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  1. I multitask while watching the livestream. I also hangout on the forum. If anyone one is up for it, we can talk about the livestream amongst ourselves (which starts in a little less than 20 minutes).
  2. I came across this video from Cory It got me wondering... I have a betta. I've always heard that warmer temperatures help their healing and overall health. But has anyone tried room temp for their own fish, even if not a betta? I know I can look up weather conditions from their native place, but I wonder with fish bred out of the wild that their natural habitat isn't natural to them.
  3. Hi all, new here and I tried to find a similar post so forgive me for starting a new one if there was a more appropriate place to be- posted on the introductory page a bit about what I have as far as tanks/equip/fish etc. When I started my 20 gallon I just wanted a peaceful community tank with fish that had similar parameter needs of course and I didn't want reproduction, so I avoided live bearers and "easy breeders". I ended up with 10 Harlequin Rasboras and 7 Otocinclus. Well about 6 months into my endeavor I now have 25 baby catfish and counting. I know some have fallen prey to the Rasboras which is ok, that's nature, but I've managed to contain the 25+ in a floating breeder box (boy am I glad I got that for "back up" plans). I seem to catch 1 or 2 daily in varying stages of develoment. Of all the hours and hours of research I did I didn't look into this because I never thought I'd be able to breed what is sometimes called on the internet an "intermediate level" breeder: now what?! I started another 20 gallon which I plan to likely house my Rasboras and I'll up the number of Otos in my well established algae covered tank where they bred- I have 1 friend who also keeps fish and she's taking a half dozen. This isn't likely to stop happening so can anyone give me ideas on how to rehome fish? Thank you in advance for your ideas!
  4. Saw a black fish with white spots and a square patch on its nose. What is it. It was in one of Cory's videos. Not a pleco. Can't find video again.
  5. Some of you may heard in the live stream we bought a new house so that we could get away from our current neighbors who made it impossible to film outside pond content. We also need more space to store aquarium coop products for the warehouse. We had been “looking” for like 8 months for the perfect space but our requirements were odd, needed a building for a studio, fish room and storage and away from neighbors while still being close enough to town for good internet. Here are some pics snapped quickly with my cell phone of the starting space. And 1 picture of the view from today that my wife took. None of the stuff in these pictures is ours, they were from a day when we had an inspection done. now the task of getting this space ready, then moving the fish room and selling our old house is ahead of us.
  6. I just saw this earlier today, there have been zebra mussels found in some Marimo moss balls lately. Although from the article, it sounds like most of them have been found in ones sold at a big box pet store, it wouldn't be a bad idea to check any. I am going to check mine out this afternoon when I get home, because I just got a few within the last week or two. I have grown up in northern Ohio close to Lake Erie, so I have seen what the zebra mussels have done to the ecosystem of the great lakes, covering docks, boats, clogging water intakes and outlets, it would not be good if they got spread to other inland lakes or waterways. Invasive Zebra Mussels Reported in Marimo Moss Balls (reef2rainforest.com)
  7. I started this conversation in the plants forum, but felt it needed to move over here to photo journals now. About a week ago, I was in a big store that rhymes with "let go," and my wallet did just that. Seeing a sign for 50% off frameless aqueons was all it took for me to end up with a brand new 6 gallon cube on my dresser in the bedroom. After a few days of decision, I decided it would become a tiny little slice of southeast Asia. In the plants forum, I got some ideas of plants that originated from the Thailand/Asia area (thanks to everyone over there!), and today, my plants came in! What you're seeing in the picture is a mix of leftover substrate that I had lying around (planted tank substrate capped by black diamond sand), and a nice chunk of wood from my local lfs attached to a piece of slate. Glued to the piece of slate are now TWO chunks of java fern (a surprise from the one pot I ordered!). In the foreground are some crypts, a standard wendtii to the left and wendtii greens on the right. In the far back are a couple water sprites to hopefully create a barrier to hide the mirror the tank sits in front of, although I'm still considering whether I should back the tank with some black paper. Now, I will be stalking the local stores for my dream betta. I'm in no hurry, it has to be perfect. I'd love for it to be a king betta, but there are some other options if the are colorful and have just the right amount of awesome. I dosed the tank with safestart betta, which claims to make the tank immediately ready for fish, but I'll still probably give it some time unless I see something amazing! Eventually, I will also likely round out my southeast Asia vibe with a couple kuhli loaches to clean up the bottom. Let me know your thoughts, or if there's anything I'm doing that could be better. I'll add some more pictures once I have an inhabitant.
  8. Hi I have a question I have a 40 breeder with 4 discus and 3 panda garas. If I upgrade to this 65 gallon could the 4 discus and panda garas get to full growth in the 65, and have plenty of room when full grown. And live in the 65 for their whole life.
