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Found 19 results

  1. I have been seasoning my 3.5gallon for a little while now, and tonight I was stopped to look at it for a second. I'm pretty sure I saw Cyclops and planaria in the tank. I didn't put them there on purpose. Where could they have come from?
  2. Hi everyone, Two nights ago I saw a weird worm like creature on my driftwood. I did some research and thought maybe it was planaria. The next day, knowing what characteristics to look for found several more and yes they are definitely planaria. 20 long planted tank and the water changes based on stable water chemistry, I do one about every 2 weeks. I don’t gravel vac much at all to leave the mulm for the plants. so, since I have breeding shrimp in the tank what should I do about the planaria? Thanks so much!
  3. Aqua junky


    I have a Fluval EBT shrimp tank and Ive come down with Planaria. I ordered the No- Planaria. Im struvgling with the math!
  4. Worm outbreak in my cube shrimp tank...Best picture I can get. I don't see markedly pointy heads or crazy eyes... but not sure. They are mostly on substrate and squiggle around in the water...not on the glass. Opinions? Edit...Just put a couple of young male guppies in... hopefully they will eat the worms and leave most of the shrimplets alone.🤞
  5. I have a five gallon pea puffer tank with two nerite snails that's decently planted. I ordered some floating plants off the internet and gave them a thorough salt bath but I suppose it was not enough given the infestation of hydra and planaria in my aquarium. I don't want to nuke the aquarium and start over because I really like the plants that have grown in it. So for now, my current idea is to use No Planaria in the aquarium with my two nerite snails removed in a bowl and just leaving my pea puffer in the aquarium for the duration of the treatment. Is this the best idea, and do you all have any other suggestions? Thank you! P.S. what are the chances of hydra and planaria hitch hiking back into my aquarium on my nerite snails, and how can I prevent this?
  6. Hi, so this is my first time getting a planted aquarium, and I was wondering weather or not this sort of "patch" on the glass is normal? There isn't any flow Also could this "worm" next to the snail eggs be a flatworm or planaria? Thanks!
  7. So I have a group of floaters that have been in quarantine for over a month. About to add them to the tank- surprise! Planaria. Must've been eggs on the plants as I didn't see any at first and the planaria are very tiny. Some too small to even see the eyes on. I added alum to the quarantine container for 3 days and then moved the plants to a new container with fresh water. I'm waiting to see if I spot any living planaria left in the original container (or any in the new one.) I did not submerge the floaters completely as I'm guessing that would kill all of them. I'm hoping that any part of the plant that's above the water is safe- I'm guessing planaria eggs can't survive on a dry surface? My logic was if any planaria was up there, it must go back into the treated water right? I'm hoping the alum took care of the eggs and planaria, but the little things creep me out, so I was wondering if anyone can confirm the effectiveness. Should I be safe to add my plants to my tank or should I play it safer and wait a few more weeks?
  8. I was looking at my crayfish because she has eggs and just wondering how they are dying and i noticed there are some small worms on her mouth then u noticed two on the glass I need to know what kind they are what to do!!
  9. Hello all, hopefully this is the right place for my question. I have a friend willing to give me clippings of water sprite, but I know their tank has a planaria problem. Will "disinfecting" the plants in a 10% bleach dip kill planaria? If not, any other suggestions? Is it worth the risk of introducing the planaria to my tank, or should I just be buying my own new batch of water sprite from a seller? Any answers appreciated, thanks!
  10. I have a 75 gallon 6 week old tank. 0 am /0 nitrite/ 25 nitrate/7.6 Ph and it may be on the hard side since it's Chicago water. Temp is 76 degrees. I posted earlier thinking it was fungal or bacterial. I dosed the tank as it were a minor fungal infection seeing the fish were eating and not acting too sick. I did the one treatment of Erythomicin and Ich x one week soak on Tuesday night. Yesterday they seemed to behaving great and eating well still. Today they are eating but a little less lethargic. Now I notice on the their sides what seems to be a white worm. Both have it and it's much clearer now after the med treatment. Contemplating dong Paracleanse but not sure how to incorporate it with what I have done or at what dosages. The worms are tiny and white. That's if they are even worms. That's where you guys come in if you have ever seen this before. From the internet searches they look closest to planaria.
