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Heating my 75 gallon severum breeding tank

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I have a 75 gallon tank I'm going to be using for the sole purpose of breeding some severums in. Currently I don't have a heater I think will bring the temp up to what I have read is ideal breeding temp of 82. I'm looking at a few options and wanted everyone's advice. I keep the house around 71. So 11 degree difference with a decently snug glass lid. Will be running low light and it has a cannister filter and circulation pump. I'm wondering if 2 co-op heaters would be sufficient?

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I use two coop heaters on my 75. I keep it 7 degrees over the daytime house temp and 13 over the nighttime house temp with no problems. Snug-ish lid.

Edit - One actually did fine for this for a month or so while I was using the other in a QT tank as well.

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