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Found 6 results

  1. I recently got these puffers and i notice this guy has some what of a rash? Iv never seen this on any other fish i have i started treatment with all 3 trio meds since they are brand new to me. Will this cover them? Im using ich x, paracleanse, and maracyn.
  2. She is never very cooperative with photos. My lone Sterba Corydora (I know, she needs friends. We’ve had her for a few years when we were told she would be fine with our Paleatus. I want more, but not until I beat these issues... and can find some). Yesterday I noticed she has a white patch on her back near her dorsal. I was close to treating my main tank with Maracyn due to several Mollies having swim bladder issues lately, but I held off due to everyone I hadn’t moved being fine the past few days (I have the four with issues in QT). I’m thinking I might treat the main tank with the med trio... but I wanted to check with the group to see if it might be something that requires a stronger med. Sigh. Tank Parameters temp: 74.4 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: between 20 and 50. Kind of reddish, but still orange (API). A little light for ACCO strips 50. Ph: 8 GH: 300 KH: 120
  3. I'm new to aquariums and new to this forum and let me just say how hard it is to get clear pictures of fish that won't hold still. I think I now have 40 blurry pictures of this fish. OK, this guppy just started showing some irregular white discoloration yesterday and it seems to be getting worse. I can't tell if it's something growing on the scales or not but you can judge from the pictures. Any help would be appreciated. Nitrate - 0-20 Nitrite - 0 Hardness - 300+ Chlorine - 0 Alkalinity - 180 Ph - ~7.2 Temperature - 76
  4. Tiffany

    Betta help

    Okay people, I need some assistance with my bettas please.. I purchased a betta female yesterday. I noticed she had what looks like some scales missing on her back. I have her quarantined in a small holder tank with some salt. Last night I did not feed her and waited til about 1030 to give her some peas just as a safety thing before I feed her regular foods. She started acting much better last night and today. However last night I did notice that she had a small white protrusion. I thought she was going to poop but it never amounted to anything more. It is the same today. I also have a male with what I guess is swim bladder. He just sits at the bottom of the tank, struggles to swim then just sinks. I feel really bad for him but can’t bring myself to put him down..🥺 he is back in the salted tank with the female. He is normal otherwise. Any ideas to help with him as well. Thank you in advance for the help and ideas.
  5. What’s the white appearing on its fins?? 1st pic- yesterday 2nd & 3rd pic- last night The rest of the pics are today. Parameters 0.25, 0, 10-20 Recently had ammonia spike due to canister filter breaking and the angel had red lines outlining its body. They’ve faded but now the white. I’ve been doing fairly large water changes with prime and stress coat almost every day. What else should I do?? Meds? What is it?? Thanks
  6. I’ve been trying to diagnose these problems for 6 months at least. It all started from either zebra danios or guppies from Petco I didn’t quarantine. I suspect the guppies since they have slowly died off, only 3 left now. Some died from bloating, some died from wasting away. Some developed stringy poop and died. One developed a bent spine but took over 4 months to finally pass away. After seeing very stringy poop, from everyone including the Pleco, I determined it must be internal parasites. I’ve treated with 4 rounds of Levamisole and 4 rounds of Prazipro. Since then, I haven’t seen any stringy poop. Also have not lost any fish since then. The remaining symptoms are white patches on the zebra danios backs, and white fin rot on the guppies. The patches come and go on the danios, but they never go away. The fin rot does not go away despite very clean water and every bacterial med out there. Danios have almost completely stopped breeding. The small fish in the tank seem to have stopped growing. I’m starting to suspect a mycobacterium infection (aka Fish TB). Pics of the danios below, thanks for any and all advice.
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