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  1. Common pleco. Has had a cluster of lumps (same color as skin, black) for close to a year. They grew slowly so I thought cancer, nothing to do about that. Just yesterday in less than a day part of the mass BALLOONED. Mostly clear but at the bottom looks like a speck of blood. Some lumps look bigger than they were a week ago. So maybe a virus, again not much to do except maintain water quality to avoid infection. But could it be something else? He is currently alone in there but a betta was with him until a week ago. If it could be a parasite or something I may need to treat both fish. Help? GH 120 KH 40 Ph 7 NO2 0 NO3 10 Temp 78
  2. Does my betta have a tumor? I noticed a small lump in November, and it’s been slowly growing. These pictures are from today. He’s still swimming and eating normally, so I guess I’m just wondering if I should be treating it or just making sure he’s comfortable. Any input is appreciated.
  3. No ammonia or nitrites, nitrates 20-30ppm. Any idea what this could be or any treatment recommendations?
  4. I'm not sure what to do about this growth on his fin. I bought him 6 months ago and it just slowly keeps getting bigger. His appetite is fine and he swims around actively. My main question is, is it actually a tumor and is there anything I can do about it? I just worry if it gets to a size where it might affect his swimming and long term health. He is a chain store betta so I know he probably doesn't have the best genetics and I've heard bettas get tumors often. He lives with a nerite snail in a 5 gallon with a sponge filter and plants. His name is Strahd. I've only been keeping fish for about a year. Ph: 7.2 Nitrates: 0 Gh: 300 Nitrite: 0 Kh: 80 Temp: 78 f
  5. Hey there. I have 3 platys in my 100L community tank. All is well apart from this platy! He started with a small mark on his head and it has got bigger and bigger. I noticed another small platy started chasing him a bit I guess cause he noticed an illness but nothing persistent or aggressive.. I've moved him to quarantine about a week ago and done 2 50% water changes . I added some metroplex as someone thought it could be hexamita, every 2 days but there has been no improvement that I can see so far.. if anything it seems more raised on his head than before. I will add the parameters later as I tested last night and wrote them down at home. But 0 ammonia 0 nitrite. Kind if high GH and quite low KH. Nitrate was a little high but i added some ferts last week and am due a water change.. Planted tank.. The tank is about 2 years old. I test roughly once every 2 weeks and there's been no drastic changes. Any ideas? Someone else suggested applying methylene blue with a cotton bud incase its fungal.. Cheers
  6. I found this on my cory fry and i'm wondering what it could be and if i need to be worried. Its with my blue cherry shrimps if that can help pH : 7.6 normal ph and High range PH 7.8 to 8.0 Nitrates: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Ammonia: 0 ppm to 0.25 at most Water Temperature is 24 C : 74 F
  7. one of my orandas has a swollen side. has been in my pond since Dec 2020. water temp is 75 degrees. no issues with eating or swimming. noticed a slight uneven body shape upon receiving him from a breeder but he has become more swollen over time. any ideas?
  8. Hello everyone first off my parameters are ph 7.2, nitrates 15-20ppm, hardness 14, nitrite 0, ammonia 0, kh 3, temp 80 degrees. I have a 15 gallon Fluval flex that is home to 1 male GBR, 4 harlequin rasboras, 4 otocinclus and 2 male endlers. The tank has been set up for 10 months now and I haven’t had any issues whatsoever! About a month ago I was rescaping one of my other tanks and decided to thin out my herd of cherry shrimp a bit and put some in my Fluval flex for my GBR to eat. Well that was a terrible idea!! He ate them, but he managed to injure himself in the process! He was very aggressively trying to get them when they’d hide in the rocks and he was ramming his face into the crevices trying to get them. About a week later I noticed a bump forming under his mouth on one side. It looked to be healing for a while and then now I noticed it’s getting bigger. I did a full treatment of e.m. Erythromycin a week ago it unfortunately doesn’t look any better. Anybody have any experience I’ll post some pics! I really wanna save Franklin my GBR he’s my buddy!!!
  9. I was taking pictures for the show off your betta post and noticed that the white spot on Rilian’s tail (which I previously thought was just his coloration seems to protrude slightly. When I compared it with a picture of him that I took a couple of weeks ago the white spot was not there. (See first picture.) Another interesting thing that I noticed is that when he swims so that the light is behind him, the light shines through that spot! (So would that mean it is filled with fluid??) Now I can see the white spot on both sides of his body. Does anyone have any insight, suggestions or questions that might help me help the guy out? He is active and his appetite is voracious as always.
  10. My pearl gourami has a large lump on just one side of his body. Is this a tumor or something treatable? Today was the first day he didn't want to eat. Temp: 76 PH: 8.2 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5 GH: 4 KH: 11
  11. Just noticed a pink to human skin tone mass on my green neon’s gill. No evidence of stress. Staying with the school. This is the biggest fish in the school. Have not observed any other fishes with this. pH 6.8-7, temp 75, tds 230, gh 2, kh 8, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 5-10. Water change 2 days ago of 50%. I change water weekly. Have not used any meds in there in about 4 months.
