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  1. This is my first aquarium, and I am a week and a half into cycling my tank with only plants when I noticed this afternoon some ghostly, globby semi-transparent white blobs on the gravel, as well as on the pipe of my pump! I can't figure out if it's a fungus or mold, and if it's dangerous. Do I need to get rid of it? Will it magically go away all on its own? If I should clean it out, what's the best way to do it without spreading the spores/little bits around, and without potentially setting back my cycling? I have a low tech 15 gallon fluval flex, so there is a sponge filter in the back section along with a pump in the compartment right next to it (the pipe of which has what I think is the same blobs on it--almost looks like wet tissue?). It's stocked with 9 java ferns, 3 bacopa, and 6 dwarf sag. Decorations are driftwood with some christmas moss tied on, and a couple terracotta shrimp hides. I have small-medium gravel for my substrate, and I added in Seachem Flourish root tabs for the dwarf sag and the bacopa the other day. I haven't done any liquid fertilizer yet. Temp is a steady 80F (my apartment is a bit warm in the summer, and I haven't had a chance to try cooling the water temp down yet). I really appreciate any help! Googling has been quite confusing and my LFS is closed until next weekend 😭
  2. Lama

    Mouth fungus?

    Hello. We have a 15 gallon planted tank with 7 harlequin rasboras, 3 Corydora hasbrosus, 3 cherry shrimp, and several snails. I would appreciate advice on treatment of the rasboras. Several of them started having trouble with white bumps by and on their mouths. They and the shrimp were the original inhabitants of the tank and unfortunately went through the tank cycling (before I knew a thing about water chemistry!). They survived and seemed fine for a couple weeks or so until I noticed the white spots on some of their mouths. At that time they also were glass surfing a lot, despite normal water parameters. I treated the tank with a course of ich-x, ParaCleanse, and Maracyn; the five day course. But the some of them still have smaller white spots. The glass surfing has stopped and they seem happy. My next thought was to set up a hospital tank (I just now am gathering items for) and try dosing with salt. But I was also wondering, if I should just continue dosing with ich-x or a combination of ich-x and Maracyn to see if I can get the spots to go away completely? Yesterday was day 5 of the meds trio treatment. The corys are relatively new to the tank and I worry about overtaxing their systems and that is why I was considering trying salt next with the rasboras in a hospital tank. Any advice is valued greatly. pH 6.8, KH 4, 0 nitrites, ammonia and nitrates. The highest levels (on different days) while cycling were: 7.8 pH, .5 ppm ammonia, 2 ppm nitrites, and 5ppm nitrates.
  3. I noticed 2 spots on the tip of my Angelfish's dorsal fin. On closer look they appeared to be fuzzy like a q-tip kind of texture. Difficult to see in the photo. He does not like the camera one bit, so it was hard to get anything. He doesn't seem to have it anywhere else. Not sure if it was from injury or not. May have been nipped (not likely as he's the tank boss). May have brushed up on an ornament or something. Tank temp has been a few degrees higher than norm due to local heat waves that have gone on for weeks. I would say the tank hit about 81c for a while, so may have stressed him a bit. Treatment and Tank details below. Wondering how long it takes to cure it, and if I'm going about it the right way? I'm in Canada, so only use what meds I have on hand when really needed. I still have General Cure, Erythromycin....Have been using it as he didn't seem to get better with frequent water changes. Treatment so far: 50% water change, deep gravel vac Removed purigen Conditioner: Fluval Aqua+ (has aloe in it for their skin.) Started with ich-x about 2 weeks ago. 50% water change about 4 days into treatment and re-dosed Ich-x. Didn't see a big change in the 2 spots, but didn't get worse 4-days in...another 40% water change Added does of Erythromycin and ich-x 2nd spot now gone Doing another water change today and will re-dose both meds Tank details & tankmates: Water Parameters: (well planted tank, my numbers are always like this) Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 5.0 Tank size: 29g planted tank Filters: Tidal 55(reduced flow to low) + sponge filter, bubble wall and a few smaller airstones through the tank lighting: Aqueon hood with 2 light strips. Temp: 79C Angelfish: about 1.5yrs old, other fish going on 3yrs Tankmates: 5 black neon tetras, 1x hillstream loach Norm do water changes / gravel vac every 2 weeks. Numbers are always good. Water needs to be topped up, and I gravel vac to get rid of detritis. Photo with affected area circled
