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  1. Any idea whether I plant this in the gravel or glue it to a rock?
  2. I collected a plant from a local lake. Local name is cabbage or musky weed. Because predator fish like to use it for cover. It grows 6-15 feet tall. I tried the Wisconsin DNR as well as Michigan and Minnesota. The only name I could find is that is one of a group called pond weeds. I temporarily put it in my new 75. In the picture it’s in the front right corner. After I get home from thanksgiving I’ll post a better photo. I’m driving 235 miles south to buy fish because my lfs’s suck. It’s cheaper than buying online, and I like picking out my own fish.
  3. Hey does anyone know the name of these plants? I got them the other day and there was no info about them. Happy thanks giving! Thanks.
  4. Hello friends -- I'm new to this forum and starting off with a doozie. I'm trying to find information on a plant species; I have absolutely no idea what the name is. How's that for a start? Anyway, it's a fairly low growing foreground plant that was plentiful, easy to grow and propagate, and the last time I saw it was around 1979. The best way I can describe it is it looks like a generic Crypt. type with 3" - 4" long narrow leaves on short stems. The tops of the leaves are a medium to dark green with undersides that are wine colored to maroon. Here's the kicker; they freely propagate by runners like Vallisneria spiralis.. Just two or three of these plants can propagate to cover the substrate in a 20-gallon tank in just a few months. As I said, several families of us would pass it back and forth to start new tanks. We couldn't kill the stuff. I got out of the hobby for a few years and Have been trying to find this plant since getting back in a few years ago. Is this ringing any bells for anybody? I'd dearly love to find this plant again; if any of y'all have any ideas, please gew back with me. Thanks
  5. Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone can help me positively identify this plant. Just recently we noticed it floating on the tank's surface, in the back left-hand corner. I'm thinking it could be Pearl Weed that became uprooted, or maybe the Baby Tears. However, I'm wondering if it could be the small amount of Duck Weed that we added awhile back and we just so happened to now notice it taking off... Any help would be appreciated! 😊
  6. Hello everyone, Can anyone identify these 2 plants? This is my friends tank and he bought some plants and forgot what their names were. I already identified a Java fern he had planted in the gravel but I’m stumped on these two. Is that one in front even a plant that should be submerged??
  7. So dipping into the world of planted tanks, I am currently setting up a 96 liter/25 gallon tank. I have substrate in it and bought a few plants: Java Fern, Anubias Nana, Echinadorus Bleheri and one that I thought was really pretty but I don't know what it is. Can someone help me id this one: Any tips for planting and maintaining this plant? Also a few more generic plant related questions: - The Echinadorus, do I plant it with the roots level in the substrate, or with the roots a bit above the substrate? - The Anubius Nana petite, I don't want to glue it on wood (I did glue the Java fern) so can I just plant it in the substrate? Again, do I plant it so the roots are still visible? Thank you so much! Ruud
  8. I saw this lily all over in a lake this weekend when we were camping this weekend.
  9. My LFS sold this plant to me out of their assorted Val tank but I don’t think it is a type of Vallisneria. It looks like some sort of Anubias or is it just a type of vallisneria grown out of water? Any help would be appreciated
  10. I picked up this plant from my LFS yesterday. I asked the employee what it was, and he said, "It's just a bulb plant. " 😂 So is anyone able to ID this plant? It had a really nice root structure so I'm comfortable that it can grow as an aquatic. I love the twisty leaves! (The guy is not my favorite employee, but the store itself is great.)
  11. Picked up these random un-labelled plants today. I'm new-ish to the planted tank side of things and apert from them being stem plants I have no idea. Any help is appriciated.
  12. These came with some other plants and I planted them just to see if they'll grow. It looks like they're doing well, growing roots and even new stems, so I'm wondering what they are.
  13. I Think its a Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green but not sure and I have forgotten what I planted. Plant in question is in center and doing very well.
  14. Primarily for identification of all types of plants, but I’m also currently specifically looking for mosses
  15. I just have this in a little plastic tub with some snails and I'm just really curious as to what it is?
  16. “Reddish brown stem with feathery leaves” search didn’t return much. Can someone please identify this plant?
  17. I inherited a tank several months ago and it had some nearly dead plants in it. I let them float around in the tank and eventually a bunch of these grew. I have no idea what it is. Anyone know?
  18. I ordered a random plant package from a retailer I've used in the past. It's a really good deal only catch is they don't tell you what they send you. Now that they are grown in I could use some help with identifying some of them. First plant came in fully green but now the stems are red and leaves have a slight red tint. Second came in bright red then started to turn green before I upgraded from my old nicrew to my current hygger light. Third plant came in pink then turned green until I upgraded my light. Now it's brownish red with pink veins. It also went from having about an inch and a half of stem between sets of leaves to less than half an inch. They're so short because I recently tipped them and replanted the new growth form. Forth has always been green. The final one is one of 2 from that bunch that survived the initial melt. And it's the only plant that hasn't shown noticeable growth since I planted the tank in June.
  19. I just noticed this 1 inch tall hitchiker popped up in my planted tank. Is this water Wisteria(or water sprite)? It started itself in my substrate but I have seen people talk about floating it. Thoughts? Special care?
  20. Can anyone help me to identify what plant is this? It’s the tall one! I bought it from a local pet store and they told me it’s good for beginner and can be planted in a gravel or just leave it floating and they didn’t put the name on it when I was at the store. I want to make sure I can take care of it properly so I can do more research about it. Any helpers would be much appreciated!
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