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  1. Hi all, I am an absolute novice at this hobby. I have had my tank running for 5 days now. I added Fritzyme 7 to the tank and added some fish food in hopes to get things moving. I received my test kit today (thanks aquarium co-op!) and tested my water and there is absolutely nothing going on here. Is fish food not going to be enough to get things moving? Should I be adding a couple fish and just test frequently and change water often? And then add more fish when it has been fully cycled? Thank you everyone for the advice.
  2. Four days ago I added 5 chili rasboras and an amano shrimp to my 5 gallon planted tank which has an hob filter. My water parameters had been at ph 7.2 ammonia .25 (api test) nitrite 0 and nitrate 5 for a month before I added the fish. I am new to the hobby so I be overreacting (feel free to tell me if I am) but when I tested my water today I found that my nitrite had jumped to .25 and my nitrate had gone up to 10 ppm. I did a water change to get the nitrites down. Was this an overreaction and really just my tank leveling out with the new fish?
  4. Good morning. Set up my tank 3 weeks ago using used aquarium gravel that had been stored for 20+ years. Everything else is new. Using under gravel filters as well as Whisper Power Filter hanging on back of tank. Have added Anubias Nana (5); Wisteria (2) and Dwarf Hairgrass. I have NOT added any fish yet. On 2/15 I tested for Nitrites with a very old test kit and got 0.1 ppm. On 2/19 I retested with a new API Master Kit and Nitites were 2.0 ppm, so I added 15ml of water conditioner (Imagitarium). I tested today, 2/22, and Nitrites were again 2.0 ppm and Nitrates 5.0 ppm. In all honesty the Nitite reading could also be 1.0 ppm or 5.0 ppm as the test kit color chart colors for 1.0; 2.0, and 5.0 are almost identical. I'm curious why the nitrites didnt drop after the addition of the water conditioner and considering there are plants and no fish. I'm considering buying some bacteria to add. Any suggestions?
  5. API Quick Start. Ingredients: nitrosomonas eutropha (Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria) / nitrobacter winogradski (Nitrite-Oxidizing Bacteria) / Water Pretty straight forward. Then I started looking through some of the water treatment papers I've collected over the years which led me to start poking around on the interwebs. Did you know... Nitrosomonas eutropha Starting in 2014, it was being tested by the biotech company AOBiome for its possible health benefits on skin.[6] AOBiome started a Phase II trial of an intranasal formulation of the bacteria for migraines.[7][8] (Wikipedia) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nitrosomonas_eutropha And then this: "In 2015, the surprising identification of microorganisms preforming complete nitrification on their own challenged the strict division of labor between the two nitrifying guilds, and thus caused another paradigm shift in our understanding of nitrification" https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6311188/ Comammox Nitrospira
  6. I just added Ich-x and Maracyn to my tank to treat my fish. I did a 75% water change before adding it. After about 30 minutes I decided to check the water and the Nitrite levels are super high. Is the medicine causing it to look that way or is there really that much in there? It should be fine since I did 75% water change, right? What should I do?
