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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, I bought 3 guppies about 5 weeks ago, two females and one male. I did the quarantine trio when I got them and did the paracleanse follow up. The females seem to be doing amazing. The male is a little bit thinner in the belly, but I assume that is to be expected. When I brought him home the very end of his tail looked good even though it did look a little frayed. It maintained its frayed appearance, then about a week and a half I noticed two V's cutting into his nice hemisphere tail. He eats good and has consistently been gaining color.... (the wrong color but whatever the girls are as advertised) he is also quite active swimming around the tank. I've been looking at videos and pictures to see if it is fin rot or not. From what I'm finding the fact that it has the V's in it is more likely that the girls are nipping on him. Also I have not noticed any slime trails coming off his tail. When I noticed the V's I thought it would not hurt to put salt in, so I did. Then 7 days later added Maracyn when it did not look any better. What should I be looking for to eliminate fin rot as a source?
  2. Hello! I wasn't quite sure what discussion to put this under but I've been having fin nipping issues with my male long fin betta Lucky. When I first got him he would fin nip a lot. He was in bad conditions from the pet store and suffering from fin rot and underfeeding. I treated him with API Betta-fix for his fins and they healed up nicely and he quickly got into shape and new growth appeared over a month. He's got space, clean water, filter, heater, things to do, live plants, driftwood, rock but there are times where I still find him nipping parts off his tail, just not as often. There is still new growth but he ends up cutting it off himself. I was just wondering if there was any other way I could try to break his habit or if I can slow it down more.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has had any problems with endlers being fin nippers.
  4. Hey everyone. I have 6 zebra danios, 6 corydoras, 8 dwarf chain loaches and 3 hillstream loaches in a 40 gallon. I recently added a third hillstream loach (a female) to the tank. I looked into the tank and saw blood on her fins! Something had been taking a bite out of her. Then, I kid you not, I saw a zebra danio bite her. She sticks on the glass and is very docile compared to the other two hillstream males (which are also a little bigger). I immediately took the zebra danios out (they're food hogs and have been a real problem for me). My question is this: should I put her in my 10 gallon with the celestial pearl danios to recover or just leave her in the main tank? I'm worried because I keep seeing the dwarf chain loaches going up to her. I don't think they're biting her, but I'm freaking out. I had no idea zebra danios would do this. They seem to leave the other hillstream loaches alone, but I really want to have a female in the tank. The males will fight sometimes, and they seem better with the female around? It's my favorite fish and I want to do whatever I can to protect them. Anyway... thanks in advance for your advice. Also, is she a goner!? 😢
  5. Ok so I have a 60g that’s been up and running for a year. water parameters: pH - 7.9 Nitrates - 20 Hardness - 7.5 Nitrite -0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 5 Water Temperature - 79 inhabitants: 11 neon tetra (been in tank whole time) 1 pearl gourami (10 months) M and F apisto caucatoides (6 months) 3 sterbi cories (1 year) 5 khuli loaches (1 year) 1 super red bristlenose pleco (1 year) 2 Bolivian rams (10 months) 1 silver hatchet fish (10 months) 1 pearl scale marble angel (3 months) 4 golden wonder killi (1 month) nerite snails, MTS, Amani shrimp Over the last month to six weeks I’ve noticed my neon tetra school’s tails looking pretty beat up too nearly missing. At first it was just one that looked really bad and almost like tumor or a wound at the end of the tail before it forked out when I was ready to pull him and medicate it started looking better and the tail had started growing back. There is still a bump and tail is not all back but doesn’t seem bothered. But now there are maybe 5 with beaten up tails. they still look ok otherwise, are eating, schooling and swimming relatively ok. I don’t see anyone chasing anybody around or nipping at anyone the Bolivians will half-heartedly spar sometimes, the bristlenose will chase anyone away from his piece of food, and the female apisto is cranky even though she and the Male pay little attention to each other and she mostly goes after the gourami or angel if they invade her part of the tank for the day. I tried to take pictures but funny enough neon tetras don’t want to stay still for pictures. Is it fin rot, NTD, or fin nipping? How do I tell the difference? Should I just do a full course of maracyn on the whole tank? Thanks
  6. I was doing my water change this week and saw they my female veiltail Betta Rosie had sections missing out of her dorsal fin and anal fin. She was fine until I added my Ballon Belly Molly Munai because she was constantly after Gizmo my other female Balloon Belly Molly. The were in my 6 gallon tank for a month. I have had Bettas with fin Rot before her fins don’t have white or black plumes in them, but she looks like a crown tail now not a veiltail.
  7. I started my aquarium since October. So far I always had a trail and error. First I had a 10 gallon aquarium. But because of the build of that aquarium the circulation was so bad my fish got ick all the time while my water was perfect. In that time I had 6 neon tetras and 5 super blue emperor tetras and they left my beta alone just fine. I now have put them into a new aquarium of 15 gallon but in the beginning I noticed they had not enough air. So I removed the lid and bought an air stone but it was to late for 3 blue emperor tetras and a neon. In these last few days I noticed my betta had huge fin tears. And now I saw the tetras nipping at them. My betta is just to nice to say to back off and I really don't know what to do anymore. Soon he will have no tail left and I was wondering what am I doing wrong? Any advice will help... I also don't know anyone who can take fish I have and store won't take Em back. I also spend so much money now that another aquarium can't help me now...
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