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  1. I found this plant in a small creek in Northern Arkansas. It had a longer vine like stem similar to a lidwigia sedioidies.
  2. Howdy from Texas! Does anyone have a guess what this plant is? It’s the lone survivor from my initial foray into plants when I first set up my tank about 7 or 8 years ago. I have been torturing the poor thing for years. Now with Cory’s videos to educate me and a couple of orders from Aquarium Co-op, I’m trying plants again. My main question is, should I plant it in the gravel or mount it on a log? Many thanks in advance for any advice, Denise
  3. So I'm quite the newb to plants still, bt I have a decent amount. I have probably only a handful I know the name of, the rest, I have no clue. Any recommendation on getting an id on a whole bunch of different plants? My plan is to label them on the tanks lol. Most of what I have are clippings from others that have grown good, or are from tanks I've purchased from others.
  4. Does anyone know what this plant is? It reminded me of guppy grass that I’ve seen on some YouTube videos but I’ve never seen guppy grass in person before so I’m not sure.
  5. I have these plants I’ve picked up from a hobbyist who didn’t know much about them. what are they? I see that they have rhizomes; will the rhizome be okay beneath some crushed gravel? I just planted this today and realized what I’d done!!!
  6. Got this at petco as a cultured container. Loving the pink tufts that are coming out, but what is the plant. Very delicate and hard to keep rooted. Any secrets for keeping it in the substrate?
  7. Hello, I need help to find out what this is. I've seen it being used in freshwater. I can get a clearer image later when I get home. Any idea if it can be used in freshwater and guppies?
  8. Picked this plant up from someone locally and they were unsure on what it was. They thought it was glossostigma. My best guess is glossostigma elatinoides, but the leaves look too pointed and I didn’t think it could grow tall. I am just curious if anyone has any thoughts or pictures of glossostigma in their own aquarium to compare. Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, bought this recently at my lfs thinking it was dwarf sag. Already half the height of my 10Gal. Any thoughts? Also, what is the shorter fuzzy plants off the the right. The culture cup it came in said rotala but I’m having my doubts. Thanks for your help
  10. I am trying to correct my fertilizer routine. Up until now I have only been root tabbing 2 times a year. Doing some research on which plants feed thru the water column but can't ID 3 of them. Picture 1 and 2 I have no idea and picture 3 was labeled java fern but it looks different from my other java fern.
  11. I have a pet supplies plus less than a mile from me so I go there for food and cheap fish. Every now and then I pickup some plants but their selection is very limited and most of their plants are unlabeled. I like the look of this thing and need a narrow background plant to replace the wisteria I'm going to remove. Anyone have any idea what this is?
  12. I've had this plant for a year and at first had it planted in substrate but almost died kind of glued it to a piece of lava rock and it started to grow back rather well never got the name as it was a gift so im trying to figure how big it will get currently in a 5 gallon nano thanks all
  13. Hey guys, got this from my LFS unmarked. Didn’t know if it’s AR/Scarlett Temple. Not really growing, but not dying either
  14. This was given to me as a mystery bulb. This is 3 weeks after planting. I have no idea what it is. Ideas???
  15. Hello, I bought this plant awhile back and can’t remember what it is. Maybe it’s a red flame sword. Also what is the massive arm growing off of it? Is it a rhizome or a flower growing and what do I do with it? *since this photo it has now grown out of the top of the tank.
  16. I saw this interesting plant floating around in a tank at my LFS. I asked them what it was and they thought it was Java Moss, but I highly doubt that since I have Java moss at home and it does not look like this. I was thinking it is a type of Fissidens moss. Could I get some help IDing this plant?
  17. Is this red plant an aquarium plant? I purchased this at petco from plants that were completely submerged underwater in a tank. But they also had lucky bamboo underwater for sale, which I have read is a bad idea. So now I am just curious if this red one is OK to keep. And I also don't know what it is called, sorry.
  18. This plant was sold to me as sagittaria subulata but someone on reddit thought it might be a microsword. Does anyone have any care tips? I've buried some tetra initial sticks in the substrate close to it (UK, can't get easy root tabs and these were cheap), does anyone have other recs and suggestions?
  19. 2 questions- is this Java moss growing on my have fern? Or something else? what is going on with my Lilly bulb??
  20. My LFS sent gave me this with my last purchase. But I don’t know what it is. So far it is still living and seems to be growing some.
  21. The first plant was sold to me as a Java Fern, however it really looks like a crypt of some sort. Can someone clarify for me. Second plant did not have a label, several little plants in the plant wool with long roots. I don't want to plant them in substright if ment to be on wood or rock and vice versa. Thanks in advance for your knowledge and help.
  22. Can someone please identify this plant for me? At first I thought was moneywort, but all the pictures I found showed round leaves. This one has cut leaves, but it does look very similar. The LFS that I got it from gets all their plants as a variety pack of stem cuttings and they're not knowledgeable enough to identify a single one. Sad, I know... If you know the other plants too, that would be great! Cheers! Andrew
  23. Can Anyone id this plant? It "snuck" in with my salvia.
  24. I bought this plant yesterday and can’t remember what it is. I think it’s Rotala Indica but I’m not sure. The one on the left
  25. This is coming from my Anubias golden coin. I am not sure if it is a flower or what. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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