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Found 13 results

  1. Do you think I can get away with 5 in this flex 15g with this level of planting? They would be the only fish. Thinking I will add a few Amano shrimp too.
  2. Hello all! So, i have a 15 gallon tank full of stem plants that's on its way out of a cycle wobble, and i was hoping by the end of May to have this stocking 9x Celestial pearl danios 10x Corydoras habrosus 1x sparkling gourami I know this is approaching the limits, the tank is currently running a 4.3 inch sponge via a Tetra APS150 and a 2 inch sponge with a Tetra APS100, so i was curious if anyone thinks this is a terribly bad idea or in general had stocking ideas that include sparkling gourami and cory habrosus. (I'm open to rehoming my current 6 CPD's but over the last couple of weeks they've been breeding and all of my females look very gravid, so I'm not especially keen on it)
  3. If you had to choose one schooling/shoaling fish for a 15 gallon tank, regardless of price, what would you choose? There are just so many options. I am going to add a school of 8 to my tank with sparkling gourami's, but I wanted everyone's opinions first. What have been your favorites??? Thanks everyone!
  4. Hi all! I’m brand new to fish keeping. I cycled my first tank summer 2020. I’m up to 4 tanks now... but I’ve got my eye on another! 😂 I’m very thankful that my family enjoys my new hobby/obsession. I can’t begin to say how much I’ve learned from this group and Cory and Irene’s videos. It’s saved me from making huge mistakes and encouraged me to try new things. Here are my tanks: 15 gallon cube - this was supposed to be an aquascaped-only tank but it was my first try and I killed half the plants. Clearly my houseplant green thumb didn’t transfer to aquatic plants, even after 2 weeks of research. It’s now my display tank because it’s in my kitchen and we can see it all day. It has a boatload of hearty plants now, along with 8ish? hitchhiker snails, 1 Zebra nerite, 10 fire red shrimp, 5 amano, 1 Kuhli loach, 6 neon tetras and 2 honey Gourami. I adore the honey Gourami for their sweet nature. This tank is insanely stable and I credit the cleanup crew and plants. Fire red shrimp 3 gallon - started with 12, two weeks later I’m down to 4 adults and a dozen shrimplets. They didn’t look great coming from the supplier, so I’m not surprised that I’ve lost so many. Hoping they all bounce back soon. 6 gallon Blue Dream shrimp- started with 20 and they are holding steady. They looked much better than the reds so I’m hoping they start breeding soon. 3 gallon betta - my original tank, houses my betta (Francis VIII) and an albino pleco. He keeps the tank spotless and has doubled in size since I got him. I think the pleco will go to the 15 gallon soon. Francis is next in line for a tank upgrade. Yay! More tanks!
  5. my over crowded 15 gallon long has been a perpetual WC ever since the surviving swordtail fry have reached adolescense/adult. Then just before xmas i got really sick and was unable to keep up my rediculous 2-5 x per week maintance schedule and my water quality suffered greatly as a result(mainly skyrocketing nitrates}. since then ive managed to get nitrates down to around 10/20ish but with 5 swordtails, 2 corydoras and a ever growing 7 in. plecco its time to bust out the 55 gal tank i got used. heres my main Q's: how to safely make the transition? what are some prefered filters for that size tank? i have 2 aquatech 30-60"s, old and new model i aquired because currently im running aquatech 20-40 on 15 gal and thought interchangeable medias/parts would help carry BB to new tank. that been said i dont really care for the 20-40 im useing now even though its been extremely reliable and effective(0 ammonia or nitrite issues in 2 years). are the aquatech 110 HOB good? and any other suggestions on rehoming my bubble buds i much appreciate thanks
  6. I just purchased a 15 gallon Fluval Flex tank and want to know how many types and quantities of fish and shrimp I can keep? I’m looking to go with cardinal or blue neon tetras and cherry shrimp. This is the hard part, I would also like to have at least 2 honey Gourami. Is this possible and if so how many of each species? I do weekly water changes/vac on my current nano planted tank. I also do media rinsing/cleaning once per month, but I’m willing to do it twice per month if needed on the Flex.
