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  1. My guys (or ladies) seem to be fine too. I hope eggs are all it is, and those poor eggs will be eaten up straight away so I may never know! Thanks!
  2. Hello @KentFishFanUK! I was wondering how this is going? I have a black neon tetra who is quite bloated but otherwise seems fine. I have withheld food for the past day and am planning to get it into a quarantine tank today. So, a similar situation to yours and was hoping you had some pointers. TIA 😃
  3. I am a similar problem with a panda Cory. I have him isolated and treated with the above recommendation and he is eating and behaving normally. The rest of the group seem to be fine. How long can I expect it to take his tail fin to grow back? Should I keep him isolated I’ll til it does? Thanks!
  4. My most frequent fish nightmare is that my children, 4 and 5 y.o., have done something to the tank, eg: turned up the heater, turned off the filters, added Matchbox cars or play doh... Might have something to do with them dumping of ALL the different foods into my 20 gal last summer..... 🤔😜
  5. Does anyone in the mid Atlantic area keep year round outdoor tubs? I am itching to try an outdoor tub/pond this year, but I do not have the capacity to bring it indoors in the winter. Here in SW VA our weather has been ranging from daytime highs of 30's - 40's with the occasional deep freeze into the teens, from around mid-November through February. . In college I lived in a house that had an inground pond with goldfish and they wintered very well, but I don't have that capacity in my current house.
  6. I had the same thing happen with my betta two days ago and this was the exact question I came to the Forum with today! She jumped out of a new tank I had moved her to because I hadn't covered the HOB gap in the cover properly (I have a sponge filter instead) Luckily she was only out for a short time but I noticed that her fins looked kinda "puffy" and as though she'd lost a scale or two, and she had what looked like algae on her face (probably dust from behind the tank/) I added the Dark Water additive I had and another catappa leaf and increased the temp a degree to 80. She seems to have recovered pretty well but gave me a good scare!
  7. Tonik

    Bump on swordtail

    So I did nothing but keep an eye on it, because life got super busy, and the bump is gone! He’s still harassing his ladies so all is well! 😁
  8. My female betta, Bluey, has been very mellow and has tolerated shrimp and snails as tank mates very well. She doesn't even flare at the mirror like my male betta does. So, I needed to get my male endlers out of the guppy tank because holy millions of fry(!), so I added three to her 10 gal planted tank thinking there were lots of places to hide and that they were fast enough. Even though she has always ignored the shrimp, she has chased the endlers and forced them to hide. It's only been a day, but should I go ahead and separate them right away? I don't want to stress any of them if there is no possibility of cohabitation. I do have a 5 gallon that I could make into a betta tank.
  9. Tonik

    Bump on swordtail

    I am not sure what kind he is. His ladies are a regular swordtail, and a lyretail with black and orange. The fry are really pretty. If it gets worse I will quarantine him and do the salt. I’ll post pics of the fry and the ladies soon!
  10. Tonik

    Bump on swordtail

    Here is a better pic. He seems fine but I’d like to know if it’s something I should treat and how to do that.
  11. Tonik

    Bump on swordtail

    I’ll try to get a better pic but he’s super fast.
  12. Can anyone tell me what this is? My male swordtail has developed a bump on his back. He is eating, swimming normally and chasing the females as usual. I have had him for 5 months in my well established planted community tank. He is a prolific breeder lol. 29 gal 0 ammonia 0 nitrites 40 nitrates 8.0 pH
  13. IDK why it didn't occur to me that she would eat them... maybe because she was so tiny to begin with. Oh darn... guess I have to get another tank for her or them. 😀 Thanks guys!
  14. It might have to be a forum specific event.. the questions seem to scroll by pretty quickly in the regular livestream. And I agree that it might be a double edged sword... I do not want to deny the knowledge of the forum to anyone, but I value the community as it is now, if that makes sense.
  15. My Panda Corys show spawning behavior all the time, but I have only had one fry grow up, probably because they are in a community tank with sword tails and tetras. One thing I do, which may help, is to use a pipette to put the bloodworms into the sand so they can burrow around and get them. That way they are not mostly eaten by everyone else. I also have a heavily planted tank and they seem to like dropping eggs in a patch of java/Christmas moss which is about 2 1/2 inches tall. This means I can't get to the eggs but in a species specific tank, it might help? Good luck!
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