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Found 24 results

  1. About a year-ish ago I had some of my Cory's lay eggs and to keep them safe I decided to have one grow up in my Shrimp tank. But now I'm just wondering if after a year if I should move him back since I'm afraid I might be stunting its growth. It had some strange white blotches on his "skin" but after a year and no side effects I'm assuming he must have just been a hybrid of the albino and bronze cory. But yeah, what do you guys think? Do you think it would be a good move to switch him from a 10 gallon to a 20? He would be with his family and more of his kind. I'm just afraid the change might kill him after so long in the shrimp 10 Gal. Will try to find a better photo of him if you guys need it since you can't really see all that much of him here.
  2. I just got a rubber lip pleco that is about 2.5 inches. I know that you are not supposed to net plecos but how else can I safely move it?
  3. On multiple occasions when transferring young adult as well as adult male guppies from a larger tank (say a 20 or 10 gallon tank) to a smaller tank (say 10 to 5 gallon tank), they appear to have bladder issues or will just lay on the bottom. If moved back after just a few hours, they seem to recover rather quickly. However, if left longer some have been permanently effected. My acclimate procedures usually cover 36 minutes, so am wondering if it is just the downsizing of water volume or tank size or something else? Appreciate any comments. Thanks
  4. Hey all. We will be moving the beginning of July. I have a 5 gal tank with live plants and 4 types of snails. I think i've got a handle on how to move the plants (Im going to copy how Aquarium Co-Op sent them to me). Any tips on how to move the snails? How can I gather up all the smaller ones? How should I keep them happy and contained on the 5 hour drive? Should I save some of the water from the tank? Tips on re-setting up the tank? Thanks all.
  5. Hello! I have a quick question about fish transportation. I'm currently moving and I will be staying with family for a few weeks. I was able to figure out temporary setups for all my fish except my 17 powder blue dwarf gouramis and 1 female betta. How long could these guys live in a 5 gallon bucket? I could divide them into different buckets but the less the better. I'd be using a sponge filter temporarily that is set for 75 gallons. Thank you!
  6. I know Cory isn't into the big fish so much anymore (Murphy & Ladybird aside), but if he or any of you have an idea on how to move a 20+ in arowana, I'm open to suggestions and/or advice. *Edit* To clarify, I'm moving her from one tank to another within the same fish room, perhaps 15 feet. My question revolves more around netting the beastie, not the move itself. As you probably know, Arowana are jumpers and even after I had the tank 50% drained during a water change a while back, she was still able to launch herself up and out. My biggest net, while fairly large, cannot contain even half her mass. I'm thinking a pillow case? I thought maybe a koi net-sock thing but most of them are $50ish and that seems a bit extravagant for something I don't plan on using more than twice.
  7. Hello, I'm going to be moving into a dorm this fall and can bring my 10 gallon, but I'm wondering if I even should. I'll be on the road for 12+ hrs and I'm already anxious about keeping my betta alive. Besides that, I'd be in the dorms for 8 months and then have to move all over again. I'm really attached to my fish and don't want to leave him/give him away but I'm not sure that hauling him and supplies on a trek to the dorms and then back home is the best idea either. Advice? Moving tips if I do go for it? Also, there are no communal bathrooms at my college - it's a suite of 2 bedrooms (roommates in each of course), each with its own bathroom, and a common room in between. I'm actually seriously thinking of bringing him with me because this would make water changes much easier than if I had to deal with a communal bathroom.
  8. Hi everyone! I would love a little insight if you have successfully done this in the past. I currently have a 100gal with a couple of comets and 3 common Plecostomus. Please don't scold me for having common pleco- these were given to me and I have a few larger tanks and a pond to keep large fish. That being said, they are currently in a non-heated tank that stays around 68F. I want to put them in a larger heated tank that I keep at around 76F. I could bag them, float them and then transfer them but I'm not sure if this would be the best method. It is an 8 degree jump in temp and I don't want to shock them. What are your experiences in transferring from a non-heated to heated tank?
  9. Title says it all. Kicker is, the 10 gallon is going in the same spot as the 5. Currently the tank houses just a betta and some Nerites. Plants are just anubius, Crypt Flamingo, Val, and a dwarf lily. I'm buying a new stand for the tank. The current one is only slightly bigger than the tank and the space I'm working with is only about 2 inches longer than a standard 10 gallon.
  10. I have a Male Betta and to Cory’s in one 5 gallon tank, and I have some CPD’s in another 5 gallon tank. I want to combine them in a new 10 gallon tank. The water parameters are very much the same. I’m assuming that I can combine the waters from each aquarium into the 10 gallon, and use both sponge filters, plants and gravel in the new tank too. Then add fish. Will this work? I’d appreciate any thoughts! Thank you, Rosie
  11. Question: I have a juvenile bristle nose pleco in my 30 gal. (its body is 2in but its a long fin, so its like 3in all together.) I also have a 10 gal with molly fry and some yellow cherries that is getting covered in green algae. Do you think it would be okay to move the pleco into the 10 gal for a few days and see if they can help with the clean up? or is moving it not worth the stress of whatever feast they'll get in the other tank?