  7. Hello everyone my name is Nick and I have been into the hobby for almost a year now! I’m in love with planted tanks and I’ve set up 3 so far! I have a fluval spec v with a male betta and a bunch of cherry shrimp. I have a fluval flex 15 gallon with a male German blue ram 3 male endlers and 4 otocinclus and I also have another 5 gallon tank with pea puffers and full of cherry shrimp! Thank you for checking out my tanks and I can’t wait to gain more knowledge and get more inspiration from you all!
  8. Greetings, Starting back into the hobby after about an 8 year break. So much has changed. I feel like I was blind before with all the information I have learned in the past few months. Currently starting out with mostly small and nano fish and I'm giving shrimp a try with lots of live plants. Have setup my old 5, 15, and 55 gallon tanks. Most exciting thing to happen so far is that I somehow have gotten my CPDs to breed and the fry are surviving in my tank, 3 weeks so far. This seems like the perfect hobby for Covid-19 times.
  9. I went to an auction this past Saturday, and tucked amongst a bunch of tools, lawn equipment and such was a Fluval flex 15 gallon tank. I ended up getting it for $7, including some mixed blue gravel and an auto fish food feeder. The only problem is, it didn't have the light included. I am thinking of setting it up at work in my office and doing it planted with some shrimp and nano fish. Can any of you guys give me ideas for a small light that will be good for plants for this tank, maybe a clip on type? I haven't really done too much research yet, but would the Fluval nano one be too powerful?
  10. Hello Co-op Family, I am very interested in setting up a 15 Gallon Cube Betta Tank with Maylasian Driftwood and nothing but different types of Anubias, everything from Nana Petite to a Anubuias Mother pot's. What would be the ideal fertilizers for the anubias thrive. I have read where i believe more Potassium in the water would be beneficial w/ medium to low lights. Any extra info would help. Thank you in advance, Brian (charlotte NC)
  11. For a fluval 15 flex with a pair of apistos ?
  12. Hello! I am thrilled to have found this forum. Not many people IRL in my life are interested in the obsession I've gained in the last couple months with aquarium keeping so I am hopeful I can nerd out here. I started my first planted aquarium about two weeks ago. Questions: I am fish-less cycling and I've been doing research for my first fish to bring home. Is the following list too many for my 15 gallon Fluval Flex, which is only about 11 gallons of actual water space. 2 Honey Gourami 8 Ember Tetra 6 Pygmy CoryDoras 1 Japanese Trap Door Snail I've read that you should only bring home one species at a time. Is that true, if so how long between new additions do you typically wait? Tank Info: Tank is currently two weeks old. I am fish-less cycling with fluval flakes Fluval Flex 15 gal Built in Lights and Filter 132GPH 40-50% water changes on Saturdays ( Trying to do two 25% changes in the next few weeks to combat newly found white hair algae) Substrate Seachem Flourite Black Clay Gravel and Seachem Flourite Black Sand Dosing Liquid Fert 2-3 times a week - All in One Liquid Fertizlier by UNS (Wish I would have found easy green before ordering it but I'll use what I got) 5 root tabs in substrate Dosed Seachem Flourish Advance and Stability for 7 days Running CO2 at about 50 BPM I switched to the Tetra test strips after seeing a video where Cory said the API brand were no good. Apparently my water is ALOT harder and with a higher pH than I thought it was. Next water change I am going to try using some distilled to balance it out. I ordered the API liquid kit off the website just to have my bases covered. I plan to add in some baby dwarf tears in the front to carpet. Yes, I am a dork with a spreadsheet. 😅
  13. Was thinking of making it a apistogramma tank or pea puffer tank ? What y’all think or what else would look good that can possible breed or just for looks ? Thanks in advance for ur opinions I love getting people’s opinions:). PS got these three plants for it 🙂
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