  12. I believe my betta always had some sort of white lump/bump but the look of it has changed. It's almost as if it got slightly bigger and move forward towards his head. Over time, another white bump appeared on each side of his body. Does anybody know what it is and what I should do? It doesn't look cottony like examples I've seen of fungal growth. I've thought of using aquarium salt and see if it helps but not sure if its needed and worried if it'll hurt my plants or snail. He's also shows no sign of illness or lethargy and is eating really well. Gets a mix of pellets, bug bites, freeze dried daphnia/mysis and bloodworms. He's in a 10 gallon with a sponge filter and a heater set to about 78F with only a nerite snail, some RRF, water lettuce, aponogeton, banana plant, java moss, java fern and anubias. I did have some silk plants in there but I have since removed as I got more live plants and feared maybe he got hurt rubbing up against the plastic. The only other thing that has been happening is I had a lot of RRF melt so been sucking those out from time to time along with my weekly 20-30% water changes. Water Parameters: pH 6.5 Nitrates 0 Nitrite 0 Ammonia - 0
  13. Hey Nerms, Aquarium Parameter information Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: Between 20 and 40 ppm Temperature: 80 Tank size: 5 Gallons Water changes: 50% once per week Relatively heavily planted, dosing Easy Green, K, and Trace twice per week So here's the situation: For a reason I didn't know at the time, all of a sudden fin rot appeared on my betta’s tail, pinholes that quickly resulted in tears. So I did the Coop-recommended treatment of Ich-X and Maracyn for 7 days. In the middle of this treatment, I did a casual strip test for Nitrates which also tests Nitrites, and was shocked to see Nitrite!! I got my liquid tests out and confirmed there was 0 Ammonia but 2ppm of Nitrite. Now I am realizing that the fin rot probably set in because the poor guy was living in Ammonia and Nitrite-ridden water without any Prime to detoxify the Ammonia while the cycle re-established (ugh!). So since that treatment was still going on, I dosed 4X Prime to detoxify the Nitrite, daily, so any further infection coming from the Nitrite exposure wouldn't happen, and so that the treatment could run for the 7 days. The tank is now completely re-cycled (cycle crashed because the filter pump broke and I didn’t realize it for a few days), however I still do daily tests to make sure. Now shortly after realizing the Nitrite was there, I also noticed another, more troubling thing going on. On my betta's left side, there appears to be a lump. It is right behind the stomach, and only on that left side. there is no open wound at all; it seems that something is swollen on the inside and pushing out. I am just at a loss for what this is, and I figure it can't be anything good. Looking at some betta anatomy photos, it appears to be right over the kidney which has me wondering whether this is perhaps a very early sign of dropsy, perhaps even a tumor? After the 7 days were over and a 60% water change, the fin rot hadn't progressed, but also hadn't gotten much better. So I decided to do a full round of Maracyn for the 5-day treatment (according to the instructions on the box) to really kick the fin rot in the butt. So far I am seeing most of the fin rot go away, and healing is already happening. But at this point my main concern is this lump. I have scoured the rest of the internet and can't find anything similar enough, so I figured it was time to get some Nerm input! The lump hasn't gotten any bigger or smaller since I noticed it. I also want to emphasize that my betta's behavior and eating habits have not changed at all throughout all this recent turmoil. Still very active and very eager for his food in the evening. i wanted to provide this background of what has happened recently with the poor water quality and fin rot in case this has something to do with this lump appearing. What is this lump??? Please see these images below, the last one I posted is of him before any damage and fin rot to his beautiful tail, so you can see just how much that fin rot very quickly deteriorated his tail. LESSON LEARNED with that pump! I tried to get some good top view photos as well. Please let me know if additional photos are needed! Thanks for your help Nerms!
  14. I have a Betta is in a 25g planted cube. I noticed this week that he has a growth or protrusion on the back left side of his body. He also has a partially white lip, but I can't tell if that's extraneous or just his coloration. I did quarantine everything that came into this tank with the med trio for a week. He seems to be swimming/acting normally and eating. The tank also has Ember Tetras, Otos, Amano Shrimp, and potentially some Corydoras Habrosus but I haven't seen them in a while. I don't see any growths/etc on the other fish, but they're all so small it's difficult to tell. Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates ~10 pH 7.4 Temperature 77.9F Thanks for the help in advance! Here's also a video of him:
  15. Can anyone tell me what this is? My male swordtail has developed a bump on his back. He is eating, swimming normally and chasing the females as usual. I have had him for 5 months in my well established planted community tank. He is a prolific breeder lol. 29 gal 0 ammonia 0 nitrites 40 nitrates 8.0 pH
  16. I have an endler who started changing colors, 2 orange spots on one side of his body. He is about 6 months old and 1st time I've kept them, so figured it was maturing. This began 3 weeks ago. Spots grew in diameter and I couldn't tell if they were swelling, but husband didn't think they were. Now they have gotten bumpy and swollen. He has continued eating and swimming normally. I moved him to a tank by himself (planted with tons of snails & red cherry shrimp) as another endler was nipping at one of the spots. The spots do not look to be open sores. Anyone experience this before? He just won't stay still for picks. Nitrites- 10 Nitrates-0 Chlorine-0 Water tests Very Hard kh-40-60 ph-7.3 Any help is appreciated!
