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  1. I don't have kanaplex, Canada. I moved him into my always-ready qt with 1tbsp/2gal salt. we'll see, hoping for the best. he still is acting fine... very happy to explore his new digs 😞
  2. I haven't seen or not seen a poop. But I don't think constipation would get so severe so fast.
  3. My betta friend was looking perfectly normal yesterday. He was kind of big this morning, as though he had just had a very large meal, this evening he is severely bloated and pineconing. I had no idea this kind of thing happened so fast!! 10 gallon, 80 degrees, tank running for nearly a year, had this betta for a few months, he lives with 6 ember tetras and shrimp, params 0/0/5, water change 20% a week, struggle to keep enough nitrogen in there for all the plants, pH 7.6, dh 9, kh 7, tank is heavily planted. Never had any other issues with this guy except for a brief tail biting incident when he had no tank mates and got bored- well healed up from that. No change in colour or behaviour, he is still very active and engaged and begging for food. His staple foods are hikari micropellets and bug bites but he gets a large variety with frozen foods about once a week. I've never dealt with this before!! I don't wanna lose this guy, he's the best. I'm in Canada so no antibiotics or meds available here.
  4. Thanks so much, everyone! I ended up taking one of the two heaters out of my oscar's tank and the heater out of my cool tank in the house that only gets a few degrees above room temp and moving them out to the ponds. I'm so glad I did, since the temp dropped right to zero and snowed!! The fish are just fine this morning 🙂
  5. I have some new mini ponds that I just put fish in yesterday- a 110 gallon with sunset variatus platies and a 20 mini with endlers. So far they're shy but doing well. I just saw that there's gonna be an overnight low of 6C (42F) and then tomorrow will only be a high of 11C (51F). Should I worry? What's my best plan of action?
  6. Thanks for the starting advice guys! I got the 100 gallon and two 17 gallon minis to go alongside it. They're full, dechlorinated, and full of easy green ready to grow buttloads of algae!
  7. If the betta is living with no other fish, there's no need to quarantine. Honestly, the way bettas are bred and raised, they never make contact with other fish. The best thing to do in my opinion is get it into a nice new home with good food and good water.
  8. First thing I'd do is a water change and clean, maybe see if your filter needs servicing, and as said above make sure there's no food on the rim.
  9. I've decided to try my hand at an outdoor summer breeding project, here in Ontario, Canada. I can't decide between getting 2 40 gallon tubs or 1 110 gallon tub... and of course I'm not sure what to breed! My short list is platies, white clouds, and rosy barbs, but I'm open to any and all ideas. I'm also not 100% sure what the best way to sell the results of this project will be, but I guess I'll figure that out, and worst case I'll make a bunch of snacks for my oscar, I guess! I'd love to see photos of any of your pond setups and any hints, suggestions, or other advice!
  10. That looks awesome!! I'm very intrigued in venturing into some unusual stuff, but to be honest... I'm a little scared! I've gotten pretty good at the basics, I've only just begun exploring cichlids. Thanks for the ideas!!
  11. Thanks for the input! I've been ready for my oscar to destroy her plants since day 1, and I'm sure it could still happen, but for now she lives in a forest and loves it haha! She has a favourite shell that she loves to play with as well, and I've taught her how to play tic tac toe! She's so smart and personable and my whole family adores her. Thanks for all the other suggestions! I will definitely look into banjo cats, I love weird and special fish
  12. Thanks so much! I never planned on having a single fish to a tank... I've had this 80 for nearly a year thinking and planning on what to put in it, and then an oscar happened! It was never my style but I love her so much and she's a part of the family! When she upgrades I think I'm going to do angels and community fish in the 80. Also... I do have a dwarf cichlid tank!! I have a 15gal with a male GBR and he has a girlfriend in the mail lol
  13. I've got a bad case of collectoritis and I'm getting the craving to buy more fish! Here's what I've got, and what I'm thinking.... Please leave input or other ideas! Tank 1: 80 gallons, currently home to 1 young oscar about 6-7 inches long. Her 6'x2'x2' 180 is in the works for next year. Her tank is heavily planted (amazing, right??) and well filtered. I'm strongly considering getting her a tank mate, but I know it's risky business. I honestly really want a common pleco, I think they are just the coolest things ever. I'm not sure though! Tank 2: 10 gallons, currently home to 1 male betta already tested to be friendly with small fish. Really thinking about a little group of kuhli loaches in there! I know some say 10 gallons is fine and some say too small... But it's a heavily planted tank that I think would be super enriching for them. Also considering pygmy cories, or otos! Tank 3: 30 gallons, currently home to 4 honey gouramis, 10 pristella tetras, 8 panda cories, and 1 longfin BN pleco. Also heavily planted. It's missing some colour, so I've been considering a school of 8 or so neon tetras. I keep the water at 75 in there, so I think neons over cardinals. (not worried about stocking level in here, it's very easily managed currently and can definitely take a higher load) Tank 4: 35 gallons, currently home to a whole bunch of guppies! I'm loving the free-for-all breeding tank. I'm thinking of adding something to eat some algae, maybe otos, a bristlenose, or hililstream loaches, and/or something to eat some fry, possibly a single molly or swordtail, or a small school of larger tetras, or maybe a few danios? Also heavily planted Tank 5: 20 gallons, currently home to just one male betta. This used to be my quarantine tank and now it's just a random holding tank, but I want to bring it back to life, plant it up, make it nice, and put more critters in it. The betta who lives there has lived with several different kinds of fish and is totally fine with things that don't crowd his personal space (he lived with female guppies for a while, and he was good at first, then got sick of them bumping into him during feeding). I really don't know what direction I want to take this, Joey the betta gets to stay, but I'd love to try some things I haven't done yet! I want to plant it with crypts since somehow I haven't grown any yet! Tank 6: I've recently built my first tank from scratch, a 1ft cube (about 7.5 gallons). I'm thinking of doing a new kind of shrimp in here, I have a booming cherry shrimp colony in another 5 gallon that's spread to most of my other tanks. I'm also interested in tiny nano fish like CPDs or chili rasboras. So free-for-all with tiny ideas here too!
  14. update- she LOVES them! I put one in and wow.. she's a great eater and I've still never seen anything get gobbled so fast! I found a second to see if it was a fluke and she ate it even more enthusiastically. Sounds like a win-win to me!
  15. My house has a ton of boxelder bugs in it (southern Ontario). Not as bad as some places I've seen, but enough to be annoying. I've found them floating in my tanks with more gaps in the lids a few times. I was wondering if a- they were harmful to fish or tanks, and b- would my oscar like to eat them?
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