  4. I have had some rice fish for a week or so in a small established pond containing a single endler and 20 or so rice fish. Several of the females are producing eggs on a daily basis and distributing them or the mop and hyacinth etc. Last night I noticed “ hairs” growing off of several of the eggs and I removed them from the mop. Does any one have advice on reducing or eliminating this issue. below is a brief description of the tank. Are their issues with drift wood, dirted tanks, or found plants in this set up..? I have a dirted “tank” with a large stone maybe 15 lb on the bottom and some drift wood planted in substrate is some narrow leaf valasineria. Floating in water is hornwort. In a basket I have 2x lotus tubers and some misc pond plants form a local lake ( 1 is eastern water chestnut- 1 is a mystery..) floating loose is water hyacinth and some frog bits ( I think) .. hope this helps. I attached a link to an older video post of more of the pond.. pond is ceramic planter about 20” tall and a 20” diameter. Had a hole I plugged with Aquarium Safe Silicone and some plastic cutting board..
  5. Aloha everyone, I’m having this problem it’s been about a week now, it first started off with little white patches on a few of my orange laser corys, I started to treat them with Hawaiian hillbilly’s BSD treatment but after daily water changes everyday on the third day directions say to take a day break so after the fourth day I noticed the fish still had the fungus in their fins and a few more fish had it. I retired the dosage again for another three days and still to no sign of improvement. I’m noticing there’s more of what looks like fungus growing on the fish’s barbels now too I’m not sure if this is from then digging into sharp substrate which I thought wasn’t true, or the fungus is spreading even more. If anyone has any idea what else could cure or help this that would be awesome!
  6. A week ago I posted about some white lip stuff on 2 of my rainbowfish. I was told it was likely a fungal infection so I used maracyn and treated the tank. 6 treatments later nothing has changed really, besides some stringy stuff no longer being on the lip. One of the rainbows looks a little better possibly though. I finally got some clear pictures of the lip issue and now wanted to ask again if you think it’s still fungal or if it’s just an injury? Should I do another round of medication or just be done and watch carefully? What is my best course of action here? Thanks for any help you can offer me!
  7. Hey! I really need some help please! My Betta fish developed a cotton-like spot next to his eye over 2 weeks ago but it faded in about 3 or 4 days using only methylene blue. A couple of days later he developed a white spot on top of his head probably due to an injure, and he stopped swimming… Now he remains still on the surface to catch some air and he hasn't eaten in about 2 weeks. I thought he might me suffering from Columnaris or Saprolegnia so I treated him with SulfaPlex and KanaPlex separately but none of them seem to work... So, I added some activated charcoal to my filter to remove the remaining SulfaPlex from the hospital tank. However, the white spot on my Betta's head has grown a little and the cotton-like spot next to his eye has reappeared (picture attached)... I'm almost certain it's fungus, but I don't know how to treat it since the SulfaPlex treatment did really nothing. I've had my fish for about 8 months. I actually rescued him from a previous owner who didn't really care for him. His usual tank is 5 gallons, it's fully cycled and the parameters are fine but right now he's in a 2 gallon hospital tank. I usually do 25 - 40% water changes every week. I had recently added a new plant but my snail ended up eating all its leaves, leaving some sharp branches, which might be where my Betta injured himself. But what I'm most worried about is the fact that he hasn't eaten in a while and that he stays at the top of the tank. I watched the video on the Aquarium Co-Op channel on how to treat fungus with aquarium salt, but do you guys think it’s gonna be ok for my fish? I mean, due to the fact that he might be really weak at this point for not eating in weeks.
