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Found 12 results

  1. Anyone else interested In reptiles as well as fish keeping if so let us know what you have I personally have a pastel ball python and a albino Nelsons milk snake
  2. I thought I would share with y'all our 3 little blessings.
  3. That a 10 gallon tank is perfect for one full grown male tuxedo cat. I would not recommend a pair in there though...
  4. My German Shepard, Shadow, loves to watch the goldfish in the tank. He has bad anxiety and I think it calms him down. This beautiful scene is why I love fish keeping.
  5. The little guy was flopping around in one of my shrubbery beds. I haven't found a nest, yet. He's in the bathroom at about 80°F. He's eating ground up, freeze-dried bloodworms mixed with water to a stew-like consistency. Does anyone have better ideas?
  6. He waited so patiently while I mixed it up... I did give him a dog cookie after. 😂
  7. These are light Brahma chickens I called them the boys just because. even though they are all hen's I've had them since they've been a few weeks old. When I got them last year it was originally too cold at night for them to be outside so they ended up staying almost 3 weeks in my house in the tub here I had actually trained one of my cats to sit and guard them. My cats don't go outside so I don't know how they would interact now
  8. I got inspired last night to make a fish tank lid strong enough for my cat to stand on with a built-in bubble window kind of like this: That way the window would be partially under the water surface so she could see the fish better. The thing is, she doesn’t really watch the fish right now. She loves to drink their water, but doesn’t seem that interested in the swimming things. She only has one viewing angle right now and that’s the short end of the 55 gallon, so it’s not the best, but she has literally shown no interest. So would I be wasting my energy? (Probably...) Do your cats like to watch fish, and do you think they’d use something like this?
  9. So basically I had my friend over and they brought their dog and we were keeping an eye on them very good in my fish room and we just noticed this blue streak under his chin which I can only think that he found a old airline by the couch, he's acting fine just has a blue goatee and I don't use blue other than in one drop increments. I feel so bad what do I do
  10. 07/28/2020 I found this little guy hanging out in the emersed moss in my tank a few days ago. It looks like a pest snail, but I've only ever seen it above water on floating plants and wood that is above the water. It was hard to get a clear picture because it's so small and I couldnt get close enough without getting my phone wet, but the foot appears to be rougher in appearance than any of my aquatic snails.
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