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  1. Hi, I have 30 corydoras, 16 rummy nose tetras, 8 otocinclus, 9 very young Chili rasboras, and a few Amano shrimp in my 55gal. Just got 15 corys about 4 days ago and the other 15 corys 2 weeks ago. Water parameters: 0:0:10-15, ph: 7.4 temp: set at 76 drops to 72.5 at night because of environmental temperature. I just noticed a few corydoras have these white little string clusters on their fins. Its not on their body and isn't little whit spots like ich. Any idea what it is? About 10 have a little. Only the corys have this stuff and they're acting and eating fine. Also, my corys sometimes flash after sifting the really fine sand through their gills, only my corydoras are flashing. Is that normal for fine sand tanks and corys? I'm thinking its a fungal thing caused by a combination of not having gravel vacuumed the sand at all and stress from being new to the tank. Im thinking of gravel vacuuming then doing a 30% water change and seeing how this go. If it doesn't go away, Im thinking of quarantining them and treating with api fungus cure. My worry with medicating is that the medication will be too strong for the younger little corys and I only have a 5.5gal quarantine tank.
  2. Hey guys just stripped one of my holding cichlids and put her eggs in the ziss egg tumbler there seems to be a little specs of food in the tumbler as well will this cause my eggs to fungus?
  3. My blue balloon ram appears to have fungus but i'm no expert. I have her in my quarantine tank now and have added 1 tablespoon of aquarium salt per 2 gallons of water and about to add Ich-X and Maricyn. Anything you would suggest different? Temp is around 79/80 and parameters are good (7.2/0/0/20 ph/ammonia/nitrite/nitrates) with softish water 4/5 KH/GH.
  4. I had two bumblebee gobys (brackish) that I got online. They came in fresh water so I quarantined them in fresh water. Used the med trio preventatively and also added stress guard. They were eating baby brine, thought everything was good. After a week of the preventative med trio I did a 50% water change. A day or two later I notice one was looking a little fuzzy and the other was showing signs of starting. I used Kanaplex and the next day (yesterday) the fuzz on the one seemed to have gotten worse to the point it was having trouble swimming. Woke up this morning to find both dead. Any thoughts or suggestions on what the fuzz is/was? Sorry i don't have any photos of it in tank, but here's a photo of them out of tank. The fuzz stuff is built up and i couldn't get any off with a tooth pick. Looking to figure out what it was an how to treat it in future. Parameters after taking them out of tank tested as Ammonia - 0.25, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate - 20, ph - 7.8, gH - 10, kH - 6
  5. I have a few more of these much smaller, they look kinda like tiny seeds with white fuzz around them. One shot is a close up, one is pulled back with some tiny green neon tetras for size comparison.
  6. I have some fairly new coryadoras exhibiting what appears to be white buildup around fins. The LFS had them in tank w tetras, and I think they were fin nipping. I first quarantined w med trio for a week before adding to community tank. Unfortunately, I don't use a glass QT tank so didn't notice the problem until I dropped them into community tank. So after a couple weeks it hasn't gone away, and I have moved them back to a glass QT tank. My questions are: Am I correct in my diagnosis? If I am right, should I use Maracyn or aquarium salt? (Have never used salt, but I own it for hatching bbs) Parameters: 8ph,0 ammonia and nitrites, 10ppm nitrates, high gh and kh.
  7. These are days 5 and 9 of the bulb in my tank (they uploaded in reverse order). The green plants I got at the same time are doing great. Is there something I should do? Is it my tank? Is it a lost cause?
  8. Hey Everyone. I am little stumped on what looks to be some sort of fungus on my angel fish’s tail. I have him it in a quarantine tank and have done a 5 day course of maracyn, and then a 5 day course of ich-x with not really much improvement. It also has not got worse. I put a platy in with it just to see if it would spread, it has not. I added aquarium salt (1tbs per 5 gallons) to the quarantine tank 2 days ago and still haven’t really noticed a change. The fish acts normal and eats fine. Any ideas or thoughts on how I can cure this so it can go back into my display tank? The other fish in my display tank show no signs of illness.
  9. One of my gold fish has developed some white patches on his scales and a clamped dorsal fin. Still seems active and wanting to eat. The filter has only recently cycled. Ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrates 30ppm. ph 7.6 There were some white patches on my tiger striped oranda but I think they were just wen growth as they've disappeared and he seems fine. Any suggestions?
  10. Hey all! I got a group of Emperor Tetras in yesterday. Today one has developed this... spot, on its body. It is breathing rapidly but is also nibbling on stuff so that tells me its appetite isn't gone. I'm at a loss for what it could be. The fish are in quarantine in a very established tank kept running for quarantine and hospital. I've dosed the tank with Ich X, EM Erythromycin, and General Cure. Temp is 78 degrees. Any advice?
