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  1. Hello Everyone Thanks for all your help. here some answers to the above questions. 1. Tap water Na- Read 0 a few months. Will test again soon. 2. Substrate- Inert Gravel with once month easy green root tabs. 3. CO2 - None 4. Light- Standard white light that came with Topfin 30G kit. Will be changed too. 5. Liquid fert- easy green. None since 4 months. Liquid ferts caused major spike twice before and i dosed just 1 pump. I prefer root tabs since epiphytes do well. 6. The fish show no signs of distress due to this but it is very distressing for me since i cannot find a cause and plants struggle. 7. Feeding- Rotation cycle of blood worms, algae & sinking wafers, zucchini(i can never find any remains so i assume they ate it), Hikari first bites with 1-2 day feeding gap. 8. Floaters are doing amazing but at the expense of blocking light for plants below. Its a weekly cleaning ritual with them. 9. Photo attached. The fry net is no longer there but rest is as is.
  2. @Anjampie Thank you. I will look into this. Good time to start a new routine since I am redoing the tank anyways.
  3. Hello Everyone, I have posted a similar question before but this time i need help in relation to my planted tank. Parameters: 30G with weekly 30-40% water changes. Been running for 8+ months. Moderately heavy planted- Java fern, Crinnum, Ludwigia, Crypt, Some grass like plant i forgot name of, dwarf hairgrass, water lettuce, frogbit,water sprite, amazon sword variant. Ph-Always around 7 Ni-0 Am-0 Na- Always around 40 and higher if water change is delayed or missed. Stock- 2 adults Honey Gouramis, 2 fry HGs, 6 F. Julii Corys, 3 Otos, 2 nerites What I cannot figure out is: 1. I am around 80% stocked as per online calculators. Do I have to rehome anything? 2. Why do my plants struggle so much with absorbing Nitrates? 2. I cannot add ferts as it means having to change water more than twice a week . I put a tab once a month targeting different plant each time. 3. I thought floaters would help but even after extending the photo period the plants under them visibly pale for the lack of light. 4. The Epiphytes do very well hence I don’t tend to put liquid ferts. I am redoing the tank in couple of weeks and would love to set this one for success now that I am more educated about this than the first time. Thank you.
  4. @Koiyes. That’s what I have right now but not enough due to my HOBs power. I have to really really be on top of it to ensure it doesn’t float towards it. I even attach it to a suction cup. Cannot wait for my filter cartridges to be over so i can just add another sponge filter. i have already have one large running along with the HOB. @Seized Yes. But its fairly new. Still establishing. Hopefully it does as it is already growing like crazy.
  5. @Koi Thank you for the detailed answer. Yes my tank is around 6 months old. Oldest plant is a sword. Rest I have slowly added. Hornwort is pretty new. Propagation is a good idea but wanted it to settle first. It is less than a month old. My floater ring does not hold as I like. Got to get creative with it. I will try your other tips and hopefully that works. There was a time when my Nitrates would never go above 20ppm. Thought adding more plants should reduce it even more. Need to figure out fert and algae balance.
  6. Hi Everyone, Wanted to start by saying that I went through the forum to see if I can find anything related to my issue, but couldn’t exactly. Here is my issue: Plants: I have what one would consider moderately planted, if not heavy, 30G. I have swords, water sprite, xmas moss, epiphytes of various kinds, Crinum, Rotala- Green and Red, hornwort. I have also some new plants which are undergoing snail quarantine and will be added this week. That’s a mix of water cabbage, crypt and 2 green plants I forgot ID of. My HOB has destroyed most my water lettuce and only duckweed remains. The airline dam I use barely holds. HOB will go away in few months. Parameters: I am battling High Nitrates despite all this for months. Ph stays around 7, Ammonia and Nitrite always 0. Ammonia may touch the 0.25 sometimes. I do weekly water change. Nitrates stay close to 40-80ppm Fertilizer: I made a mistake of adding 3 root tabs in one go and that drove my Nitrates through the roof. This has been a problem since. Its been more than a month and nothing has helped except water change and that is also temporarily. I also added Easy green liquid for moss once last week but no use. I also add CO2 booster 3 times a week and only 1ml. This is less than recommended. Algae: I was struggling with black beard, hair algae and green dust. Most of which are under control since I did a blackout, taped half of my LEDs. Questions: 1. Clearly my plants are struggling. What am I doing wrong? 2. What can automatically contain my Nitrate apart from water change? 3. Why are they not absorbing Nitrates like they should? 4. Do I need more floaters? Thank you
  7. @Hobbit Thank you. I knew it was worth tagging you. Us Shire folks got to stick together 😀. JK. since you mentioned fin rot, i have to go back and check is DB. I feed them instant baby brine shrimp (got no space for hatchery), hikari first bites. I have tried various crushed regular foods of which they only showed any liking to algae wafers. I will research about fin rot. Will they survive the recommended treatment for it is another question. I am really trying my best with all that find online to raise them. Honestly thought they were out of dying stage. Do you know if at this age their labyrinth organ should be developed? They are in a tank on their own. Bare bottom, a few duckweeds, nothing major. The nitrites were high though. Just changed their water and increased the volume too. Treated with some seachem prime.
  8. @Hobbit Since you have experience, tagging you. Thank you.
  9. Hello First time fry parent here. My 8 weeks old HG fry keep dying. Have had 2 deaths in a week. Water changed twice so far. The first one dead was the smallest one. I thought he was weak and didn’t develop his labyrinth organ properly. The tank has a plastic cover for humidity build up. Today one of the biggest one died. A sponge filter, a small LED, a heater set to 78. Ammonia is not 0 as I feed them quite a few times but change water every 2 days. I have a HOB, is it safe to move them in my main tank? The biggest one is 0.5 inch. I have Corys, Otos, and their HG parent. If it is water quality issue, moving them to main tank is my only option. Will they survive Nitrate of 30ppm? Help appreciated. Thanks.
  10. @Pookies Aquatics Same here. I am raising my first batch and they already look yellow. The pair I got from store was already colorful and still is. Not sure what it means if they are grey.
  11. @MichelleN Yes and they are very slow growers. I see these teenager picks and i look with anticipation at my 5 weeks old of 1st fry batch. Cant wait to see them with the new colors! The second batch though I am going to do best I can. I did put a day old fry from second batch in the 1st batch tank and he is still kicking. That’s one good sign I guess. I only have a single pair. Not adding anymore for sure.
  12. @Hobbit Thanks. It does help knowing I am not committing a heinous crime by not able to care for all the fry that come out. I will follow your tips and do the best I can.
  13. Hello I am less than 3 months old in this hobby and my HG has laid second batch of eggs and now I have fry. I still 5 weeks in taking care of the first batch and it is a makeshift habitat and can’t really expand in my current living situation. Maybe sometime in future I can make arrangements for this but not anytime soon. My question is do they breed this often? I am not conditioning them like videos say to promote this behavior. Should I just let it be and let nature take course in my community tank? Pretty sure my HOB filter will suck them in anyways if others don’t eat them. TBH I don’t have it in my heart to just let them get picked off one by one. Suggestions?
  14. @Hobbit How many weeks old are these? They are so pretty. Wonder how long mine would take to look like that. Can’t wait!
  15. Became a first time fry parent (grandparent?) 2 weeks after getting my first fish. Doing not so bad so far with my Honey Gourami fry. Say hi to Mojo. It is the only one I can identify of the 12. FYI - Didn’t realize aquarium hobby will also need me to expand into Micro photography. Still pretty bad at it as you can tell.
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