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  1. Name That Plant Dawned on me that I might not be the only one in here with health issues that affect memory. For those who are not regularly active in the Live Chats, I had a pretty impactful TIA in February, and struggle with words sometimes now. I was recently asked what a plant was I have had for years, and while I could describe the care it needed, I couldn't name it🤦‍♂️ So, I figured I would look in here for a plant naming guide.... and I couldn't find one. I don't have room on my phone to download the university app to identify aquatic plants.... and thought maybe folks here would enjoy adding their plant images, descriptions, [and if you want, brief care info] of your favorite plants. Have a plant that you don't remember the name? I'm sure someone in here can help! I'll start with my favorite for lowering calcium levels in the water: Hornwort: Hornwort is a 'floating' non rooted plant. It has a central stem with 'collars' of flat, needle like leaves (similar to norfolk pine). It tolerates water as low as the 50's, thrives in the 60's and 70's, and tolerates the 80's. It is great in QT tanks that use low level of salt, and is prolific in delta waterways (where river meets ocean). It needs calcium in the water, and is a great way to monitor water quality for 'pods and snails, as the hornwort will start dropping needles if calcium levels begin to drop. If you have a microscope, hornwort has a single large chloroplast per cell unlike other 'worts' like liverwort. Healthy hornwort can grow up to an inch a day, but typically averages 5" a week under ideal conditions. It is a great home for daphnia and other microorganisms for fry to feed on. It has a reputation for being difficult, typically because people are not aware of the high calcium needs of the plant. Enjoy my friend, hornwort!
  2. I have some mystery plants I've been trying to ID. Can I get some plant experts to help out? Got this as a "mystery crypt" This one below is definitely not hornwort, it grows roots at the bottom.
  3. Curious if anyone has any idea of this plant. I don’t think I intentionally introduced it. It most closely resembles a “goat head” tribulus terrestris/bindii vine, which is why it somewhat concerns me. It is in an inside pond with Anubis a couple of different types of moss, a drawn water lily, windelov Java fern, and a tall broad leafed/bamboo like plant.
  4. So I’ve had this plant in my other tanks for a while and was wondering what it is I just added it to my higher light 5 gallon. It’s the one in the front.
  5. Yet another "please help me figure out what this plant is" thanks for such a good community!
  6. Just trying to identify this. The person I got it from couldn't remember what it is.
  7. I bought this plant today and the store did not know what kind it was because I didn’t get labeled. I think it’s lucky bamboo but I wanted to be sure so I don’t accident kill it….
  8. I was doing some feeding and noticed a new, and random, surface something, and I was hoping to get help figuring out what it is. A little background... this is a 10 gallon shrimp tank that has been running for about a year. I have not added anything (other than water from my tap) in several months, which has added to my confusing. I had to get pretty close because the dots are quite small... so small that I thought they were bubbles for several days as there is a lot of green in the tank. The floating plant around it, is water Sprite.
  9. I'm hoping someone can identify and add a little advice on some plants
  10. what is the white thing growing on anubias. Got the plant about month ago from there. It's super healthy
  11. I brought these from some spend a lot money 30ish plants. They couldn’t understand how stop blooms and algae. They used real dirt and I would never that’s more advanced hobbyist I think. Mines inert substrate and I control fertilizer. Any I’ve never had plants I google a lot of them but idk what these are. want let me upload more picture for some reason. Idk identify these be nice I assume bright light and co2 be enough any plant I lightly fertilize. But some not doing so well maybe not substrate plants all these planted.
  12. Hello everyone. New guy here. I recently bought 3 different plants and had written down the names of them but seemed to have misplaced the note. The LFS I bought them from is a bit of a drive so figured I'd reach out to you folks for some assistance. I went ahead and circled in red the plants I am having issues identifying. Thanks in advance.
  13. Just curious if anyone could maybe help me ID this is a plant? The owner of my local mom-n-pop petshop ordered it a few weeks ago, and it came it in really rough shape, so she put it out in their outdoor pond / tubs - and it's started to turn around - except she has no idea what it is! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Any thoughts? 😊
  14. Hello, I just bought this stem plant. I totally forgot what it was called. Can anyone ID it for me. Sorry for the cloudy water, stirred up some stuff before planting.
  15. Is this a crypt parva? It was sold as cryptocoryne sp. but looked like parva so I picked it up as an impulse buy. Looking at other photos of parva I've noticed they're usually sold green not striped in the middle like this. Is this a different variety? maybe nutrient deficiency (I have them a root tab and they get easy green 2x/week)? I've had this for about 2 weeks and have had 0 melt and its looked exactly the same since I got it.
  16. Went fishing with the daughter and going to start a PNW Pond, have some LMB and Yellow Perch. Also grabbed some of this floating around and wondering what it was. Looks like hornwart and not sure the other
  17. I found this plant in a small creek in Northern Arkansas. It had a longer vine like stem similar to a lidwigia sedioidies.
  18. Howdy from Texas! Does anyone have a guess what this plant is? It’s the lone survivor from my initial foray into plants when I first set up my tank about 7 or 8 years ago. I have been torturing the poor thing for years. Now with Cory’s videos to educate me and a couple of orders from Aquarium Co-op, I’m trying plants again. My main question is, should I plant it in the gravel or mount it on a log? Many thanks in advance for any advice, Denise
  19. So I'm quite the newb to plants still, bt I have a decent amount. I have probably only a handful I know the name of, the rest, I have no clue. Any recommendation on getting an id on a whole bunch of different plants? My plan is to label them on the tanks lol. Most of what I have are clippings from others that have grown good, or are from tanks I've purchased from others.
  20. Does anyone know what this plant is? It reminded me of guppy grass that I’ve seen on some YouTube videos but I’ve never seen guppy grass in person before so I’m not sure.
  21. I have these plants I’ve picked up from a hobbyist who didn’t know much about them. what are they? I see that they have rhizomes; will the rhizome be okay beneath some crushed gravel? I just planted this today and realized what I’d done!!!
  22. Got this at petco as a cultured container. Loving the pink tufts that are coming out, but what is the plant. Very delicate and hard to keep rooted. Any secrets for keeping it in the substrate?
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