  11. @CoryI think you would know what to do. I just had my first buried cherry shrimp, and now there is a lot of planaria! Are the planaria eating the shrimplets? If so how do I get rid of them out of a tank. The med has to be shrimp, plant, and scale-less fish safe. Thanks
  12. Looks like I have some flat worms (maybe it's planaria) in my newly established tank I have shrimp in my tank as well will fenbendezole work ?
  13. I seem to have planaria bloom in a bare qt tank after introducing a couple bristlenose plecos. Should I worry about transfering these fish into my main planted tank knowing there is planaria in the qt tank?
  14. Just spotted this in my tank what is it do I need to be concerned the little wriggling thing next to the mts
  15. Hello, I was staring at my 20L for awhile today watching the masses of snails do snail things and the cherry shrimp not breed and noticed 2 tiny Planaria and one mid size Planaria they are brown in color and spade shaped heads. Now ive read online how they are tank killers and should be eradicated at all cost and no expense shall be withheld while other people say they arent super harmful. Honestly i have no clue where they came from because no new plants or animals have been introduced to that tank in 6 months. So heres the question i ask you who have vast knowledge of the fish world. Should i eradicated them in fear for my cherry shrimp? (theres so many ramshorn and pond snails and mystery snails and assassin snails in the tank i wouldnt notice if a few of the rams or ponds went missing) Or is this just a part of a balanced ecosystem? If i dont treat will the tank be swarmed with planaria or will the populations stay low and i just pick them out as i see them? Will they attack healthy shrimp? Should i give them names and bring them into the family? I have no clue... I dont care for the look of them but i also dont know if they have any positives to being in the tank as no one writes of positives about them only negatives. I also need to stock the tank with some fish aswell so any ideas would be great. If i should eradicate them what medicine is effective? I dont care if it kills my snail colony ill jsut take some out and house them for awhile in another area then reintroduce them when the time is right.
  16. So I've had my tanks for three weeks now, put some plants in there, and purchased some Olive and Horned Nerite snails. Just now I noticed what look like Planaria? This seems to be my theme for 2020, for the first time ever I have had small thin black land planaria, and the 8 inch long type in my yard. These are tiny. And threadlike. The head end is wider than the tail end but I can't tell if it's triangular or rounded. And they are climbing on my snails. I know the land type kill snails, are my new snails doomed? Should I buy Panacur C, and dose the tanks? After a few good water changes, will I be able to put my nerites back in? I have this feeling there will be a few planaria hitch hiking on the snails as I move them to a new container. Any advice will be appreciated.
  17. I have a brand new 20g long tank, heavily planted and fishless cycled it for 2 weeks. I introduced 5 baby ramshorn snails, as I noticed a lot of protein and biofilm building in the tank, plus all the decaying plants (dwarf saggitaria sheded a lot from transplanting it to the new tank) ...and I just noticed what could be planaria. Two or three tiny tiny worms cruising slowly through the glass... Not entirely sure if they are or not, but they could be, as one of the tanks at my LFS has planaria in it and they might have cross contaminated other tanks, and somehow I might have transfered it to my tank. Yesterday I added one betta and 3 albino corydoras, as I read online, fish most times eat them and keep them under control, also that planaria will thrive if there's overfeeding, which is not my case, however all the waste from the driftwood and plants could be an issue. What are your thoughts?
  18. Pond water is pretty interesting too. I pulled some water out the little pond that receives my aquarium overflow, fed it a piece of squash and filmed the results this morning. It is its own little world with snails, scuds, seed shrimp and planaria. Aquarium water has about the same mix but I think the scuds wouldn't last long in most tanks as they are pretty tasty! The video is 7 minutes long and moves at a snails pace ☺️(there is some action, at about the 3 minute mark, a scud gets on the snail).
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