  11. Any advice greatly appreciated. My upgraded tank has only very recently cycled after an ammonia spike/set back. The current parameters are zero ammonia and nitrite, ph 7.6 nitrates 30ppm. One of the new Orandas keeps developing these slightly fluffy white outgrowths that seem to appear, elongate and then disappear. So far they have been confined near to his wen but I'm not 100% convinced they are wen growth and a bit concerned about missing bacteria/fungus/parasites. I adore this fish and so I don't want to miss something potentially serious. He seems well in himself, is eating, pooping and bright. Any suggestions? I have maracyn, ich-X, triple sulfa, protozin, esha-exit, praziquantel and aquarium salt if necessary to use but I don't want to harm the already delicate newly cycled tank unless it's strictly necessary.
  12. I have a guppy with a fin that looks like it's covered in cotton. I observe this aquarium up close several times a day and this snuck up within the last 12 hours. I can't for the life of me get a picture of her. I'm warming up a quarantine tank. What should I treat with? Any other advice? 0 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 20 Nitrates Ph 7.4 76 degrees I don't have a hardness test
  13. So I recently got a batch of eggs from a apistogramma agassizii pair i have and I wanted to use something to help prevent fungus from forming and/or spreading to the healthy eggs. Which product should I use? I currently have acriflavine and methylene blue. Can I use both without risk damaging the eggs?
  14. RickA

    Moly help

    Hello all. My black moly has. Some light grey tint on half his body. Looks like his fin is partial open.. Water is testing good.. We moved him to hospital tank and starting treating with Kanaplex for fungus.. Any suggestions
  15. Hello, just starting a journal about this spawn of my apisto agassizii fire red pair. I’ve only had them for 1 week and they are in a 3.5 gal cube while they quarantine. And I saw the female in the cave I put in. And I checked it with my light and sure enough there are eggs, I typically artificially hatch all my fish just due to the fact I’ve had more personal success doing it that way. So I pulled the eggs and put them in a clean tank with 50% water from a established tank and 50% new. Heater and an air stone in front of the cave to try and create some water movement. And I replaced the cave in the pairs tank. And I checked back later that day and I must have caught them mid-spawn because She laid more eggs in the new cave. So we will see if the ones I pulled are fertile. And I’ll post my progress and steps as I go. Ps to a admin I am having hard time with the pictures loading in sideways.
  16. 10 Gallon planted "quarantine" tank with 3 amano shrimp, 3 painted platies, various snails, and 3 small neon tetras that I was planning on adding to a 15 gallon tank with 6 other neons. After about 2 weeks I started to notice one of the neons started to get a white bump on the side of it's mouth and another looked to have some white on the top part of its tail. I then dosed the tank with API melafix and pimafix according to instructions (daily for 7 days, then 25% water change). During treatment, it looked like the growth on the mouth had been slowly growing, to the point I could definitely tell it had gotten bigger by the end of the treatment. I proceeded to treat the tank with API E.M. erythromycin according to the directions (one packet, wait 24 hours, add another packet, wait 24 hours, 25% water change, repeat, then add carbon). It's only been a day since end of treatment, and I have not seen any decrease in the growth or the fin getting better. I'm just worried that if it is Neon Tetra Disease, that it could affect the third neon. Any recommendations would be great. I've been thinking about setting up a true 10 gallon quarantine tank with just a seasoned sponge filter and no live plants, then trying aquarium salt. Thanks in advance! pH - 7 to 7.2 Nitrates - 40 ppm Hardness - gh 150 ppm Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 40 ppm Water Temperature - 75 F
  17. My Betta has something that looks fuzzy on one of his ventral fins. It was not there yesterday. I wanted to confirm with someone who has more experience than me on what this is? Ich? My 10 gal tank is 4 mo old, planted. I have 3 Otos, 2 Pygmy Cories, and a Nerite snail .. along with an outbreak of pond snails and Ram snails from a plant I did not quarantine. I change water weekly (last change 50% 2 days ago). I have Corys’ trio of meds and didn’t want to treat more than I have to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates .5 PH 8
  18. This is the last Rasbora left out of 6. My water parameters are 0, 0, 30 with a PH of 7.8. I have a lemon blue eyed pleco, an amano shrimp, a betta and nerite snail. It looks like maybe he's getting beat up, but I look at this tank a lot and I don't see any aggression. There's nothing sharp in the tank for him to brush up on. Can anyone give me an idea of what's wrong? Sorry for the "snow." I fed bug bites and that's when I noticed it.
