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Found 13 results

  1. Sooooooooo. This is a random poll for the best aquarium products. Add any others at the bottom. My favorite overall is seachem prime. Enjoy, and comment on your favorites. Below!
  2. Recently, I created a poll to illustrate some widely held misconceptions about the primary source of ammonia production in a freshwater aquarium. Now, I’m curious to know how many really understand the levels of ammonia that can be harmful to fish. Take the poll, and explain your answer.
  3. All of the parameters for the aquarium work well for both species. I am just having a hard time choosing! Corydoras panda OR Corydoras bilineatus "San Juan"
  4. What tankmates can live with my male veiltail betta in a 5.5 gallon tank?
  5. An ebay seller fell through so I got a coupon and a refund - what should I get with the $? I already have a trio of endlers, a trio of guppies, and about 20 shrimp, but I'd like a different variety of one of these species.
  6. Betta fish in my opinion are the best beginner fish. They can withstand anything.
  7. I name the ones with the most personality. When I first started keeping fish ALL fish needed names, until I started keeping tetras where I couldn't tell them apart.
  8. Okay I'm curious how many people talk to their fish, I do all the time!!
  9. I'd wager most here are subscribed, but I'd like to see the percentage of people who actually have their accounts subscribed to the youtube channel. Also if you are not, a comment on why may be helpful for us.
  10. Hello! I am thrilled to have found this forum. Not many people IRL in my life are interested in the obsession I've gained in the last couple months with aquarium keeping so I am hopeful I can nerd out here. I started my first planted aquarium about two weeks ago. Questions: I am fish-less cycling and I've been doing research for my first fish to bring home. Is the following list too many for my 15 gallon Fluval Flex, which is only about 11 gallons of actual water space. 2 Honey Gourami 8 Ember Tetra 6 Pygmy CoryDoras 1 Japanese Trap Door Snail I've read that you should only bring home one species at a time. Is that true, if so how long between new additions do you typically wait? Tank Info: Tank is currently two weeks old. I am fish-less cycling with fluval flakes Fluval Flex 15 gal Built in Lights and Filter 132GPH 40-50% water changes on Saturdays ( Trying to do two 25% changes in the next few weeks to combat newly found white hair algae) Substrate Seachem Flourite Black Clay Gravel and Seachem Flourite Black Sand Dosing Liquid Fert 2-3 times a week - All in One Liquid Fertizlier by UNS (Wish I would have found easy green before ordering it but I'll use what I got) 5 root tabs in substrate Dosed Seachem Flourish Advance and Stability for 7 days Running CO2 at about 50 BPM I switched to the Tetra test strips after seeing a video where Cory said the API brand were no good. Apparently my water is ALOT harder and with a higher pH than I thought it was. Next water change I am going to try using some distilled to balance it out. I ordered the API liquid kit off the website just to have my bases covered. I plan to add in some baby dwarf tears in the front to carpet. Yes, I am a dork with a spreadsheet. 😅
  11. So I might be getting a 150 gallon fish tank from a friend of a friend, and I am planning on a sticks and stones style rack, I figured i'd share the design. I am not sure how I want to set up the foundation, please vote in the Poll for A or for B depending on which you would use:
  12. The question came up earlier about matching your tank parameters to the parameters of the fish arriving by mail. I'm curious what everyone does in that case? Do you worry about? what experiences you've had good and bad? I personally just float to temperature, then "plop and drop" discarding the water
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