  8. Not exactly sure what this is, but it is only affecting one fish - should I move to a hospital tank (assuming I can grab him) or should I treat the whole tank? If I treat, what should I use? I have ParaCleanse and Maracyn Any help is greatly appreciated!! (**current tank setup is 29 Gallon, 18 Embers, 18 CPDs and 3 Otos)
  9. I have green neon tetra that are sick. They have white parasite visible, fuzzy part, etc. I have treated them with maracyn, ich-x, melafix, paracleanse, salt, levamisole… nothing work. I removed my plants in the aquarium to try salt again. But I am wondering if my plants are contaminated or dangerous? Should I let them soak in a container for a bit before I use them in my other tanks or just throw them away for better safety? Same for my chola wood?
  10. I have a tiny Julii corydora - it's always been smaller than the rest and its fins look different from the others...which is not really an issue. But, as I was observing the tank this morning, I noticed that there was some oddness. I took a little video - check out the top of the head (the area between the eyes and the dorsal fin). Does that look like fungus to you? If so, should I treat the whole tank? Do you notice anything else I should be concerned about? Does the body condition and activity look okay? As of this moment, I am planning on doing a water change to vacuum the substrate and starting Ich X...I'm also planning on doing more research about diets and adding some frozen foods to the regimen...I'm worried little Peggy isn't getting enough of the right stuff to eat. I'm not seeing any symptoms in the other fish in the tank - I actually was pretty excited to see what I thought was some friskiness with the other cory cats in the tank. So, I'm trying to decide if treating the entire tank is the move...or if I should try to isolate Classic Peg. Water parameters: Temperature - 77 F Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 25 GH -75 KH - 10 pH - 6.6 Chlorine - 0
  11. Hoping somebody can assist in diagnosing and recommending a process to rectify this issue, really want to nurse her back to health. I've been treating with bacterial meds and have observed no real change. Any advice or insight is appreciated, cheers.
  12. Hey guys over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a few of my tetras developing these black spots. It is only on a few and has not spread to any fish other than the 4 that originally had them. pH-7.2 Nitrates-20 Hardnes-75 Nitrite-0 Ammonia-0 KH/Buffer-80 Water Temperature 76-80
  13. So today I noticed something odd in my freshwater aquarium. A lot of my fish have this odd look to them, kind of like some sort of rot or fungus maybe, however not quite. Some of their bodies look as if they’re covered in lint or something, it’s hard to explain. I’ll try to see if I can get any decent photos to share. It’s weird though cause it just showed up today, and it’s not on all my fish, but enough to have me concerned. It’s only visible when they go directly under the light, for a second I was worried it was ick, but it after looking at it a bit longer it’s become clear that’s not what I’m looking at. What’s odd is that one fish with it is acting somewhat lethargic and moving a lot less, while one will not stop swimming in circles. Just over and over again. It kind of looks like they’re covered in little fibers of cotton or something.. but all the pictures I’ve seen of fungus don’t resemble it either. I guess my question is what could it be? And can I use Maracyn or Lifeguard on it? (I have both.) The only problem is, I also have 2 Snails in the tank, 1 nerite and 1 black racer snail. There’s also a peacock eel in there.. so I’m not sure what meds are safe and what aren’t. Please help, I need to do something! Also, unfortunately I don’t have a hospital tank at the moment, so anything I use has to treat everyone.
  14. One of my corys has a fungus issue that they've had before. I treat it with Tetra Fungus Guard and it always works. However, I just noticed it last night (Monday) and am leaving for vacation on Friday. Typically I do two treatments. I put in the three tablets (29 gallon tank), then do a water change two days later. I then start the second treatment and do a water change two days after that. I can do the one treatment and then water change on Thursday. My question is if I do the second treatment and leave it till I come back would the fish be okay? I have someone that will feed them, but I don't know if I can ask them to treat and do a water change. Anyone have an idea or think the fish would be okay with the treatment remaining in the water till I get back. I'll be gone 9 days.