  12. Hi all I'm in the process of breaking down my 55 gallon tank and eventually setting it back up but not within the next two months. I dont have another tank to store the fish in (rainbow shark and platys). Would it be feasible to temporarily home the fish for up to 90 days in something like an igloo cooler? I see people using plastic totes but I figured a cooler would be much stronger and the plastic should be safe... Of course I would use a hang on back filter and gravel/wood from the established tank.
  13. Hey guys so I am looking to stock my 10 gallon with fish that would be easy to take home with me (3 hr drive) when I go home for long breaks like summer or winter break. I have thought about shrimp but figured trying to catch them all when I need to go home would be a pain . I also thought of King Betta or normal betta but was wondering what other fish option there are.
  14. Looking for advise to safety transport 5-6 shell dwellers (Multies). I will be picking them up from a private breeder about 3 hours from my home. I am meeting them so no idea how long they may have already been placed in bag (assuming just standard air in bag) but have a 3 hour drive home. I have a usb air pump if recommended. Can I simply open the bag once or twice doing transport or should I set up a bucket with an air stone? thank you for any advise
  15. I would like to upgrade to a 29 gallon planted tank. Currently have an established 20 g community tank (1 bristlenose, 1 bamboo shrimp, 3 amano shrimp, 5 cherry barb, 5 zebra danio, 4 male fancy guppies). Anybody have any links for how-to directions or videos? What to do w fish btw tank moves? How long do I wait before adding fish to 29 gallon? Or do I have to set up the 29 gal and let it cycle before moving fish? Im very new to the hobby and sincerely appreciate any feedback or tips. Thank you!
  16. Living in a city with no Aquarium Store and the nearest one is 36 miles (30 minutes) away and there is ones within a 3 hour drive of me. Going the distance with a USB Powered Air Pump has been on my mind because of the distance I have to travel to go to an aquarium shop. When should you use a USB powered air pump and when should you not use a USB powered Air pump? is it smart to use a USB powered air pump in transportation of fish from aquarium stores to home quarantine tank? What would your max distance be to use a USB air pump? These are all questions that could help a Beginner in the hobby.
  17. I’m looking at purchasing fish on Aquabid, but shipping is likely 3 days. It seams awfully risky/hard on the fish. Anyone with experience on shipping fish other than over-nite?
  18. Hi everyone, I am planing to move a set up 40 gallon planted off the ground onto a stand. I was wondering any tips on how to do it. I am planing to drain the water until it is 2 in deep, so the fish can stay in there. Then pick it up onto the stand. Please tell me how I should do it. The tank is acrylic, and sort of looks like this one.
  19. I have a molly that looks like she's ready to pop. should I just try to provide as much cover as possible for her to give birth or move her. I have Java Moss and some other stem plants. I'm afraid the breeder box will stress her to death, and the male molly's will not stay off her underside.
  20. I'm moving in December/January and will be setting up a 55 gallon. Currently, we have well water and we will be going on city water. What is the best way to switch the water over? I was thinking about keeping my 29 going for a few weeks and putting in the new water maybe 10% at a time. After like 2 weeks then moving them to the 55 gallon with all city water. I will start the 55 gallon with a seeded filter as soon as I can so that it can cycle for a while before I add the fish. Is that a good plan or am I overthinking it? I have struggled with cycling my tank and killing the cycle due to having to medicate sick fish. I just want to make the transition as easy as I can for them. Thanks!
  21. Is this hole in the head? Or is it a ulcer? Treat with Maracyn?
  22. I’m wondering what the best way to transition fish from a high ph (7.8 +) to a lower ph (7.2). I would think acclimating the other way would be easier using R.O. water.
  23. What style and size of fish bags do y’all recommend for transporting fish? I’m not looking to ship fish but I’m wanting to get a variety of different sized bags for transporting locally, anywhere from apistogrammas to plecos to angels.
  24. In September, I am moving from Alberta to Ontario, it will be likely a 4 day trip- maybe 3 if we really push it. I'm really nervous about taking my fish with me! I have 2 tanks: a 10 gallon with a betta, 7 pygmy cories, and 5 assassin snails, and a 5 gallon with a huge breeding colony of cherry shrimp. I've read several things about moving with fish but I'm still so unsure about what the best plan of attack would be. I'm kind of thinking for the shrimp tank, if I should just drain it to a few inches and leave everything in it, and just fast them for a few days before hand. I may or may not have access to power or even water some nights, we may be camping along the way. I'm very wary of doing water changes on the road, since parameters will be different at every stop and that seems like a lot of stress. Any advice at all about how to get them across the country safely and happily would be very much appreciated, as well as advice about setting back up in the new place. The water here is hard and alkaline, and there it's very neutral and medium. Thanks all!
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