords,Frogbit and Crypts. Does anyone know of some nitrate hogs I could add in?
  5. From what I've seen bettas often live in glass bowls with no air or heat. I feel that if your house is kept comfortable for humans the betta would probably be fine. Second thought adding a light and filter would even keep it a degree or two warmer than the room so that might be a factor too
  6. I have used them and have never noticed and effect on my bacteria
  7. So I believe they may live slightly longer. However, I know a lot of disease is more common at cooler temps. I have always kept the few bettas I had at 78 and only had one cause of fin rot brought on by fouled water. I do keep my bettas in community tanks though and with a slight but of salt. 1 tablespoon per 5 usually.
  8. I currently keep a strain of White Cloud Minnows that is said to be extinct in the wild. I also know that the Chattanooga Aquarium is currently doing a program to breed some endangered species atm.
  9. I wasn't aware they where mixing I had read a lot that discouraged mixing the breeds 🤔. But that being said I always thought the snakeskin/cobras had endler patterns so it makes sense.
  10. I think a third dose would be a good idea. I think it is really on the mend though and is looking good. Glad you could nurse it back to health. I try very hard to save every fish. Its so rewarding to me to bring one back from the brink and see it have long and happy life. I believe you will be very well prepared on your next fish adventure 🙂
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