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  1. thanks everyone that the great suggestions and thoughts. We don't usually check the GH and KH and that could be part of the problem when this fluctuations happen. We are going back to startzyme and stopping the calcium and then we are going to play with an empty tank and see if we can use the liquid calcium then or not. If we have the same problems we will know what to do then.
  2. We have gone a year with changing water, putting in guppies and snails. Both guppies and snails having babies, etc. Haven't had much in problems except we saw the ammonia spike a couple of times. In the last 2 months we keep seeing the pH go drasticly down. One day is it looking good and the next wow down to 6.2, the last bad spike was somewhere between 5 and 5.5. Today we were at 6.2 and we added baking soda like we did the other times. The time it got to 5-5.5 we lost all my males. It was fine that morning and when we looked at about 7 that evening we had dead guppies. We got some of them out of it into a tank that was still looking good and some rallied for a day but eventually we lost every male we had (only males were in that tank). This month it has gone down twice so far. We are managing to go through a whole box of baking soda. Stats: our water is very hard and before we put it in the tank it usually is around 7.4 - 7.9 pH. The only thing that has changed since a little before we lost all the male guppies is that we went from using "startzyme" to "aqueon water conditioner" and started using liquid calcium " Kent marine calcium" that our fish place recommended, instead of a hard calcium tablet. So does anyone have any idea what might be causing this.
  3. Well we have hard water a nd we keep getting this out of our guppies. 60 ish at a time.
  4. I listened to Cory's video on treating for quarantine and treating for an active infection. He said to use maracyn and Ich-x and follow directions. PROBLEM: Ich-x says to replace water every 24 hrs and maracyn says don't change water for 5 days. WHAT AM I TO DO??? We checked and the water is good, we have 1 adult a bunch of juvies and 60 fry that are 3 days old. I want the fish well but I don't know what to do at this point. HELP
  5. rice paper can take watercolors and will show through nata
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