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  1. I usually feed mine twice a day, two of extreme nano pellets, krill flakes or bug bites, 5 days a week. Then Saturday they get one of the above in the morning and then live bbs in the evening. Sunday all but the molly fry fast. My pleco baby gets green beans about every other day and an algae wafer sometimes. The adult mollies get green beans too but not as often.
  2. I think @Daniel is your man on all North Carolina fish things!
  3. I agree, nerites are great algae eaters and do not reproduce.
  4. What filter is the pump running? If a sponge filter, then a coop nano air pump will work. I use one on a medium sponge filter in my 29 g. It is by far the quietest pump I have ever used.
  5. We are watching Cobra Kai , for two kids from the eighties, it’s pretty entertaining. Once countdown to midnight, I will sleep like a baby tonight.
  6. I feed my mollies and pleco green beans about every other day or so. The snails love them too. French cut only per @Cory ha ha.
  7. I like fritz complete mainly because of the pump on top. Very easy to measure doses. Have never had any water issues with it either.
  8. I too like @Daniel have purchased many aqueon tanks, none have leaked either.
  9. I agree with @Alesha my nerites go everywhere but out of the tank. I find them along the very top rim sometimes, but then poof, they are somewhere else.
  10. I agree with @Alesha as my nerites disappear for days. They don’t burrow, but if there is a hiding place they find it. The ramshorns don’t seem as smart. They mostly live on stuff, not in stuff. Snails are a trip!
  11. I have bought glass lids for my 29g and 20 long from Amazon. I use the ones with clear dividers and easy to trim plastic pieces on the back.
  12. I have an aqua clear hob with a coop pre sponge filter on my 29g. It works great. I highly recommend aqua clear hob’s.
  13. My mollies are in the garage now, so I tell hi and bye when coming and going.
  14. My neon tetras and mollies do very well on the extreme nano pellets. I also feed the extreme krill flakes. I crush them a little for the neons. Both sink slowly and feed my pleco and snails. My fish have great color IMO.
  15. I have been using 3 weeks and squeezing all the dirty gunk from every sponge I have in the water. The water looks awful, but speeds up the process. How long you keep the sponge filter in the established tank really depends on the bio load on that tank also.
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