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  1. Hi Nerms! I had my first shrimp death, my first death at all, this morning and I'm totally bummed. I know they're just shrimp, but still. I quickly checked the water and the nitrates were at 40. I just did a 20 percent WC four days ago and am surprised the nitrates are so high but I did a 25 percent WC immediately. I'm assuming I'm not getting rid of enough dead leaves in the tank or I'm overfeeding or both but just wanted to consult the group to see if my thinking is right. Stats: 5 gallon very heavily planted running for about a year. Shrimp added two months ago. Ph: 7.6 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrates: 40 before the WC Kh: 3 Gh: 12 Temp: 78 I feed the nine adult shrimp (now eight) I have a tiny pinch of shrimp food -- no more than 10 tiny pieces -- or a couple algae wafers every two to three days. Important to mention it's also a snail breeding tank for my pea puffers so it has bladder and ramshorn snails in it. I actually used to feed the tank quite a bit more for the snail population to grow and the nitrates never got above 10. I still see a bunch of shrimplets swimming around so I know the tank isn't in too bad of shape. Questions: What do I do? Give the plants a good pruning? Stop feeding as much? Both? For WCs, how frequently should I do them and what percentage should I do to get the nitrates back down? Another option: am I overthinking it and ignoring the fact that deaths happen? Thank you all! 🦐
  2. Happy Saturday Nerms! After waiting a year to let my tank settle in, I finally have my first bunch of Neos and couldn't be more thrilled so I thought I'd share some photos of these weirdos. They are culls from a local seller -- I decided to start off with culls in case I did something wrong and they didn't make it. They are all oddly colored, but I adore them. Out of the eight, I have three berried females so I'm curious to see what colors come from them, if any. The originals were Orange Sakura, Cherry Red and Blue Dream. @Guppysnail I think I remember that you have had some interesting colors come from your skittle colony? Anyone have any experience and know if I'll get any highly colored babies in my future? Thank you to those of you who talked me off my ledge when I forgot to get a drip acclimation kit when I got them. You were very helpful and they seem you be doing well! 😊 @ange @CT_ @Odd Duck @JettsPapa @Gumbo99 @H.K.Luterman @Choogie @Patrick_G
  3. I'm semi-new to keeping cherry shrimp and after about 4 months I've started to see them breed but have yet to be successful. I have a large female who is berried and it all seems to be contained under her abdomen area and the process seems to be going correctly for her. I have two smaller females and some of their eggs are hanging out of their abdomen, they don't fan their eggs nearly as often and one has been berried now for almost 5 weeks which from what I read is too long. Ill attach a few pictures of the smaller ones. Could the smaller ones eggs maybe not be fetilized? Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. I have a tank full of Blue Dream shrimp adults, and I'm noticing that they're throwing a few orange rice-sized babies. Genetics are weird. 😆 NOTE: I'm not going to be culling these guys because I have no plans to sell and this is purely for my enjoyment. I'm just fascinated that I got some orange from my blue... some of my blues have also grown to have more of a translucent 'blue jelly' look, too, compared to my original sapphire blues. So fun!
  5. I'm getting my first-ever shrimp this weekend! 🙂 They're juvenile neocaridina. I'll be dividing them into 2 tanks, in case 1 tank has a problem I can't detect. I've got all my ducks in a row, with 1 exception. I don't understand how concerned I should be about GH. Currently, 1 tank has GH 13, and the other is GH 19. Good? Bad? Why?
  6. So Monday I bought 10 of the blue shrimp for my 20 long planted tank I have the fluval stratum substrate and my ammonia was at 0.25 so did a water change this morning I found a dead shrimp found a molt from one of the shrimps too is there something going on or cause of adding new water stressed out more and caused it ? Any advice would be appreciated I’m new too shrimp and the tank been running over a week used turbostart 700 and and some zyme 7
  7. Where do you all set the line on culling? Now that I have my first babies from "blue dream" parents (they're growing really fast!) I have some obvious culls like red and brows, but I also have a lot of babies that are too dark to color. They just look black to me. I'm worried about culling too aggressively because I want my colony to be decent sized first. Should I just remove obvious off colors and leave the really dark ones alone for now?
  8. This berried shrimp looks like a zombie! She's swimming just fine, eating just fine, and seems to be molting? Will she lose the eggs? Will she survive? Is there anything I can do? Tank parameters: 7.4 pH 0 ppm Ammonia 0 ppm Nitrites 0 ppm Nitrates 14 GH (drops from API test kit) 20 KH (drops from API test kit)
  9. I'm new to shrimp keeping and haven't seen this before. This is a Bloody Mary neo. For a few days this shrimp has been hunch backed. I didn't think much of it at first but this is the only way that I've seen her for a few days. Shortly after taking this picture she scurried away, holding that stiff hunch. Does this indicate something? Soon to be berried? Or bad news?
