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  1. Those tanks are stunning @Fish Folk! I've been meaning to get black backing on all my tanks since the move but just haven't gotten to it yet- I've used poster boards as well as construction paper. Love cheap DIY alternatives to things.
  2. A month ago I got some guppies and I’ve been dealing with illness since then... and I’m finally coming out the other side!! And still with no losses!! But I was finally able to clean the tank up and put in the plants I’d had in holding for a few weeks now, since I was using salt I couldn’t plant them. I had a few plants in during the salt as an experiment, and they didn’t die, but they were just kind of a struggling mess and the whole tank looked gross. Plus with all the maintenance I was doing, I constantly got water drips on the front and stopped being concerned with wiping them... and since they were salty they really stayed. But I cleaned up the glass too! And now I’m finally loving this tank like I planned. It’s still sparse obviously since I just planted, but I think it will look fantastic soon. Also, enjoy this picture of them looking like a guppy flower.
  3. I've done all male guppy tanks three times- twice it was perfect, and the third time they really just wanted to eat each other's tails. I think the odds are very good that it will work out, but just keep an eye out for issues!
  4. If it were me I would do a large water change on the 40 and then move the fish and any other media/plants over. I would then just keep an eye on parameters and do water changes when necessary to keep ammonia and nitrite under 0.5ppm until your tank can fully convert your fish load.
  5. I think if you have good water flow you don't need two. It can be good to have a backup on hand, not necessarily in the tank, in case of a failure. It also might be worth having two if you're trying to raise your temperature significantly from the room- maybe over 10 degrees, or if you're keeping something like discus which can be more picky about the temp.
  6. I have similar parameters and I use some crushed coral in my tanks to buffer it and make sure that pH stays stable. A neutral pH is awesome though, so many options! Do you know what kind of fish you want to keep? You might have a harder time with livebearers, but south american fish should generally love your water 🙂
  7. I think what really appeals to me is being in control of these tiny little worlds... I can't control what's happening in the whole world and that really gets to me sometimes, so the fact that I have the power to make these glass ecosystems lovely is really satisfying. I also just love having nature in my house! I'm a conservation biology student, and I love that I always have examples of stuff I learn in class just chilling in my bedroom.
  8. They're all doing awesome! Eating well and growing. My makeshift nursery is perfect in every way except for the fact that I can't really see anyone from the side, so it's hard to tell if anyone's putting on colour or anything.
  9. I started using #nerm on instagram when I post fish stuff, because of course. When I went to the hashtag, there's no fish stuff there! Just something about northeast road motors or something. So... should we all use #nerm on our fish social media posts?
  10. I'm sorry your first guppy experience has been rough! I agree with adding crushed coral. Do you know your pH, GH, and KH? Also sorry if I missed it but is there anyone else in the tank with them?
  11. I have had really good luck with the super cheap marina 75 air pumps. They're really quiet for about a year (then they're so cheap it doesn't hurt to replace!) I have cherry shrimp with my betta and he's totally good with it, they breed in there and everything, but every betta will be different with that so proceed at your own risk. They're awesome clean up crew though! Java fern is one of my all time favourite plants, so easy and looks awesome, plus your substrate doesn't matter since it should be tied to wood/rocks. Good luck! I love my 10 gallon betta tank. For inspiration, here it is...
  12. Thank you!! I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, it gets the perfect amount of flow in there too!
  13. I am over the moon excited about my first guppy babies!! They may “just” be guppies but I’ve never bred anything before and it’s absolutely amazing. I was planning to just leave them with the parents and let the strong survive, but their little eyes melted my heart and so I set up a little makeshift breeder box for them in my plant grow out tank, by cutting the bottom out of an (old and thoroughly washed) litter box and stretching pantyhose over the bottom!
  14. Thanks! That definitely matches up. How do they rate on the rareness/coolness scale?
  15. They came from a tank full of free guppies my mom found while buying a couch so... who knows what. I've got a mixed tank right now but I'm pretty sure once she has the babies I'll put them together and see what I can do as far as making something out of them!
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