  7. I've been dealing with a cycle crash since december, and last week it looks like I was getting some real bacterial growth, ammonia levels were <0.25ppm for a solid week, did a water change, then did a water change two days later because although ammonia was consistently <0.25ppm there have been elevated nitrates in my tap water, it's been 3 days after that and ever since the ammonia levels in my tank keep increasing, like it was never cycled. Test kit is two weeks old, kept in a drawer under my desk, I did shake the test vigorously for each test. What's going on? What should I do? Also stock is: 6 CPD's+ 1 fry 8 Corydoras habrosus in a 15 gallon tank Also filtration is two sponge filters, one running on an APS 100 and another running on an APS 150
  8. Set up a Fluval Flex 9 on Jan 6th. I added a bottle of Tetra SafeStart Plus that afternoon. Tap water with API conditioner. Substrate is SeaChem Flourite Black. That evening, I added plants, 2 cherry shrimp, 5 Celestial Pearl Danio, and a dwarf gourami. Testing with API Master Freshwater kit. After 1 week, I was still not showing any signs of nitrites or nitrates. Ammonia was .5-1PPM. So I added API Quick Start to help and also a handful of gravel from a friend's tank. Started adding SeaChem Stability around week 3 and been adding it daily since. There's like 7 or so root tabs in the substrate. Also weekly squirt of Easy Green. Well today is week 6 and still same parameters. Doing weekly water changes. Typically about 20-25% except for about the 3rd week which was 30% or so. I test the water after doing the changes. Ammonia .5-1 PPM Nitrites and nitrates 0 First day, Jan 6th. Week 1 Week 3 1/27. I did about a 30% water change. 1/28 Lost both cherry shrimp 1/29 Lost 2 CPD. Dont know if they died in the water or died when they got stuck on the intake vents. One was on the bottom vent. Other on top. Started adding SeaChem Stability Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
  9. So i got a new bigger tank (14g) and set it up and let it sit with some plants for about 4 days (not for any particular reason) before moving 3 guppies in. i figured plants, 14g, 3 guppies water's good. the next day I dipped a test strip in because "why not" and I saw 1ppm nitrate, very odd with new water, so i checked ammonia and had 0.5-1.0 ammonia too. The rate i'm feeding my fish (10-20mg/day) it would take weeks to get 1ppm ammonia from feeding with 0 cycle. So where's the ammonia coming from? here's the details: tap water: 0/0/0 nitrogens. pretty soft, I add a bit of equilibrium to get gh 5-6. I started the tank with new hardscape and petco gravel substrate but moved a java fern in from the old tank and a 6" "log" with anubias nana petitte from the old tank. I also took the 3 week old sponge filter from the old HOB and put it in the new HOB with about 2 golf balls worth of substrate in a nylon stocking. I also added a bottle of Tetra safe start after I noticed the ammonia. In addition to the plants above I added 2 plants from tissue culture bacopa and monte carlo. and one val from co-op. The val came in a bit banged up but it seems pretty delicate to handle. The new growth on the val looks great but the old leaves are starting to yellow and brown. For ferts I started with 6-ish root tabs under the rooting plants and a single squirt of easy green at the very beginning none since. After finding the ammonia i've been doing 20-30% water changes daily and I added one of those ammonia removing sponges that seems to have done nothing. I'm still up to 0.5-1ppm ammonia right now. Could it be the val thats releasing all that ammonia? should I just proactively tirm all the old growth? Are there any other sources I'm not thinking of?
  10. Hi. I'm new to freshwater but been in the aquarium hobby for many years. My daughters wanted to set up a small nano aquarium. I have the aquarium just setup and running with RODI water -- that is what I use for my saltwater displays -- but with freshwater, do I cycle the tank with plants and starter bacteria, or is it more common to add starter bacteria and in time add in plants and fish when the tanks shows no nitrites and ammonia? And can shrimp be used in lieu of fish at the start of a new aquarium? Thank you for any advice. Cheers!
  11. I had a 10 gallon tank 15 years ago and learned about the nitrogen cycle then. I have a 38 gallon now and I’m all set cycle wise. 2 years established tank. 1 angel, 2 albino Corys, and 3 glofish tetras. This post is not about my stock or my nitrogen cycle water parameters. Information offered before I’m asked lol. Problem is that my Asperger, OCD, seasonal affective disorder brain decided getting into plants was necessary. What.A.Nightmare. I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m in too deep to stop, and now I find out there is no rule book. My brain is short circuiting. all of my plants Came from aquarium co-op. They are beautiful now because I’ve only had some for a little over a month, some for a few days which probably wasn’t enough time to ruin them yet. I have several anubias, 2 crypts, the octopus plant, a vallisneria, floating water sprite, 2 dwarf lily bulbs, Christmas moss bridge and 2 java moss mats I haven’t done anything with just yet. They are pretty and I don’t want to do something I’ll regret. I pitched the java ferns I had because they looked horrible and I got sick of looking at them. i dose with Easy green occasional but not regularly because I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing. I had gravel I hated and wanted to change to eco complete. No one answered my questions about whether I should take out old gravel or leave it. So I shoved it all to one end of the tank and laid eco complete down. Then I covered it all with big pebbles cuz why not. I like the hill it made. Now I don’t know if that was wrong too. Oh and I buried root Tabs in the substrate and in the individual easy planters I’m using. Here’s to the guessing game as to whether the roots will smell the food I buried and grow towards that. I like the idea of the easy planters so I bought 4. I don’t like them. I feel like I’m using them wrong. Oh I bought flourish today too because someone said we need micronutrients too so here’s another thing I bought that I probably won’t know if I should use but I was responsible and it’s on my shelf. How in the world do you people get beautiful tanks in the chia’s off information that may or may not apply to you. sorry I needed to get that all of my chest. Carry on
  12. Howdy Ya'll!! So I just started a new aquarium and I've understand its good to put the plants in right away while cycle is getting going. My question is, should I dose easy green while the bacteria cycle is still going or should i hold off till a later more cycled time? Thanks!!!
