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Found 15 results

  1. Does anyone have any experience breeding sundanio axlerodi the neon blue rasbora? They are my favorite nano fish. I have a school of about 20 and I'd love to breed them. I haven't been able to find much info on them.
  2. Dear fishkeepers, I have grown rasbora galaxy and want to sell them. Now i see one has a bit of fin rot. They are difficult to catch and that is of course stressful for the fish. How do you guys deal with this? you can only see it with good LED lamp. greets Pieter
  3. Hi, I recently set up a new planted tank. I am looking for stocking options. It is a standard 20 gallon high aquarium. Current stocking list below. - 5 Harlequin Rasbora - 1 Mystery Snail -1 Nerite Snail -2 Ramshorn Snail (came with plants lol) Plants include 3 Giant Saggitaria, 1 Amazon Sword, 2 Anubias, 1 Tiger Lotus, and some Water Lettuce. Aquaneat Light, Aquaneat 20 sponge filter, Aquaclear 30 filter, Nicrew Heater. I would like to fully stock my tank. The first fish I like are Honey Gouramis, they have both red and gold varieties at my LFS. I think I would get 3 (1m, 2f), as I have heard they are social fish. I would like to finish off my school with 3 more Harlequin Rasboras but at the time I bought them the LFS only had 5 left (they have more now). The other fish I would like to get are Kuhli Loaches. I would get 5-6 to dwell at the bottom of the tank. I prefer Kuhli Loaches over Corydoras in looks but I am kind of open to both. Really want to try Honey Gouramis though. I would also like to get another Mystery snail so they can maybe breed. Any feedback on my current setup or future stocking list would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi, My tank parameter are: Water Parameters: pH: 6.8 Nitrates: 25 Hardness:150-200 Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: unknown, most likely 0 KH/Buffer: 40 Water Temperature:72 Currently, I have a planted community 50 gallon seaclear with 12 neon green rasbora, 18 neon blue rasbora, 30+ crystal red shrimp, 20 Amano shrimp. I purchased 8 neon blue rasbora and 12 green rasbora and they were added about 3 weeks ago. I’ve noticed today one of my neon blue rasbora has retracted fins, no spots on the body, still energetic, color is good, and eats. I’m wondering if the retracted fins are a sign of some type of disease? I don’t believe water parameters are an issue as my crystal red shrimp have been breeding without issues in this tank. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Hi friends! I was watching my tank and saw this lambchop rasbora guy do a barrel roll...and was like...that's odd! So, I investigated further...😱...any ideas?? Parameters today: Ammonia - 0 ppm Nitrite - 0 ppm Nitrate - 20 ppm pH - 7.4 GH - 6 degrees (110 ppm) KH - 3 degrees (35 ppm) Temperature - 76 degrees Fahrenheit Considering isolating and treating with aquarium salt...but crossing my fingers someone will have experience!
  6. I got 8 harlequin rasboras about a month ago and 7 of them look totally normal. One of them, Homie, is still about the same size as it was a month ago. It doesn't school, doesn't play, has shown no enthusiasm what so ever, eats just a little with no enthusiasm. To me, looks like a giant fry - its body hasn't filled out to be rasbora shaped, it's very thin. Its still so small it can't eat what the others eat, like blood worms. It can manage a few bites of crushed flakes. Homie is not picked on or shunned by the others, just doesn't group with them - as if it doesn't know it's supposed to. I couldn't get any decent pics, but Homie is half the size it should be. Do I give up on this fish or just leave it be and see if it lives? I haven't done any breeding so I'm new to this problem of having a young fish that just fails to thrive, but I got them very young, so I'm assuming this is just some birth defect. All other fish are A-okay. I don't know how long to give it to see if it's going to catch up or if it's only going to get worse for Homie. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome. It's color, scales, fins, etc are all normal, just under developed.
  7. It was a great joy when my youngest saw the fry in this tank first! I thought he was looking in a guppy tank, but he was looking at a planted I’ve got started with the ultimate goal of a Bloody Mary shrimp colony. About three or four have made it to about a half inch size, and today was the first time one ventured out into the open. While looking at him/her I noticed several other newly hatched fry. We haven’t done anything to encourage spawning, just one of those “hey, look what I found” situations. So cool when it happens!
