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  1. @Robert do you guys have or will have any spotted garras?
  2. I wonder if they can be sealed, but what could I use to seal the stone off (coat it so it wont leach anything into the water from the dragon stone) and yet still safe for the tank =/
  3. Before I made my dragon stone wall, I did scrub the heck out of each stone and removed all the dirt that I could get to. I even scraped out the dirt from all the holes using a small screw driver. They were as clean as humanly possible. I got my dragon stone from the Co-op, got one of their bags of dragon stones.
  4. I have wall of dragon stone I created, i stacked and crazy glued it and it looks pretty neat but my water keeps getting harder over time. I live in Washington which has soft water and I have added crush coral to keep my Ph from crashing so not sure if that has help create harder water but my water has gotten harder over time ( yes I do water changes each week). I have even in created the amount of catappa leaves to try and make the water softer. If I am reading my aquarium co op test strips right, my water hardness is getting up to the 150-300 range. I worry that its getting too hard for my betta's. I have a 20 high with a divider so i have a betta on each side. If I pull the dragon stone, is there any other stone that I can use in this tank that wont raise the hardness of the water? OR Is there anything I can use to Seal the dragon stone and be safe in the tank?
  5. when I started keeping fish, an under gravel filter was the only way to go. Any of those new tank set ups had one in it. I still use them, and I have tied them to my hang on the backs, using the uptake tube to pull from the under gravel filter. I also have planted tanks with root type plants ( doing very well with crips ). I do use a bigger hang on the back than what the tank size is, on a 20 i have a 30 gallon one, so it has a bit more strength to pull the water down through the gravel and back up the tube. I still gravel vac down to the gravel grate and pull some of the stuff out from there but it is getting to the point where i can longer with water changes. I also use sponge filters and between the two my water is crystal clear.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has had any problems with endlers being fin nippers.
  7. i had run out of frozen brine shrimp and so had my closest pet store but they had frozen Mysis Shrimp. Never heard of this before and I did research it on the net and most things say its better than brine shrimp. I know its a larger shrimp and for my betta's and nano fish I have to cut it up into smaller pieces and feed with a pipelet and I dont mind doing it this way. Lets me spend more time with my fish. So my question is: I have heard of baby brine shrimp, frozen brine shrimp and daphnia but i have never heard anyone mention feeding with Mysis. Is there a reason?
  8. I Think its a Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green but not sure and I have forgotten what I planted. Plant in question is in center and doing very well.
  9. hunter my betta has passed away. I am still unsure why this happen, I have kept bettas in smaller tanks than what he was in and all of those lived into the 4-5 range before they passed on. (he was in my 16 gal community tank and he owned that tank, he was all over it exploring and being active. My other ones were always in a single tank 2 to 5 gals ones) I check water just about daily, I change out water just about every other week or more if it needs it but I have it pretty well balanced now, water is crystal clear, Nirates are low to none with all the plants. Only live foods I have fed him thus far are baby brine shrimp and the other fishes ( dainos, neons and in my other tank endlers) all are fine. I want to figure out how this happen, what did I do wrong, so I can fix the problem and not put another betta through that. sigh
  10. he is in a hospital tank i set up and i have increased the salt a bit more nitrite and nitrates are 0 atm, hardness 120,. alkalinity 110, ph 7.0, i have not tested for Gh and Kh. started water with fritz 7, put a small amount of wonder shell in the filter and a small amount of crush coral ( really soft water here). the tank i pulled him from is about middle of the road for alk, ph and hardness with 0 on nitrites and nitrates about 20. none of the danios or neons are effected, they all seem fine. I found this article https://petcentral.chewy.com/dealing-with-dropsy/ but I saw no signs, he never hung back, he was up wanting to feed, was owning the tank like he always does. Only sign i saw was it looked like he had eaten too much, he can be a little piggy at times and I try my best to watch that. The danios are pretty good about zooming in to get their share, same with the neons. I watch him and make sure he gets a some, then by that time the rest of his tank mates have the remainder of the food gone. Then he goes and hunts the bottom of the tank where I think he finds some of those detritus worms ( though i have yet to see one), maybe fry or baby shrimps from the cherry shrimps that are in that tank. I will most likely lose him, from the article, once they have a bloated belly, they do not recover from it =( 💔 I am going to try the recommendations from here http://www.bettaboxx.com/betta-disease-illness/dropsy/ going with the almond leaves first, then the meds.
  11. he is in a 2.5 gal tank with 2 teaspoons of salt and I have upped the temp a bit from 78-79 to about 79-80. I think i saw a bit of pine coning on him but he has to be at just the right angle. sigh....how could i have let this happen? how can I keep from having such a thing happen again? IF I lose him i know I will want another Betta but I don't want to get another one if this will happen again. 😟 sad and worried fish mom
  12. I have had him since June of this year and he is in a 16 gal tank with some tank mates, whom are doing just fine. He was not excessively hungry, he always wiggles and squiggles when I come to the tank thinking food is coming. He is not lethargic at all. I am putting him a hospital tank and will try the salt first then go from there. His bloated belly looks like its full of water, i cant see anything in there moving around that might be parasites. thank you for helping Kat and thank you tre
  13. Since he is in my community tank I vary the diet. Green beans, frozen brine shrimp and baby brine shrimp, freeze dried blood worms, Hikari Betta Bio Gold, Pellets, Xtreme Krill Flakes, repashy community plus 6. I watch my nitrate levels, when low I do feed once a day, when they are going up I cut back to every other day until I can do a water change. I looked up dropsy and though he is not pineconing, his bloated tummy when back lit look clear like it's filled with water. He is swimming fine, is still all over the tank like nothing is wrong. I have not fed today, so will move him to a tank by himself and see about some salt. Thank you
  14. I am a bit worried about my Betta, Hunter.He has quite a big belly on him. Granted, the past couple of days he and his tank mates (Danios and Neons), have been enjoying a feast of baby brine shrimp and I normally just feed once a day. I do skip days sometimes when I know they fed well the day before. The size of his belly concerns me, I feel like saying: "Darn dude! You could have shared some of that brine shrimp with others." He also Hunts the gravel, looking for treats. I have always guessed it was eggs or fry from the danios or shrimp. Or even detritus worms coming up from UGF. When he gets so he is backlit, his big belly seems empty =( but he is still acting like he is hungry, I am very worried and not sure what to do...i dont want to lose him. Any help or advice is most welcome and thank you
  15. I have some guppy grass and some small pieces of Rotala Colorata and i have having problems getting them to stay down. I know guppy grass can just float around but I have an area I would like them to stay at in my tank. Was wondering if this would be an ok idea or would it just kill the plant starts. I was thinking of using very small amounts of the super glue gel and attaching a small piece of gravel to them, just enough to hold them down and hopefully they will put roots down that way. Thoughts? Opinions? Better ideas?
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