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  1. I use black spray paint on all my tanks.
  2. I run both flourite and eco complete. Perfer eco complete.
  3. What makes you believe it's not cycling? With those plants they could be consuming the results of ur cycle
  4. How's the cycling going? I have good luck with aquahuna fishies
  5. I'm attempting my first carpeting plant. I elected to go with dwarf chain sword since it was the only one not listed with slow growth and or high light. I am doing my first go at co2 buy in was about 225 bucks and I've noticed my plants especially my octopus growing like crazy. The chain sword seems to be still getting use to its new home.
  6. I had mine hatch around 24-36 first time 2 days ago!
  7. Are you cleaning your media? Can you get access to a dirty filter from a seasoned tank?
  8. I got the Ziss bbs hatch from the coop. Does anyone know of a USB heater to pair with the USB air pump to make it only 1 plug in? I have been browsing the amazon for a device but coming up blank.
  9. I think it's definitely doable. I would have a secondary tank to move fish to if it goes sideways though.
  10. I was considering orange cherries since I already have a few hundred red lol. A single male betta had def crossed my mind as well. I'm leaning towards it . The snails I was afraid since it's rimless and lid less they might go on a adventure. But I'm planning on having at least a snail.
  11. I have never seen a male with any pink on the belly. Also my male is way longer than.
  12. The interwebs when I got mine suggest 30 gallon per as a rule of thumb so I think u could make it work. And yes they are known to be escape artist and to swim in inlets.
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