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Found 3 results

  1. I've discovered my Corydoras have made me a little Christmas present in the form of this little one. I wasn't trying to breed them. So I was surprised to find this little cutie.
  2. Hey everyone, I have been having some difficulties breeding corydoras and would like some tips / advice. I have a decent sized group of Black Venezuelan Corydoras (~8) in a 20H as seen below. I do cool water changes of >50% 1x a week and haven't been getting so much of a "corydora dance" out of them, let alone random eggs. As you can see, the setup has a sponge filter and a HOB filter (sorry, the coop pre-filter sponge is on there, but just fell off!). I recently (~2 wks ago) also switched from gravel to sand since I know that helps. About 1wk ago I added the java moss as well. Tankmates: Shrimp, a few snails, a few (3x) "lonely" tetras, and a few swordtails (probably like 5 or so). Diet: I feed the following foods 1x a day in general, "randomly" (no fixed schedule): Repashy gel (they don't really like it, so I've been laying off) of soylent green / spawn n grow mix Freeze Dried Tubifex Shrimp Pellets Red Wigglers (cut up) Live baby brine shrimp (more for the swords / tetras, but weird, but they seem to react to the live food, even though they can't really get to the shrimp??) Frozen mysis Frozen bloodworms I probably feed mostly the frozen bloodworms probably 3-4 days a week and the shrimp pellets 1x a week, followed by one of the remaining foods. Water Parameters: My water is pretty hard, out of the tap it's something like 290-300TDS. The KH is pretty low (doesn't register on my liquid kit) and the pH is around 6.6. Temp is around 70F. I keep the nitrates in the tank to about 20ppm with 1x a week water change of >50%. Any breeding advice would be helpful!
  3. Time for a cooler (Slightly cooler!) temp waterchange and yummy bloodworm boost to help spawn my Corys! Whoo Hoo! Who's with me?
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