  19. I just brought home my first fish, a pair of Dwarf Gourami. I was nervous walking into the fish store because I haven't been going out during pandemic barely at all. Then the store manager was pretty aggressive in the way she handled the fish and it was pretty off putting but I just wrote it off as being in the business for a long time. After she scooped them out she said "You have aquarium salt right?" And I said "I don't" and she said "Oh you need it, it is a necessary component, we put it in all of our aquariums, 1 tablespoon per 10 gallons." I knew something wasn't right but at the moment I couldn't recall that you don't want to use salt in a planted tank. I bought it anyways cause she was so intense about it. She had asked me if I had a plants prior to this. She also basically said I was dumb for planning on drip acclimating them. She said drip acclimation was useless unless they had traveled a long distance for a long time. (I still drip acclimated them when I brought them home because I don't think it hurts either way.) Do you think she knew there was something already wrong with my fish? I've attached a picture in case someone who knows more sees something I do not. They are both very active but the powder blue one is slightly less quick and his head is a little wider than the other. They are spending a lot of time right up on the glass like they are trying to find their tank boundaries. They both ate flakes after I got them acclimated into the tank. I just ordered the trio of meds to have my bases covered if something obviously wrong starts to present itself. I'm just nervous I guess, to have been given such odd advice. Tank Info: Fishless Cycled for 5 weeks GH KH pH Nitrite Nitrate Temp 300 120 7.8 0 20 78.3
  20. There is one tiny little white ish discolored spot on the back of my white cloud mountain minnow and I would like to make sure it is not a fongus or any other type of disease? it doesn’t seem to be raised or hairy. The quality of the pictures is not amazing but these fish aren’t the easiest to photograph 😖 20 gallons with 13 WCMM and 3 cpo (dwarf crayfish) 68 F pH 7.6 0/0/10 gH 10 kH 4 Aqueon quietflow 20 Have an air stone.
  21. I listened to Cory's video on treating for quarantine and treating for an active infection. He said to use maracyn and Ich-x and follow directions. PROBLEM: Ich-x says to replace water every 24 hrs and maracyn says don't change water for 5 days. WHAT AM I TO DO??? We checked and the water is good, we have 1 adult a bunch of juvies and 60 fry that are 3 days old. I want the fish well but I don't know what to do at this point. HELP
  22. Two weeks ago, I bought 8 female guppies, 10 rasbora hets, and 10 cherry shrimp. Since then, I have lost 5 of the 8 female guppies to a fungal infection, but this morning I found a male guppy that had died, however he was purchased many weeks prior to the new fish arriving. I’m thinking that maybe the females died from something like a parasite, but were then attacked by the fungal infection once they were dead. I have treated 1 week with a packet of Maracyn and ParaCleanse along with a teaspoon of Ich-X, then I treated the fungal infection for five days with a packet of Maracyn and a teaspoon of Ich-X every morning. Any ideas what it could be? I know the nitrites are a little high, however there is a tablespoon of salt so the nitrite should bond with the salt instead of the red blood cells in the fish. I have these fish in a 10 gallon tank, and the water parameters are as follows: Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrate: 10 ppm Nitrite: 1 ppm GH: 150 ppm KH: 40 ppm pH: 7.2 Thanks for your help!
  23. Please help identify what might have happened to my Endler. She is the newest addition to the tank but was doing ok for a week before this large white spot showed up on her dorsal fin area. It doesn't look like a fungus, no fuzzy edges that I can see. The fin is almost gone as well. I'd guess a bite or something but the only thing in the tank that could do that is a honey gourami that doesn't seem to pay any attention to the other fish. So far she seems to be swimming around and eating, her fins aren't clamped and she's not hiding much. Any thoughts? Treatment? Thank you!
  24. Hi all, Today I noticed one of my panda corydora had this white patch on it. It's definitely raised and looks like fungus to me. My plan of action is to move it to my hospital tank and treat with general cure and erythromycin. My question is what is the cause? I had another cory die from some sort of injury to it's side about 2 weeks ago and I'm worried this is a trend. The only tankmates are 10 juvenile odessa barbs and 2 juvenile BN plecos. I've never seen any aggression from anyone. Is this a wound from a fish attack that has fungused up? Or is it some sort of transmissible disease? I've kept on top of my water quality, nitrates are never below 40. Thanks for any help! I'm happy to answer any questions if it will help diagnose what's going on. pH 7.4 Nitrates 25 Hardness 75 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 20 Water Temperature 76
  25. My male german blue ram looks like he has fuzz or hair growing out of his head. Any idea what this is? He is pretty old. Do I need to move him to hospital tank? I've got one cycled and ready if so.
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