  10. I noticed about 10 days ago my biggest shrimp was berried. she disappeared for the last 2-3 days and I found her again today but with only 4ish eggs left. She's been with 4 other females until the 27th of feb when I added 12 more shrimp, presumably some male. It seems unlikely the eggs hatched given the time line. Does anyone have an idea what happened. my temp is 24C-25C depending on the thermometer, nitrate 5 (up to 15 max when i dose ferts) gh 6-7 kh4. here's the best photo i could get of her
  11. Sharing some fun combos I've found so far in my new shrimp breeding. I mistakenly used an outdated neo family tree and put Blue Dreams and Blue Velvets together. Whoops. They've thrown some fun ones though. Many are like the middle image - solid or translucent reddish brown. But I have one blackish/brown with a light brown stripe down its back - left/first image. And I have one that I'm calling a bloody rili. It seems to have highly dense bloody mary (but almost purple) coloring as a rili. I hope to get you better pictures at some point. 🙂
  12. Hi all, one of my friends had a 3.7 gallon bowfront tank that their betta used to live in. They were throwing it away when I stopped them and asked if I could have it. I decided that I want to turn it into a shrimp aquarium however I have several problems. 1. I have soft water out of the tap but a higher ph can i just ad crushed coral to the tank or will the swings during water changes be to much. W. Will this tank be to small? 3. Cherry shrimp are kind of expensive can I realistically expect them to breed in this envirement. Any thoughts or suggestions are helpfully.
  13. I feel terrible about this but I noticed this on my shrimp a few weeks back and didn't know any better. I saw it today, and filmed it and asked a different group what it could be. They all said it is this Ellobiopsidae or (and) Cladogonium ogishimae and to 'get rid of the shrimp'. I don't want to euthanize unless absolutely necessary. I have quarantined them into a large vase....I put an indian almond leaf in with it...but I am not sure past that what kind of medicine to give it...any suggestions on how to care of it? or is this hopeless? Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, I don't have a heater or a filter in the flower vase with it, and I have plastic wrap on the top with holes in it so air gets in. I put an algae wafer in with it so it could eat...don't know if that was a mistake. my water parameters in the planted 40 gallon he was in was 0 ammonia PH 6.6 Nitrite 0.0 Nitrate 20 GH 9 KH 5 Temp 78f He is in the water from that tank....also, should I be worried about my 100+ other RCS in that tank?
  14. Jeepers... a double hit. Delivered to me via friend from LFS, so I did not view myself, not that I would have seen it in the fish stores tanks. Very easy to see in substrate free quarantine tank. Has anyone had success with treating this fungus and parasite? Here is an article that suggests Kordon Rid- ICH for the fungus. I have ICH-X, Paraguard, and Malachite Green in my arsenal. Salt baths for the Scutariella? I'm not holding my breath for cleaning them up, as I know shrimp are sensitive not only to some meds but large water changes. Probably will end up getting a store credit, but not replacing these imported shrimp from the same store. Lucky for me I quarantined them. https://aquariumbreeder.com/ellobiopsidae-or-cladogonium-ogishimae-green-fungus-in-shrimp-tank/
  15. Is this shrimp berried? (this is the best pic I could get with my camera.) Also, I thought Neo's had yellow eggs. If these are eggs is it okay that they're this color?
  16. Does feeding krill flakes (or fish food with lots of krill) enhance the color of shrimp other than red shrimp? I’m wondering if it’ll affect my blue neos at all (make color more vibrant? slightly more purple-ish?)🤔
  17. I've noticed this lady shrimp has been turning kinda green in the last week. Is it a disease or is her color just changing in her advanced age? I thought maybe it was a saddle but its too far back for that, I think.
  18. We're trying killies for the first time...one pair of Gardneri in a 5 gallon. Anyone have experience keeping them with cherry shrimp? I am finding different reports online.
  19. I got a group of red cherry shrimp today from my local fish store with the intention of starting up a colony to maintain and supply my other tanks. Their stock was pretty low and long story short I think I ended up with 4 females and 2 males (shop clerk thought he gave me 4 males and 2 females though I requested at least 6 females and 2 males...) and one of the suspected males is a red rili variant. I was wondering if I should remove this rili male to prevent him from breeding. I know rili is a mutation, but don't know the genetics of it or best practices for establishing a good breeding colony. Will his progeny be a mixture of pure red and rili individuals or all red? I don't want to end back up with muddy shrimps right off the bat so any advice would be appreciated!
  20. can I keep cherry shrimp in a soft/blackwater tank? I don't want caridina shrimp since they are expensive and seem sensitive for a shrimp I really want something like cherry's for my blackwater in the making community. thanks 🙂
  21. Hi everyone! I was considering designing essentially a 3D printed cherry shrimp to see how my betta would react to their presence in the tank without risking actual lives or spending money for them. I was wondering if Neocaridina davidi have a certain scent to them that a betta would smell? Thanks!
  22. I can't tell if those are eggs or some parasite. The little shrimp is doing all it can to get rid of them.
  23. Hello all! I was wondering what is the maximum hardness, ph, tds, etc. that you could breed cherry shrimp in successfully as I am debating getting some and my water is very hard, thanks!
  24. Has anyone had any experience with keeping these two in a tank together? I have a 125 gallon planted tank with neocaridinas. My wife really wants 2 Chinese algea eaters but I can't find much info on them regarding shrimp. From what I have read they can show aggression but it's usually towards other algae eaters of a similar size. I posted about this in some Facebook groups I'm in and I'm getting mixed info some people say they are fine some say they are demon fish that will murder everything. So any info would be great thanks
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