  17. 7.5 Ph 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 30 Nitrate Florida Flag fish has tumor like white spots? And is extremely pale. Any thoughts?
  18. Hey everyone, I am adding some more goldfish to my pond. I wanted to give some abused goldfish a better life. There are three goldfish and a common pleco in a 10 gallon, and I plan to get the goldfish. However one of the goldfish has a tumor like growth on it's head. I was wondering if I should be worried of it spreading to other fish? Are fish tumors contagious, or are there any other things that look like tumors that can spread? Should I be worried about fish TB? I plan to quarantine them, but should I get these fish? It is the whitish goldfish in the corner that has it. Sorry about the picture quality.
  19. Hello, I have been observing my danio for about a month or so now after noticing that it has a lumb on its left side. Nothing changed until a few days ago when I saw that lumb has gotten bigger and there are no scales around that part anymore. The underside also has some fairly big red spot and one red line in the center. The danio is still very active and respond to movement fairly good but has been breathing a little faster than normal now. I am suspecting that it in some form of internal parasites but not too sure. Here is the URL to the video, Not sure that this disease is IMGUR.COM Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  20. I had been dealing with some Columnaris like infection- treated with Med trio then Maracyn for 5 days - with my Apisto cacactoides and one of my older bronze Cory cats. The Cory looks great active and feeding well. Unfortunately I found my apisto out in front of the tank breathing hard and now all the white flat spots are gone and her left gill had a white pebble like mass. I had tried to fish her out yesterday before the white pebble showed up but she swam off - didn’t look right. Today she was more lethargic and easy to grab. I’ve got her in a breeder box with an air stone. I’ve put some drops of methylene blue in, 1/8 tsp of salt and a quarter packet of Maracyn. She is looking better breathing has slowed she ate some freeze dried crushed blood worm (not a usual food for her just wanted to tempt her to eat). Now im wondering if I should drop some paracleanse in as well. My neighbor has the Seachem abx - KanaPlex and Polyguard. I could try those as well. Thanks in advance for this community so helpful. Cheers.
  21. Hello! I would love some assistance and help getting me pointed in the right direction for my platy juveniles. I have a 20 gallon high that I have a mix of platties with green lantern and blue backgrounds breeding. When I bought the assortment of platties, a few of the females were already pregnant and two of the juveniles have developed 1-3 mm diameter, red raised nodular masses on their tail fins. At first, there was no change in the fin surrounding the masses, but now there is a thin, white rim around the masses. It honestly looks like some Tetra color granules are stuck on their fins. None of the adults or any of the other younger fish have any clinical signs. My nitrites and ammonia have been zero. Nitrates the last couple months have been around 20 but occasionally spike up to 40. We change about 25-50% water changes weekly, so it is possible that we could have missed a nitrite spike in the past. pH is 7.8 and though I don't know are specific hardness or total solutes of our water, we live in Florida so we have pretty hard water. I would appreciate any ideas on what might be going on. Is this a poor water quality issue that I just haven't documented causing a fungal or bacterial infection? Or is this some other parasite? My internet searches for red masses has not yielded anything useful. I tried my best to get some good pics, but let me know if I need to try to getter better pics. Thanks so much! Big fan of the channel and store! Serena
  22. morodder


    Tryin to figure out what is wrong with this fish. It is on the outside not inside of the gills
  23. Hey everyone, so I noticed today that my betta has some sort of growth near its dorsal fin. As the pictures show the growth is very round and white, it does not look fuzzy. I think it is some sort of growth or tumor but I am not 100% sure. My water parameters are pH 6.5, KH 0 ppm, GH 200 ppm, Nitrite 0 ppm, Nitrate 10 ppm, Ammonia 0 ppm, Temp 80 F. The tank has been up and running for about 4 months now. Any help identifying the issue and possible solutions would be great thank you!
  24. So my apistogramma cacatuoides recently developed a "bump" on his chin. Does anyone know what that is? Do I have to worry about it? Sorry about the bad quality of the photos. He is very shy PS: I noticed a few days ago, but I don't know if it took days or weeks to develop it
  25. My female Angel Fish has a tumor on her gill. My research seems to indicate that causes for tumors are hard to diagnose other than thyroid tumors. From the pictures of thyroid tumors I don't think this is what it is. I have watched tumor removals on The Fish Doctors channel. Fish Vets are hard to come by. Anyone have any experience? How long do you think we have? Anything I can do to help her out?
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