  13. Any tips for keeping a tank cycled while there are no fish. It's a 125g and there is one bristlenose pleco but I removed 10 cichlids and I want keep my bio load capacity high
  14. Since set up, my nitrates for my 55 stayed around 5-10ppm (about 6 months now) but recently they went from 5ppm to 40ppm in a matter of a 2 weeks. I have a load of fast growing stem plants (ludwigia repens, anacharis) and floating plants (salvinia and water lettuce) to help with nitrates. I dont think the ludwigia has been growing as quick and they have algae growing on them now after the last small trimming. (All trimming were replanted in the same tank about 1.5 weeks ago) 0 ammonia 0 nitrites ph 7.8, fluval fx4 filter, airstone, prefilter sponge 20-22 juvenile corydoras, 16 juvenile rummynose tetras, 6 chili rasboras, 8 Amano shrimp, 8 ottoceiclus.
  15. Hey everyone, I need some help. I'm trying to cycle my tank which I've had for a bit over a month.It's a planted 20Gal, with a gourami,two angels, 6 guppies, 3platties, 2 tetras and 1 rubber mouth pleco. so far my ammonia and nitrate parameters have been good ( 0 for ammonia, highest I've ever had on nitrates is 40) , but my nitrites are driving me crazy. they are consistently above 0.5, 1.0, and sometimes even 2.0. The only way to reduce them is to either add prime or do a water change, and even that is not a permanent solution. my nitrates do increase a bit between days which drives me to think some of the nitrites are becoming nitrates, but I don't understand why they won't drop closer to 0. I've been having this problem for about two weeks now. I did a 30%, then 25 % water change three days later, but my nitrites were still closer to 2.I did a 75% water change3 days aga which dropped my nitrites closer to 0.5, but they are climbing back again closer to 1. What would you guys recommend ? I've been adding stability , pristine and prime daily for 9 days but it doesn't seem to be working. Through all of this the fish are acting fine, I haven't noticed any behavior except for nibbling on the plants, mostly because I haven't fed them for 5 days now ( advice from my local fish store to help combat the nitrites) . PS: my tap water shows 0 nitrites.
  16. I am looking to buy a 5 gallon tank for a betta. I have to buy on Amazon (on a budget.... and friend gave gift card--nice!). I am looking at the Tetra Crescent Aquarium Kit, Curved-front tank with LED lights. Also, PULACO 25W Small Aquarium Betta Heater with Free Thermometer Strip, SACKORANGE 2 LB Aquarium Gravel River Rock - Natural Polished,. Are these good choices? I would like to cycle with fish-in (or in a short period of time, if fish-in is a NO-NO for bettas). I know I need a product for that as well as test kit. Recommendations? Lastly, I have a filtered water system at home which filters out everything, including chlorine, as well as all minerals. Is this acceptable or do I need to use tap and then just remove chlorine.? I appreciate the help. I had my order in the Amazon cart and then found your forum. I want to give my new yet-to-meet betta the best home I can afford.
