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Here are baby Sparkling Gouramis in the bubble nest taken with an iPhone

I love the world of the small, it's such a complex and beautiful part of nature happening all around us that we usually never see. So share your macro shots! Me feeding fry baby brine from a

Got a few! Also a cherry shrimp macro video!  

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@MickS77 Unfortunately it's so old that it looks like it's no longer sold, but I just picked a highly rated one on Amazon.com. Just make sure the clip is long enough to reach the camera lens on your phone. Also, I found that with my newer and bigger phones, sometimes my phone case is too bulky so I have to take off the case so that the macro lens will lay flatter on the camera lens. 🙂

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@MickS77 and @Aquatic Journal , one of the higher grade phone macro lens is made by Moment.


Of course, it is expensive, but I tested several clip on types and was unsatisfied. The Moment lens brought satisfaction.


Biggest downside is also its biggest upside. You cannot use the lens without the Moment case. That is part of the reason the starter kit cost $110. But this is also why is works so well. I have designed and am gearing to manufacture a similar product for microscopes (it is what I filmed the Mulm video with).

The best photography comes when camera and the lens are fixed in their optimal positions. This is a drawing of an early prototype of my microscope adapter system


Which is basically the same as a Moment system, although at the time I designed this, I had not seen the Moment macros lens and case.


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28 minutes ago, Streetwise said:

Daniel, I think you said you were a beekeeper, right? Bee and beehive macros would be cool to see!

I have got some! I have some cool video of a swarm emerging from an observation hive in my house and of queens assassinating other queens.


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