  8. Frogs, Inverts, and Snails African Dwarf Frog Amano Shrimp Cherry Shrimp Orange Shrimp Red Rili Shrimp Yellow Rice Shrimp Assassin Snails Nerite Snails (Red Spot and Zebra) Bettas Veiltail Crowntail Halfmoon Halfmoon Dumbo Ear Nemo Koi Gouramis Powder Blue Dwarf Female Gourami Sparkling Gourami Cichlids African Butterfly Cichlids (Really cool easy cichlid to breed) Pearlscale Gold Marble Angelfish Apistograma Borellii "Blue" Apistograma Cacatuoides "Orange Flash" Apistograma Cacatuoides "Super Red" German Blue Ram Assorted Small Discus (Red Melon) Corydoras Albino Cory (Tank Raised) Pygmy Cory (Wild) Corydoras Similis (Tank Raised) Plecos L066 King Tiger L134 Leopard Frog L200 Green Phantom Other Catfish Marble Hoplo Catfish (Tank Raised) Dwarf Petricola (Tank Raised) Loaches Angelicus Loach (aka Burma Border Loach) Reticulated Hillstream Loach Tetras Cardinal Tetra (Wild Brazil) Congo Tetras (Male) Candy Cane Tetra Ember Tetra Green Neon Tetra (Wild Colombia) Neon Tetra Rummy-Nose Tetra (Tank Raised) Marble Hatchetfish (Wild) Marthae Hatchetfish (Wild Colombia aka Black Winged Hatchetfish) Rasboras Chili Rasbora Emerald Eye Rasbora Exclamation Point Rasbora Other Cyprinids Siamese Algae Eater (Tank raised) Roseline Shark (Tank raised) Panda Garra (Wild) Danios and other Minnows Zebra Danio Long Fin White Cloud Livebearers Assorted Male Endlers Assorted Fancy Female Guppies Assorted Fancy Male Guppies (Red Snakeskin, Blue Variegated, Eclipse, Gold Panda, and Tequila Sunrise) Mosaic Dumbo Ear Guppy Trios (Locally Bred) Gold Lyretail Molly Green Sailfin Molly Red Swordtail Rainbows Neon Dwarf Rainbow Red Neon Rainbow (Pseudomugil Luminatus) Killifish Chocolate Australe Killi Pairs Oddballs Blue Neon Goby Glass Goby African Brown Knife Pea Puffers Fish from top to bottom: Blue Neon Goby, Mosaic Dumbo Ear Guppy, Nemo Koi Betta, Chocolate Australe Killi, Green Sailfin Molly, Marble Hoplo Catfish, Marthae Hatchetfish, African Butterfly Cichlid, Glass Goby
  9. New rasbora trying to swim like the otocat. Sorry for the poor quality - had to do it in the dark and from a few feet away.
  10. I got 3 Cory cats and 2 ottocinclus over the weekend. They were all dead this morning and now my Rasboras all have what they had. Of course I didn’t quarantine, lesson learned... Can anyone help me identify what this is so I can treat it? Thanks in advance for any help!
  11. I am completely out of brine shrimp. Any suggestions for feeding these babies/juveniles?
  12. My rasboras get into constant scuffles. The males constantly flair their deep orange dorsal fins and go after each other and the females relentlessly. I am sure it's because I don't have a large enough group (started with 8, lost one to injury) for the 45-gallon tank they are in. My 5-gal q tank is really insufficient, so I decided I can't get any more fish until the 20L is set up and the 10 can be q tank, and it will be next week before that's ready. I want a couple of other kinds of fish but think more rasboras needs to be the priority, for their health. I'm going to get 10 more and think that would make a nice group of 17 if everyone survives this ordeal, whatever it is. Anyway, one was injured in a fight a few days ago and I waited it out to see if it would heal. Well, it didn't. A white fuzz started to grow in the injured area, which quickly spread. Another fish got fuzz on his back behind his dorsal fin. I'm not sure if he had an injury there, but it wouldn't surprise me. Both were also swimming erratically, including turning upside down and floating as if they lost control, and then shaking it off and going back to normal swimming. They also started not keeping up with the group and staying off by themselves more often and lower in the tank. Monday night I started treatment with erythromycin and API general cure. I'm pretty sure it isn't ich since there are no well-defined white spots, but if anyone thinks it could be, please let me know! The fuzz on this one whose right "side" fin (pelvic fin?) was injured now also has the fuzz is under the left side fin and body. Today, thankfully they both look a teeny bit better, they both ate breakfast, and I'm cautiously optimistic. I can't get good pics as they are all very nervous and do not like the medication at all. I can't locate 2 of the otocats but will do a thorough search today. It's almost impossible to find them even with a magnifying glass! Water conditions: pH 6.6, temp 78, Amm, NO2 both zero, NO3 <20 ppm. I do 10% WC 2x/week and use API stress coat dechlorinator along with aging the water for several days, and heat water to match tank temp before adding. Haven't measured GH or KH recently, but KH is raised some using wonder shells (both 89.5 ppm without wonder shells, and pH crashes without them).
  13. One of my rasboras got stuck behind the heater and is now in the corner at the bottom of rhe tank. He's breathing and moving his fins, no obvious injury but I'm very worried. I'm hoping he's just shocked a bit and will recover. And now a second rasbora has been missing for almost a half hour and the six I can see are pretty freaked out and searching around the tank. I don't want to keep trying to find the missing one or getting to close to the tank to look at the injured one because every time I do they panic. Darn. My 20L came today and I was all excited about that and now seriously bummed out and worried about my fish.
  14. This this is my first time I have had anything but a betta and I am wondering if this is just spawning behavior. Or something else to worry about.
  15. So, did this little fishey eat all the flake food today and no one else got any or is something else going on? I would appreciate some help with this diagnosis. Their abdomen seems to be swollen and I'm not familiar with Rasbora's breeding habbits. I did read they lay eggs but I'm not sure there are eggs in their abdomen. Please and thank you! The picture is the best I can get.
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