  15. As a result of upgrading my betta to a bigger tank, he's now fallen ill with multiple problems. On day 4 in the new tank doing a fish-in cycle, ammonia started going up to .25 ppm. I used AmmoLock to detoxify. There were no nitrites and no nitrates yet. The next day the betta was hiding between plants and rocks and not coming out. I put him back in his old 3 gal which I kept running as a back up. He's the only occupant in the tank. I did normal acclimation process to get him back in his old tank. The following day he had a big belly and was pineconing. I started treatment immediately with KanaPlex, aquarium salt (1 tbsp total) and a little Melafix (tho a 3 gal tank, there's only 2 gal of water since I lowered the water level for easier surfacing). I also added some catappa leaves (boiled) for cover since the old tank is mostly bare as the plants went in the new tank. Today, on top of dropsy, he's now got a single white ick-like speck on his head, and a larger white fuzz patch behind his pectoral fin and another small white-ish fuzz on the tip of his tail that looks like the beginning of tail rot (maybe from being on the bottom for so long?). On a positive note, he ate a single Bug Bite that floated down to him today. He hadn't eaten since June 23. As far as the Kanaplex goes, He's on his second dose today as I'm adding every other day per instructions. My question is should I keep going with the Kanaplex and salt and wait? I wasn't expecting to see fungus on top of the dropsy. I don't want to stress him out any further but he's a mess. He also had a small/short stringy poop(?) but it's gone now. Hoping that was some fluid being released?? He's been very healthy and active prior to this. I've had him about a year and he came from a big box store. Can he handle more meds? More salt (maybe a salt bath)? Should I perform a gravel vac since that's where he's hanging out? With the meds in, I'm hesitant to remove any water, though I could use a turkey baster to get the food he didn't eat earlier. Water parameters are good (always have 0 nitrate and I haven't figured out why yet considering his hospital tank is an established 1 year old tank). Water Parameters today: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 PH: 7.6 Temp: 78 Other meds I have on hand: MetroPlex, BettaFix, IchX, Betta Revive, Prime (not a med, but probably should have used instead of the AmmoLock). I know his chances are slim. Anyone have success treating dropsy?
  16. Hi everyone, I just started a new 75g tank, and am back in the hobby full force after life got in the way for awhile. Overall, I found the information on the site and aquarium co op videos very helpful, and the customer service has been good, especially Candi dealing with a shipping issue we had. I setup the tank with plants from some of my other tanks and ones purchased here. Once I had some algae, I added a small about 6 otos and 6 corys, as well as 2 small SAE. Now at least of my two of my Otos have some sort of white markings, almost like a bite was taken out. It is white, but definitely does not look ick related. The odd thing is the behavior of the fish seem perfectly normal, they are cruising around on the leaves and glass and have taken out the little algae I had with relative ease. The tank has no ammonia, no nitrite and very little nitrate, I've tried to let the plants do the work and help cycle the tank. I'm wondering if I should treat, or let them be and see if they heal. I'm a little stumped, and I a little disappointed this has come up so quickly, when trying to do everything correct. I'd rather not medicate a new tank and disrupt anything. Any advice and thoughts are great appreciated, Thanks.
  17. I have a white cotton like fungus growing on substrate and decor. How do I treat it
  18. 1. Can anyone identify what this white spot is? I’ve had this fish nearly 3 weeks purchased from a private breeder. I isolated it in a separate tank from my other fish, treated with salt first which made it much more pronounced. I added the salt upon seeing this fish swimming upside down and acting odd (which has since stopped). I have some ick X and was going to add that too, but I don’t know if you can have both ick X and salt together. 2. can ick X be used simultaneously with salt? 3. Is this a female fish or a male? I’m thinking it’s a female. I really want to save this fish!! thanks!!
