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  1. Thank you all for the help! It seems general consensus is that my GH is good for now. I'm planning to stop by the LFS tomorrow and ask my questions, and while I'm at it I'll try and ascertain where they're getting their shrimp/what parameters they are born in. If it's much higher than what I've got then I may add some additional minerals in slowly. I have to say though, in the last few days since I first posted they are doing well in my tank, and I have noticed a few fresh molts laying around with nothing having died, so they probably molted from stress but at least they were able to do so successfully. Thanks to all who commented and helped keep me from doing something drastic 🙏💗 I also found this video which explains the white line thing (with pictures) in relation to GH if anyone else wants to watch/share it. He doesn't really talk about matching parameters with what they were raised in, but otherwise quite helpful 🙂
  2. @Matt B Thank you! I've heard Cory mention Wonder Shell. I've heard they can disintegrate too quickly though, ever had that problem?
  3. Yes, I'll be trying that next if my current stock dies off again. For now I'll probably just let them be and hope I have some females that survive to be berried over the next couple months. I'm traveling internationally soon too so that should help me sit on my hands long enough to wait it out lol.
  4. I would love to have that sort of relationship with my local stores 🙂 There's a couple of the aquarium co-op affiliated shops in my area, but they are all at least 40 minutes away. Definitely want to check them out though!
  5. Thank you for the support! I was certainly disappointed that it happened like this and discouraged that I've already encountered this in a hobby that I love and also have just barely scraped the surface on so far. The encouragement makes a huge difference!💗 If I have time this week I'll go back, try to talk to the first person and let them know what's going on with the water, and if they turn me away similarly to their fellow employee then I'll wash my hands of it, only so much one customer can do.
  6. @AllFishNoBrakes @Tony s Right, forgot to mention the temp, mine is lightly heated, around 75-76 degrees. I’d go no heater but I’m in the LA area and the apartments around here have zero insulation plus no heater here so I’m concerned about the temperature swinging in the tank every day. Also, I drip acclimated these for probably between three or four hours, not sure if that's long enough.
  7. I'm concerned about the RO as well. I feel like I should try one more time to go back to the store and point that out to someone who will listen. Maybe the guy that was there when I bought the water, he at least is nice, even if he indeed misunderstood which shrimp I was buying water for. As for the shrimp, so do you think the water has anything to do with what's killing them then? It would be easy to up the gh a little with the Equilibrium I have, but if I do that, how many degrees would I be able to safely change at a time?
  8. Thank you for the info, and for pointing this out also. I just checked and it is Seachem Equilibrium I have, not Stability so that was a typo on my part 🙂
  9. Thank you for the reply! And glad to know I'm not just losing my mind haha😅 I had considered each of these things, and even wondered if they had remineralized the water in store, but that wouldn't make any sense not just because they said I had to remineralize it myself, but also since that wouldn't enable customers to customize their parameters, thus defeating the purpose of RO. As for the tests I have, they are all pretty much brand new, so that eliminates expiration issues. Also I too thought I may have done it wrong initially, but tested again with the same results.
  10. I'm new to neocaridina shrimp, and I've been trying to start up a cherry shrimp colony, but I'm consistently losing the females to what seems to be a molt problem. They all have either shown up dead with the dreaded white ring around them, or had the ring for a couple days first and then died. Three females from my first batch passed over the course of about a month, leaving me with just one, a male. So I had one of my local fish stores test the water, expecting to find either a PH or hardness issue. The guy at the store said my PH was too high and recommended RO water, which they sell. So I bought some of the water from them, and tested it to know for sure what I was getting into, and... it's virtually the same as my tap water. The only sure difference is a small one: GH measures around 180 ppm in the RO, 195 in my tap. PH is at least 7.6, and KH is around 110 ppm. My tap tests the same on these, maybe I should buy a high PH test kit to know for sure since it's at the top of the regular scale? Oof, so many kits... I know the RO water isn't supposed to lower PH directly, but to my understanding it IS supposed to remove minerals from the water, thereby lowering KH and GH, and possibly PH as a consequence of the fewer minerals... right? So I called the store back to clarify this... and the employee (different guy this time) wouldn't explain it. In fact, he just insisted that their RO water comes out soft (so I just can't read a test) and that they keep their shrimp in 6.5 PH water... and then hung up on me. Decided to just try again and see if I could figure it out before they all die again, so when I bought replacement cherries from that store I took the opportunity to simply test their water myself. Lo' and behold... PH: 7.6+, KH: 110 ppm, GH: a whopping 358 ppm! At this point, I'm guessing both these guys thought I was talking about crystal shrimp the whole time even though I was very clear in asking about Neocaridinas, and I'm back where I started in terms of not knowing what to do with their water. So to summarize, the new cherries arrived four days ago in water that was very very hard, almost twice as hard as mine. One of them did die within the first 24 hours, and another is still alive and acting normal but has the white line (both females again I think). What do I do? Should I use the tap and add minerals, or just leave them alone? The remineralizer I have is Seachem Equilibrium. Also I should mention, I am doing a week quarantine trio on the tank for good measure since the fish were added recently as well. Anyone who can offer some sage wisdom after this ordeal is soooo appreciated, thank you! Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5ppm PH: 7.6 or a little higher GH: 195ppm KH: 110ppm Tank: 10 gallons Planted: yes, medium-ish Tank mates: 5 endlers, 2 nerites Food: I've tried Hikari shrimp cuisine, blanched spinach, bacter AE, algae wafers and frozen brine shrimp but for the most part they've seemed very occupied just eating biofilm and algae which this tank has plenty of.
  11. Thank you!! And absolutely, I’ve been checking on her constantly and continuing to test for ammonia just in case 🙂 She’s continuing to improve, keeps darkening up again little by little. She’s such a trooper!
  12. Some good news, her colors are sloooowly starting to come back!😃 I have her in my small hospital tank with just the low level salt still. Probably not out of the woods yet but it’s so nice to see some noticeable progress in the right direction.
  13. @Bigdog99 oof tumors are the worst, I feel for you, my previous betta had one too😥 Hope yours does ok even with the tumor if that’s what it is🙏🏻 And to answer your question, she’s not hiding, just sitting on the plants a lot and swimming kinda slow. I may move her to a smaller holding tank so I can increase the salt at least? Don’t want to crash the tank with more Maracyn 2 just yet.
  14. Hi @Bigdog99 I was literally just writing an update haha😄 So Pidge is doing ok. You can see she’s lost more color, from her fins in particular. The fins have gotten very translucent. She’s been resting a lot and moving generally a little slower than usual I think. She also had some long stringy poop yesterday and today. The round of Maracyn 2 finished yesterday 2/07, and the water was a bit cloudy, so I checked ammonia again after a water change and I was reading a small amount (less than .25). It’s back to 0 today. Not sure if it was just the meds or the fact that my main filter somehow got partially clogged over the last couple days, or even the new root tabs I’m trying? Probably the meds I guess… With that said, I kept the same level of salt after the stringy poop, and haven’t started another round of Maracyn 2 yet.
  15. @Bigdog99 Not really so far, today she was a little more timid and maybe sluggish than usual, kind of keeping to calm zones around middle of the water column. I just saw her flashing again as well. I don't have an airstone right now so I just popped in a spare sponge filter I have on hand.
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