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Fry day Friday - Show Us Photos of your Baby Fish


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The cherry barbs spawned in the 75 gallon community tank again. Started with 6 fry when I found them, down to 4 or so that I know of. So happy they grow fast. Unlike last years dwarf neon rainbows that decided to take 7 months to get big enough to move them.... The black mollies had more babies too. About 11 of those tinies. Now the 10 gallon is definitely way too small. Wish they would all hold still for a good shot. My phone takes forever to focus.







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They’re either dwarf neon rainbows or rummy nose tetras.  Both schools were doing the new fish quarantine period and I didn’t see these little guys until maybe a week after I’d moved everyone out to the big tank.  I thought they were bubbles!

This pic was taken just after I’d scooped them out of the quarantine tank so I could put them in their Ziss breeder apartment in the main tank.  Maybe two-ish weeks old?


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