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  1. Thanks to Corys4u for spotting this gem: https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nationalgeographic.com%2Fanimals%2F2021%2F01%2Ftiny-catfish-shrugs-off-piranha-bites%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR2ZL74pI7MxQEueU6ZGoQ2OwMv0dKak9T7uI6NZ5vZg4Bdk6JCHXjtv14k&h=AT0wcoqU371fQjtavFiUVqbLkNN-T9VvG8dCzlNiIyCdeMs4hn2UmG95_IbgiGYO7QvIZ7NqdKsllYlNOnGoXDMLAqvY_UdoH8Vhd3_gvjDAcP8cwNU5SX3WfzLZC0hCbnb-mSSJHGt8Bf9q9414
  2. Saw this gem, thought I would share. http://amp.cnn.com//static/cnn-favicon.png Park workers found a goldfish in a lake. A 9-pound goldfish - CNN AMP.CNN.COM Parks and recreation workers in South Carolina made an extraordinary discovery during a routine water quality test at a small lake. A related report: http://www.standard.co.uk//img/shortcut-icons/icon-192x192.png Monster goldfish weighing as much as a baby found in US lake WWW.STANDARD.CO.UK The average weight for a pet goldfish is between 2lb and 6lb Oak Grove Lake appears to have excellent water quality.
  3. Hiya, Welsh Joe, Bore da! Which part of Wales are you in? And what fish are you keeping? Mary from Leicester here. @Uk Mike is also one of us, plus a few others but nothing UK organised that I have found, and nothing local to me. I would be up for it, lockdown permitting. We have been under restrictions here since 23rd March, going back into tier 3 next week...
  4. Yeah, same here (kids 17 and 20, husband of 27 years). Good to know what to expect when I finally do get the planned Amanos! Thx for this thread.
  5. I am fighting that feeling, too! Fortunately, the staining from methylene blue means I don't want it on show. 🙂
  6. My first attempt at line breeding. Back in August I picked up some Endler fry to grow out, and spotted 3 pale yellow ones, so I have kept them separate. The first female had 16 fry on Wed. Momma looked a bit like a popped baloon afterwards!
  7. 😄 Looks like Physella Acuta, or the bladder snail. I really like them, they are cute when they swim.
  8. One of my otos at one with the vallisneria. They are thriving in my hard water, I think the plants and driftwood help keep them comfortable. I love checking that their tummies are full.
  9. My sister was struggling with her nitrogen cycle, ammonia always high. She tested the tap water, and found the ammonia. She now uses reverse osmosis water.
  10. @Daniel Thanks for looking it up so we don't have to!
  11. The ferocious Zilla monster. Not good with cats and small furries, ignores fish. The terror of beaches and lawns everywhere.
  12. I knew the Care Forum members would come up trumps on missing eyes! I brought some neon tetras home Tuesday night, and put them in the quarantine tank, and left the light off. Yesterday morning I noticed that one is missing the right eye, but it appears well healed over. The poor mite swims kinda funny, and likes to stay near cover of ornaments and the sponge filter, but seems to be getting enough food. Yup, I will monitor, but not fret. Thanks for the reassurance of this thread!
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