  19. I’ve recently discovered some white fungus on my bettas head. After doing some research and watching a couple videos I came across this recommendation. I suppose I have a few questions. What are your thoughts? Should I do a water change before adding that tablets? Should I dissolve the tablets first and then add them in? Any kind of advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Hi, 3 days ago I purchased 10 Glowligh tetras from a pet shop. Upon arrival at home I noticed one of them had some white spots on the tail and some white on the fins. Another one had some redness on their stomach which now turned into what's seen on the photo, I assume fungus? I'm not sure what the disease is and what medication to treat it with. Water parameters are all perfect. As of now in the house I have: Seachem's Prime, Stability, Clarity Interpet's Anti Fungus and Finrotn, Interpet's Aqualibrium first aid salt additive, AllPondSollutions Aquarium Rescue, King British Disease Clear and King British White spot Control Since I don't have a hospital tank and other fish now started showing some white on their fins I will be treating the whole 58L tank at once. The two fish with the most visible symptoms are in the photo. Any help is much appreciated
  21. I was wondering, what is the white stuff and how to treat it. I have 2, 55 gallon tanks with this problem on several of the neons at different stages. They are both maturely planted tanks, one two years old and the other about 6 months. They get consistent water changes to run at (On AC Test strips),NO3-10,NO2-0, GH-250,KH-40/80,PH-6.8, CHLORINE-0, they run at approximately 80 degrees. The 2 year tank has, one platinum angel, 2 Siamese algae eaters, 1 golden Chinese algea eater, 3 tiger Barbs, 2 green Barbs, 2 clown loach and a variety of snails. The 6 months has, 35 neon Tetras, 2 Angel fish, a Twig Catfish, 10 Kuli Loaches, 8 seg(sp?) Cory and a variety of snails. All that to ask should I catch out the fish with visible illness or medicate both complete tanks? I have a 10 gallon quarantine tank but all the fish would seem to be to crowded. Sorry my explanation is so long. Thanks for any help.
  22. Can I treat mouth fungus with Maracyn? Just noticed today . She is lethargic and lay on bottom. I already put 1 tablespoon per three gallons of marine salt . This has worked for me in the past but haven't had this same problem. Should I add some Maracyn or wait it out ?
  23. I just broke down my Betta tank, for the 4th time in 6 mths, due to a weird gelatinous growth that literally covered everything...substrate, plants, heater, decorations...It would continue to grow day after day, after each restart, and eventually there would be a brownish film to the water. This tank was in my workspace, initially, and after two restarts, I moved it to my partner's workspace, right next door in the same building. Things seemed fine, but within a week, this stuff started appearing again, and growing. The final breakdown was this past Saturday and this stuff was like gelatinous cotton covering everything. I couldn't subject the Betta to it any longer, so I've moved him to our home, with everything new (I was not taking a chance on carrying whatever-it-was to his new tank/environment). He has done perfectly fine throughout. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? And no, I didn't take pictures, it was so disgusting, I just wanted to remove the Betta from that environment. And if you had seen it, you would think he had been suffering for weeks on end in that stuff, but it grew so fast, that within two weeks the tank was covered each time. We decided it was environmental, i.e. air quality. I also work in a building across the way, and I put a tank in that space, and the water is pristine. I've never had an issue. Thoughts?
  24. Hi guys, I'd really appreciate your advice. One of my corys is acting lethargic and I noticed that it has white fluffy fungus on its fin. I read in this article about treatments: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/fish-fungus but I can't find Maracyn and Ich-X at the fish store near my house, and it's closed now anyways. I have a feeling my fish is not going to last very long since he's not moving much atm. I still placed a curb side pick up order for API Pimafix Fish Fungal Infection Treatment and aquarium salt that I can pick up tomorrow. The article mentions that using salt is effective but it doesn't mention whether it's safe for corydoras. I have a 10 gal tank with just some decorations, a heater, a filter, and sand that is otherwise empty that I could move the fish into to treat it. I was thinking of starting with treatment level 1 explained in this article: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/aquarium-salt-for-sick-fish. Or I could use the Pimafix.... if I use this, I could treat the cory in the main tank without moving it, cause I read that it's safe for shrimps and snails. Is this correct? Which option do you guys think is best? Or are there any other options? Thank you so much for your help!
  25. Hi guys my platy has this kinda white stuff, I haven't had a problem with fungus before or any big problem, can you identify this? Water parameters ppm: Ph <7 Amonia ~0 Nitrite ~0 Nitrate >20 Kh ~40 Gh >120 Temp 24.5 Paraguard and salt water for this?
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