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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all, so I am currently keeping 17 neon tetras in a 20g long with a large MTS and a huge recent bloom in bladder snails. I've had the neons for about 2 weeks. I haven't lost a single one and they are fattening up pretty nicely, I want to go ahead and add a male/female pair of Dwarf Mexican CPO Crayfish, I absolutely love how cute and small they are and have heard they are very peaceful but sometimes act out. I have a planted aquarium and some of my plants have decent growth, the others are still getting settled in, but it will be densely planted eventually. I just really don't want anything to happen to my sweet little neons and I want to add some cardinals and possibly a betta. Has anyone had any experience keeping CPO's with neons or other small peaceful mid-lower dwelling fish? P.S. my filter is a marina slim S20 HOB filled to the brim with bio balls and some sponge media and cheese cloth.
  2. Hi, 2 days ago I bought 20 Neon Tetra and one of them looks ill. It has gray spots on it's spine. I attach photos. Please help me. What is it? 😞 ~Margaret
  3. So what really is the difference between cardinal and neon tetras? I know there is a slight color difference and there is price too but why are cardinals more expensive? Is it because neons can be mass produced? Are there health differences? Just curious. I have cardinals and with neons being cheaper I thought I would pick some brains
  4. Three weeks ago, I added 10 neon tetras to my tank. Today, I’m down to 4. The tank has 9 female bettas, two African dwarf frogs and a small hillstream loach. All in a 75 gallon tank. The tetras are juveniles, but they’re not teeny tiny. The missing fish are not in my plants, floating around aimlessly or in my filter. What could be happening? The only thing I can think is that maybe my frogs are eating them? Is that possible? They are disappearing without a trace!
  5. One of my Neons recently very slowly lost his color and some weight, but other than that has been acting completely normal - I chalked it up to the guy getting old. But this morning I noticed another healthy-looking neon has developed some weird growths or peeling scales or something? My searches have been fruitless so far... Thanks so much in advance for any help. Sick Neon IMGUR.COM Imgur: The magic of the Internet GH ~30 mg/L KH ~0 PH~ 6.5 0 Nitrate 0 Nitrite 0 Ammonia Stays ~72F
  6. I got some pygmy corydora yesterday and after bringing them home and taking a closer look I noticed one is missing an eye. I'm chalking this up to "it happens" and realize that there's no way to determine when/how/why the eye was lost. He looks happy enough, swimming around with the others and eating. I'm dosing with the quarantine trio just to be safe. But, since he does technically have a big 'ole hole in his head, is there a higher likelihood of him getting sick in the future? Should I take precautions or just keep a close watch on him?
  7. How many neon tetras in a 100 gallon tank
  8. Hello everyone! Recently I have noticed my 4 neon tetras that are temporarily in my 75 gal are starting to show breeding signs. What are the signals to know if they're babies on the way? Also, which fish should I separate? I have only ended up breeding mollies before so I am still new to the breeding aspect of fish keeping. If I can get a video I will share. Thanks!
  9. I noticed last night while staring at my tank when I was supposed to be listening to my wife (she shouldn't sit right next to it if she doesn't want me to get distracted) that several of my neons have areas on their fins that have a red tint. Mostly a large patch in the middle of their dorsal fins and then the red coloration from their bodies extends about half way through their tail fin. And it got me wondering. Are redfin neons a thing? Can selective breeding produce neon tetras with fully red fins? Has somebody already done this? Should this be my breeding project once I get my fish rack running?
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