  9. I’ve never understood what nitrates and nitrites are I’ve just known what is good or bad so what are they and(because it’s always nice to know what others think) what is a good level of both I know nitrites should be 0 but what is good for nitrates
  10. Hello fish folks, newbie here with a 4 week old tank. I have this yucky brown stuff growing on my java fern and amazon sword. Is this diatoms or some sort of hair algae? I read diatoms you can suck up with gravel vac but that didn't work very well. I also tried rubbing it off one leaf and some of it came off but I was afraid to rub harder and maybe damage my fern. What is this and how do I fight it? I'm on the tail end of a fish in cycle but should be able to add some more clean up crew in the next couple weeks. Depending on what this is any recs? 20 gallon long, I have 9 neon tetras, 3 Cory and 1 nerite snail right now. Heater is preset at 78. I've got 1 Aqueon Day White and 1 Aqueon Colormax LED in my hood on for 10 hrs per day. Should I cut down on hours?
  11. Will the Co-Op Easy Planter block plants, like Anubias and similar, that can't be planted from growing properly. Don't really want to glue it to a rock or wood.
  12. I didn't know where to post this. It's kind of fish and plant related. I'm looking to put gravel into a new 125 gallon being setup. Has anyone tried the "Rain Forest" gravel from Lowes? It says stones are sorted by color and then crushed to size. I assume that means no dye is used. TYIA https://www.lowes.com/pd/Rain-Forest-30-Pound-s/5000894579
  13. Hey Friends! I'm working on a presentation for my Ichthyology class about Cichlids, and I can't really find any photos of Cichlids in their natural habitat in SA or CA. I found some good ones from the reef lakes in Africa, but everything on the new world cichlids is from an aquarium perspective. If you have some, and wouldn't mind me sharing to a class of about 5, I would really appreciate it! Thanks and happy fishkeeping!
  14. I've thrown plenty of shade on angelfish in the past, and I don't think I'll ever like the creepy boney look of white angelfish, but I just got this lil guy in the mail, dealer's pick, to help control my endler population and he just got of quarantine. So gosh darn cute! I love how curious he is, looking around slowly at everything, and how he has to tilt his whole silly body to look at things, like "...wooowwww..." I probably shouldn't call him "he" yet because I have no idea how to sex angelfish. But I'm thinking of calling him "Fafner" since I hope he teaches these young endlers a little fear 😛 Anyway, I formally apologize to the angelfish lovers out there for dissing them. They are totally fun to watch and I'm so happy I have one. May have to get another for the swordtail/guppy tank!
  15. I'm new and just got a tank, and set it all up correctly. I just have a question about live plants. I see in the pictures of those they sell here that they are in a container that holds the roots. I was just wondering if I'm suppose to take them out of that container and if so, how would go about planting them in my tank. I have all stones and river rocks in my tank if that makes a difference. Thanks for any help and suggestions.
  16. Are Hillstream’s active at night? Trying to make sure these guys eat enough. Also Will they feed on vegetables?
  17. I never thought I would come to the point of asking this question but here I am.. I have. A 40 breeder tank that's been setup for 2-3 months now. I added plants last week and am dosing easy green. The tank is not cycled which is fine. I'm going to transfer one of the sponges from the quarantine tank to the 40 whenever I bring the fish over. That leads to my next question.... what can I stock in it? I feel crazy asking this question because I have kept tanks for pretty much my whole life. But this time the tank is in the living room and is a centerpiece so I feel more inclined to pick stuff that attracts. For my schooling fish I have thought about guppies, ember tetras or cardinal tetras but if there's others that i should look at let me know. As for the amount I was thinking like 30-50? I'm not sure about other fish but for the bottom dwellers I would like to have a bristles nose and some corys of some kind. After the tank get good and established I also thought of the idea of introducing a shrimp and or snails also. I have done all this I'm saltwater before but never freshwater. I fact I find saltwater to be somewhat easier to pick what I want.