  17. My nitrites are finally at zero and so it my ammonia it looks like, my nitrates look a little low, not sure why they were at about 20ppm the other day. I have live plants in my tank. Does this mean I can move my angelfish!!?? so nervous 😅
  18. @Cory please answer this question if you see it bc the wrong information could cost me alot of $$$. Anyone else, please only answer/ comment if you 100% know from experience not just what you read somewhere. So I have a new 75g. It has been up and running for about 3 months with a fx4 customized with 3 diffrent grades of foam plus the intake has aquarium co op large pre-filter. It also has 2lbs of biohome ultimate and maybe 1 pound to 11/2 pounds Ceramic rings under the baskets as a sludge collector. I started to cycle it by adding enough safe start plus for a 20gal. Plus I put a few decorations from other established aquariums I have. I did that when I first set it up 3 months ago. 1 month into the cycle I put a 2 in glo Tigerbarb in bc he was beating up his tank mates. He has been in by himself for another 2 months which totals the 3 months since I set it up and now brings us to present day. (Sorry so long I just want you to have all the information.) Now my question... I am about to order 20 juvenile all male peacock/haps of an assorted section from livefish. Should I add all 20 at the same time or pay separate shipping and do 10 then a week later 10 more? I'm worried 20 at same time will end up with too much strain on the filter with such low seasond tank time. Thank you for your time and help
  19. Hi everyone! I'm relatively new to the hobby. About a year ago I set up my first planted tank - it's a 37 gallon which is 24" tall, I'm running it on a canister filter. Now that's it's filing out the plants are getting crowded and 'm finding it way too tall to maintain. I would like to swap it out for a 40 gallon breeder. My question is this: do I need to cycle the tank again if I move all the plants, hardscape, and filter to the new tank? The only thing that will be new is the tank & substrate. Thank you!
  20. I have had ammonia in my tank around .25 and .5 pp for like four months. It all started because I bought new fish and over fed my tank on the same day 😑 I got the ammonia to hover at .25-.5, but I have no idea what to do after daily water changes (like %25) and adding ammonia pads. I’ve switched to biweekly water changes because I think I’d be disrupting the new water cycle if I didn’t, it could cause a new ammonia spike? Can anyone tell me how to get out of ammonia purgatory? My tank is 55 gallons with three large goldfish and a Loche. It’s planted with 12 medium sized plants. I currently have two over hang filters and two air filters going 😅
  21. Well, I think my tank is fully cycled! According to my NH3 test, there's no ammonia and we've had no loss since Friday. I've gone from daily water changes to every other day and everyone seems to be doing fine. I have added 7 plants into the tank and with the exception of the dwarf grass it all looks fine. (I think I'll replace the grass, when I get more fish.) If you remember, I started my tank on January 13th, then added fish on January 16th, and did not actually know anything about aquariums. On the 16th we added 14 fish and one snail. We now have 6 fish and one snail. It's a 29 gallon tank, so plenty of room to add more. I have 2 guppies, that should breed so I don't want to add them. I want to start with more Cory Catfish since we have been left with one. Then more neon tetra's. I would like to go to Aquarium Coop to get the fish. My question to you is, should I wait until it's been a full month before adding more fish in or can I go this weekend? Do I need to quarantine them if I get them from Aquarium Coop? Anne
  22. I have had these parameters for ever and can't seem to lower the nitrates. What do I do?
  23. Ok, I posted about this before and got some great first step help. Set up a planted tank and waited for 2 months before adding 5 guppies which died one by one over the course of maybe a week. Got three more from a different pet store and the same thing happened. Found out I was using the API test kit wrong from a member of this group. Thank you! Now I tested correctly and ammonia, nitrites and nitrates all at zero levels. GH and Kh are at very low levels. Ph is around 7. I never did a water change in the 3 months since i set the tank up until today, I did a 30 percent water change. Should I have done a water change since I had zero ammonia, nitrites and nitrates? Last guppies died about 2 weeks ago maybe tank wasn't cycled then but is now? I got all those zero readings before I did the water change I just figured I should do it anyway even though readings were good.
  24. I am just learning about this nitrogen cycle. Very interesting. Lets say you set up a new aquarium and added some plants (no fish yet). Would ammonia build up in that tank and start the cycle? Or is the only way to get ammonia in the tank (to start the cycle) is to add fish? So, I am asking if you just put some gravel and plants in an aquarium with a filter and heater would ammonia ever be present or would you never have ammonia in the tank?
  25. Hello! I am a little worried I have been cycling my tank for almost 2 weeks now, my ammonia levels are at zero. My nitrite seems to be about 2.0ppm currently, and my nitrate is very high I’d say it looks like it could be 40-80ppm. I am wondering if this is supposed to happen or do I need to preform a water change?
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