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  1. The assassin snails don't breed like the pest snails, are much bigger, easier to pull out, and have some money / trade value. They also look pretty cool. The main thing though is that those small guys will die off naturally if there isn't enough food. Cory loves them actually because they do serve as a cleanup crew, but if their numbers are out of control you probably need to cut back on food. https://youtu.be/e1SXvU95Ty8
  2. Assassin snails do an excellent job.
  3. Could your Betta be nipping them?
  4. Pretty big exaggeration, it's really the Stingrays that you can't get here in this hobby. We definitely don't need permits for Dwarf Frogs in CA, but at one point they were making people sign releases because they were suspected in salmonella outbreaks. We also took a long time to legalize GloFish, which most people probably aren't too upset about.
  5. I should also mention that I have the ones with the electronic solenoid so that I can also put it on a timer. I also bump up the recommended amount ingredients and use 300g of Baking Soda / Citric Acid and 400ml of water. It still isn't anywhere close to triggering the safety release from too much pressure. I do wonder why they cancelled the larger version though. Does it function worse as you go past a certain amount? Also, if you follow FZone on FB they might ask you to review something (asked me to review a regulator).
  6. I have two of these and love it. I also use it on a 40g breeder and I spend about 5 minutes every 6 days refilling it (absolutely cranking C02 into the tank as it also has a decent amount of surface disruption). They used to have a larger model that they don't sell anymore, but I would say if you don't want to do what I'm doing these are best on 20g and lower.
  7. I feel like they are so stressed, the best thing you can do is get them into some known good water parameters as soon as possible, so I just plop and drop. I live in CA and don't have a ton of issues with the temp they arrive usually and don't have to heat my tanks a ton really.
  8. Definitely. Letting that biofilm form is the only way I have had success growing them out a little bit. It's nice, can sift out of this tank to feed smaller amounts daily.
  9. Been letting my brine shrimp grow out some in this tank and they make some cool art in the biofilm.
  10. I just found a baby panda cory cat that hid long enough in my 55 gallon to not get eaten. It's crazy because I remove and raise lots of eggs from that tank but it's always my Albinos. Would have loved to have found the panda eggs.
  11. They were selling these on Pressurized DIY's at Amazon but their customer service seems to suggest that they are not going to keep selling there (which is fine by me). I think they still ship the C02 products from within the U.S. as I ordered a second one two weeks ago and it arrived within a few days. Maybe Cory will start importing 😃 I posted in another thread too, but will share here. I use on a 40G breeder and refill once a week with 200g of baking soda, 200g of citric acid, and 300ml of water. It comes with the electronic solenoid too and is easy to hook up to a timer. I also bought a 5lb tank but my options for filling it are more work than the DIY. https://www.fzaqua.com/aquarium-co2-diy-system-co2-generator-kit-with-soleonid-p2246678.html
  12. I am absolutely in love with this product. It's pressurized DIY. I refill once a week (using citric acid, baking soda, and water) for my 40G breeder. https://www.fzaqua.com/aquarium-co2-diy-system-co2-generator-kit-with-soleonid-p2246678.html They have a warehouse in the U.S. and ships fast too. Constantly trimming these plants.
  13. I don't think you have too many, maybe try some soil? That said, plants and algae actually can release chemicals that inhibit competitors. Read a book about it recently but I don't think it's something us average folk need to worry too much about. Maybe someone else has more info on that.
  14. PetCo (big chain store) does it two or three times a year, but I don't think the dates are set.
  15. You can buy some crushed coral from Cory for water hardness in your new place. For your travels you could always get some battery operated air pumps to use strategically and some of the nano USB ones from Cory (buy everything from Cory) for when in the car....Maybe also start saving water in containers as you do water changes? Just some ideas. In the car you also need to worry about shrimpys bouncing around and getting shocked from hitting things.
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