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  1. A colorful fish does help get people into the hobby also
  2. As a breeder, I'm responsible for the next generation. I am very selective when it comes to my breeders, 2-3 generation overlooking traits can ruin a family of fish for 5-8 more generations. Wanted and unwanted traits is 100% up to the breeder and his goals. As a breeder, one should have set goals and standards then try to reach it every year. Goals: - What do you want from the fish in the future? Handle colder/warmer temp, breed easier in local water, school tighter, less aggression, etc... Standards: - What do you want to see in the future? Standards comes down to conformation and color. Size, color, color placement, fin shape, fin length, angle of body parts, etc... ULTIMATE GOAL SHOULD ALWAYS BE HEALTH OVER ALL. My mentor(pigeonracing) always said, "When picking out breeders, imagine you are color blind so color wouldn't be your first choice. You always pick health and conformation then choose color afterwards". Don't let a pretty fish cloud your judgment. It may take a few generation longer but when you get there you'll have a beautiful healthy fish that you can be proud off. I believe inbreeding and linebreeding is fine if you are responsible. Crossing out everytime you find "good" family would greatly help. - Latent genetics and breeder raising of fry that wouldn't survive in the wild, we didn't "create" them necessarily, just gave them a better shot than nature. These photos show the difference in fish if you take your time to observe them carefully. All 3 fish are about the same age, all males. First 2 are from my current family and last photo is a male from a group I picked up to add to my family if they made the cut..they didn't. First male have a great long face, great blue flaking all over his body. Weak tail. Second male have a medium face, ok blue flaking, and great dorsal and tail. Third male from a different breeder. Don't know what their goal was, but I'll explain why the group didn't make the cut. Most have a smaller head leading to a hump body. Tail is weak. Notice I didn't mention about color...every family is different, some may color up earlier than others or this could be the red line where they have less blue flaking and have a richer red color when fired up. Only time will tell. At the end of the day I want good results for my fishroom.
  3. Male will start to color up first Female will have blue flaking but not as much as males
  4. It's a very nice quality molly, he looks great and will make a great breeder. This is true if the gonopodium is longer, the fish in the picture is fine
  5. Yes but mine normally stay a bit more red than normal farm stock
  6. Let's try making them even better! I working to make their red darker and more blue flaking on their body.
  7. How about some rosy barb? You can mop spawn them and pull the mop.
  8. I only like my steak rare I would like every fish to be available for everyone if possible, unless super monster fish. You'll never know what you like till you raise them yourself.
  9. If you see some, then that mean they are surviving. I like using a powder food for the first month. I'm sure your catfish are getting some of the eggs but you'll still raise up some.
  10. This is linebred family of mine, they have a darker body and a stronger red color
  11. After I cull 65 fish I can happily say I found a good one lol
  12. Yes they are very aggressive feeder. My rosy barb are worst cause they have bigger mouth.
  13. They won't, its in a sponge. I have some platies babies that went through my whole filter system and survived..now they live on the top tub in stead of the bottom lol
  14. All my fries get to start out in a 10 gallon half filled. With a jetlifter it drop water down instead of blowing bubbles at the surface
  15. When they are freeswimming they will start taking food, I use powder food for the first week, and bbs till they can take .1mm pellets. I wouldn't worry too much about water change right now, the amount of waste they produce is very small, unless you are over feeding.
  16. Some rainbow shiner are more purple than blue. Purple can definitely be bred for.
  17. Everyone you said I have also seen lol. My car have a Playlist of anime openings and endings. ..newest song added is = time - reona
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