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  1. Interesting! May be a new feature that Cory is testing and Daniel is one of the guinea pigs.
  2. Lol, I didn't even notice the channel name! Yes, great video, @WhitecloudDynasty!
  3. @WhitecloudDynasty Wow, I love that guy's explanation of what the ready vs. not ready females look like. Thanks for sharing this!
  4. Hi fellow Nerms, Each week I like to feature a forum post in the weekly Aquarium Co-Op e-newsletter that is helpful, useful, and/or interesting to the majority of our email subscribers. However, I don't comb the forums as thoroughly as many of you do, so I'm sure I'm missing a lot of great posts out there. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way by posting them on this thread so I can check them out each week. Thanks for your help! Irene Aquarium Co-Op | Content Strategist
  5. What a sweet guy! What are your plans for the rack?
  6. @Jess Interesting! I didn't know that low KH could make pH results unstable, but this article seems to say the same thing. API test kits usually say I have pH 7.8-8.2, 3° GH, and 3° KH, whereas the test strips usually bottom out and say I have pH 6.2-6.4, which is a pretty wide discrepancy. Maybe the pH test strips never changed color because of the KH, but I didn't think 3° was that low.
  7. FYI @OrdinaryGamertag @Rosanne @SWilson, Cory just posted a video on how he tested the pH and nitrate strips with known solutions. That being said, I have had similar issues with the results from the API pH test not matching the results from pH test strips (from multiple companies). After researching into my city's water treatment methods, I found out they are artificially raising our tap water's pH using a lime slurry process (because the higher pH kills off certain pathogens). I'm not a chemist, but my theory is that whatever reagents are commonly used in pH test strips are not able to detect or react to whatever is artificially raising my water's pH.
  8. They're absolutely gorgeous! I had no idea there were two kinds of color variations. Hope you get viable eggs soon!
  9. Oh good, I'm so glad to hear it worked out for you! I'd love to see a picture of it sometime if @Robert gets a chance or decides to make an official announcement about it on the forum.
  10. @Tyler LaZerte @Patrick_G That was my "Epiphytes Only" scape from before the "Shy Guys" tank, but good guess. 🙂
  11. I've never shown this at a party, but I can twist my tongue upside down. That also means I can put it in a vertical position. 😛
  12. If you're interested, we also have a blog post on aquarium cycling on the Aquarium Co-Op website as well: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/fish-tank-cycling
  13. I've got two sponge filters in the back two corners of this tank. I like the Aquarium Co-Op sponges because the black sponge blends in with my background and the green tube blends in with plants. There is very little hardscape in this aquarium, and yet the sponge filter on the left is barely visible because of the tall background plants.
  14. Irene

    Parasite ID??

    Do you think it's vorticella or something similar? Here are two forum posts I found that show pics/video of it.
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