  18. This is the fish I've been questioning I've had ich in my tank severely and it's trying to make a comeback now I know other infections usually happen after and/or during but have not had any experience with swim bladder disease before and is what I'm most afraid this is(basically I'm looking for the best alternative or see how aggressive in treatment I should be) I have treated them once for fungal infection per instructions on the ich treatment bottle but the bloating still persists
  19. I started keeping south american puffers 3 months ago. I have 6 in a heavily planted 55 gallon, and lost 1 in quarantine. I tried to do a fair pit of research before settling on this fish and felt prepared to handle the challenges of keeping this fish. The ones that made it through quarantine are doing well, they eat, have fat bellies. And each spends some time exploring the tank. They are still juvenile, about 1.5" long. Despite this, I'm considering giving them to a local fish store or seeing if I can rehome them through the aquarium club. Although they are generally doing well, they still do a lot of glass surfing, exclusively on the back and sides of the tank (which are covered in black to try to cut down on this). The tank has a powehead to provide flow, and is heavily planted -- I even bought $200+ worth of subwassertang to try to fill up the sides of the tank to see if that would help. The parameters are stable at 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 10 nitrate. The pH is high, 8-8.4 - I've been adding pH neutralizing substrate and more cattapa leaves to try to combat the high pH of my tap water which I think gets even more alkaline from the snail shells they leave behind. The temperature is 75. I understand that glass surfing is quite common in the species, particularly early on. I got the impression that it was temporary. I realize now I should have done even more research. But research can't always tell you how much you might enjoy a particular fish or tank set up once you do it. I feel guilty saying it, but I just don't find watching them glass surf enjoyable. And I initially was attracted to a species-specific "oddball" tank, but I now think I'd prefer the variety of a community tank. If it weren't for this behavior, I would enjoy them much more and don't think I'd be at the point of trying to give them away. I worry that I'm giving up on them too soon. Not to mention that the stress of me catching them and being moved yet again will probably be even worse for them than their current situation. For people who have kept them long term, should I stick it out? Any other suggestions to try to reduce glass surfing? Would an even bigger tank help? could my water parameters be contributing to this behavior?
  20. Hi all, I am new (probably how most these start right?) any way this is my second tank the first tank I had was like a 10 gallon, then I moved to a 20 gallon thinking it would be easier to maintain since the original tank I had was taken over by mass algae or something. So this is like the third set of plants I have bought for this tank and the first time they died to like a blueish algae, second time was probably from me trying to clean the algae off the plants via a mention in an article and also using some erythromycin (I bought some tabs from here) to dose the tank. So now this is the third set and I started with a fresh water change and no algae that I could see... also a filter change, so this is 2 weeks in with the new plants and I think I am done lol, I don't know what to do to fix these please see pics and really I just want an easy tank so if it means just fake plants I guess I can do that I am just not sure how to have a tank that is easy to maintain (This is my fault for thinking it would be easy its just fish right?) ANy suggestions would be greatly appreciated good or bad comments 🤣
  21. I'm looking to venture into CO2 injection for my 10g betta community tank, and am having trouble finding a good quality system for this size aquarium. Any suggestions for where to look or the system to buy?
  22. So we are looking for some advice. We got a batch of fish from our local store a few days ago. We got 3 panda corys, a bristlenose pleco, 4 mollies, and 6 rummy nose tetras. We used an open 55 gal tank to quarentine and a cycled sponge filter from another tank. We treated with copper safe, ick ex, Melafix, copper safe, maracyn oxy, and aquarium salt as the lables said to. The first 48hrs things were fine but ick ex calls for a 2nd dose after 48 hours 12 hours after the 2nd dose the rummy nose started dying off so we threw the ones that were left into an unmedicated tank and we've lost all but one so far does anyone know if it sounds like we did something wrong or if maybe it was a weak batch of fish? Everything else is still in the medicated tank and we have started carbon filtration on it to slowly remove meds but everything else seems to be doing fine. Does anyone have any advice or input on what happened?
  23. I recently stumbled upon an electric bug zapper on a site that has a mesh basket to catch the dead bugs. The thought occurred to me that the zapped bugs could be a handy food source for fish. The bugs were healthy enough to fly to the bug zapper and therefore likely not poisoned by insecticides. While not technically a "live" food they'd be a recently alive food. It could be the world's easiest source of recently live food for fish. Just go out everyday, unscrew the container and dump it into the tank. For smaller fish you might even be able to blend them up. If you had a surplus you could toss them into a bag and put it in your freezer for use over the winter when bugs aren't around to be zapped. I've never heard of anyone doing it though. There's probably a reason no one does it, but I'm not sure what it would be.
  24. So I have a 10 gallon tank, which has the fluval 20 and a sponge filter with the air stone in it. Are there any con's of having 2 filter like this? or is it okay?
  25. Yesterday I went into Petland (canadian version of petco pretty much) and the fish isle was PERFECT. They kept bettas in the same racking system that the co-op uses, they quarintine their fish. They had very healthy fish, they had high quality foods. I was very impressed. Every time I am near a petstore, I make sure to visit (just for fun). But this petstore was PERFECT. I dont even think I saw a fish bowl or anything like that for sale. They also had a huge selection of tanks. Lots of nano tanks, which really got my mind thinking of setting up another nano tank.
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