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Found 5 results

  1. Got this set up and planted. I'm excited for it to grow out because I specifically chose tall growing plants to fill out the space. There's amazon swords, two types of val, water sprite, octopus plants, tiger lotus and two dwarf aquarium lily, a patch of local moss, java fern, and some stem plant I forget the name of (near the front on the left and right). Also some (intentional) duckweed up top. And some rock work. Stocking still undecided at this moment.
  2. Hello all, I just got a 25 gallon aquarium and i decided that after 4 years distance from the Disaster that was my first guppy tank I want to try breeding livebearers again! I have been looking up things online to try and decide what livebearer you go with. Guppies are Way more plentiful where I am, with swordtails being the next biggest in stores. I am personally interested in either Veriatus platies or trying out guppies again... I am apprehensive about guppies since even though I did my research last time it ended in a massacre out of the Blue and I can't handle that type of loss again. But thats where you lovely people come in! I am hoping that you all might have some tips and tricks to tell me as well as help me figure out which fish to get. i like the look of veriatus platies but they are hard to find around here but i also like that guppies are a bit smaller. The problem is I have no clue why my last guppy tank failed, one male just became super agressive and became the sole survivior in the tank over the course of 3 days. that was a 10 gallon though so it may have just been the size? a shame i just had got my first generation fry.... But anyways I've rambled on long enough! I would love to take a real departure from only doing betta tanks so I really appreciate the help!
  3. Hi. I’m looking for help designing my system. I haven’t kept fish in 3 years and I’m trying to learn from my past mistakes. I want it to be very easy to maintain. I want it to be robust and very peaceful. I have a 25g rimless landen tank. I’m planning to plant it and add a school of rummy nose tetra or celestial pearl danios. I’m considering a 10g sump. I like the idea of decluttering the display tank. I like the amount of filtration, oxygenation, and opportunity to add an overflow set up. I had to add aeration to my last tank and the bubbles/pump were loud and messy. A major concern is to not need aeration. If I did have to add it I could add it to sump and close it up so I couldn’t hear it. I know a sump is likely overkill but that reason alone is not a very weighty con for me. I learned a lot from the video about how to vacuum your tank on the channel. I was doing just about everything wrong. I swore I’d plan on a system that didn’t involve carrying full buckets of water (clean or dirty) around the house. I plan on using the methods demonstrated in the video with the Python Water Changer so no buckets. I’d be refilling with tap water and then treating it in the tank. Plants will be new for me. The tank will be established without fish. I haven’t made it to researching CO2 but I think there’s a chance it won’t be needed on a 25g. Thoughts on that would be very helpful. I feel like I know the direction I want to go but I’m at a point that I could use some help cementing some ideas to build on. Searching online the options are just endless! Thanks for reading!
  4. Hi all, Thought it made sense and would be nice to document the start of my new aquarium. Background: I have been having multiple aquariums (SA cichlids, L numbers, Cory's mostly) for most of my adult life. In 2015 I moved to Spain for work and up until recently been moving around too much and never felt rooted and at home enough (if that makes sense) to setup aquariums again. In my current home there is just too limited space to do what I want how I want, however I found some space to at least get back to 1 aquarium and get the juices flowing again. Thanks to this forum and Youtube! So I got a pair of new 96 liters about 2 years back thinking it would be the start of a small fish room but the house I planned it for never materialized due to legal paperwork issues. I put them in storage and kinda forgot about them mostly, thinking one day I will find the right house and set them up in a proper room. Pulled one out of storage yesterday, filled it up to make sure its not leaking That went well, so put some black vinyl on the back and one side and put it in his new place:
  5. Hello fish friends, As the title says, I have a 100 liter (about 25/26G) planted tank with substrate. Currently holding: - Pair of Swordfish - 5 Cardinal Tetra's I definitely want to add at least another 5 Tetra's to make it a group of 10 or more. But what else are nice options with these fish? I really could use some suggestions. I am running the tank on about 25/26 degrees Celsius, PH of around 7.2 - 7.6 and Gh7 and KH6
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