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  1. WOW this is amazing. Makes me wanna take a stroll down that path and look at all the wonders. Great job your making me jelly.
  2. Just had what I believe is my first set of kribensis fry. Not 100% sure but sure seems to be. Mama krib chases off all other fish and they stay near her!
  3. I believe he will eat some of them. If you have a lot of cover it should be fine. I suspect it will only be young ones.
  4. The longer you wait to introduce shrimp to a tank the better up to about 6 months. I read that @Penny had planned on adding shrimp to hers when it ages. Since it's her first go at that them too I'm excited to she how that goes.
  5. I have had the experience of it being awkward. Stores either want to give me like a nickel per guppy or store credit only. I have sold about 50 fish so far and it's all been for store credit.
  6. Shrimp don't lay eggs really to my knowledge. They tote em on their bodies. That being said the shrimplets are tiny and near see through for quite some time.
  7. No two cinder blocks are exactly the aame. I have been around masonry my entire life due to my dad being a life long mason. They can vary up to 1/8 inch and def not be square. You could put lines exactly one up the tank on all the cornors and adjust the tank till it's level and matching all the marks.
  8. I use to keep a common pleco in a 30 gallon tank...... With a Oscar and rainbow shark. I cringe thinking back on my 16 year old fish keeping self....
  9. I don't think this is possible. Is taking a water sample to the lfs a option?
  10. So I'm thinking I'd start with reducing feeding to a minimum. Then I'd search high a low for a corpse or a fish or snail or something. The rotten eggs smell is likely a anaerobic bacteria pocket. It comes from oxygen starved water staying in place in the substrate. The pockets being disturbed can be dangerous to fish. How often are you vacuuming the substrate?
  11. I'm leaning towards starting with high fin panda to start with. They seem to be reasonable price and I like em. Green or orange laser are my favorite but like mentioned they are spendy
  12. I suspect that some may even be present in the water from the tap. No water is 100% bacteria clean to my knowledge.
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